Affiliate marketing – an effective way to increase sales


Did you know that more than 80% of advertisers work with partner networks? Affiliate marketing gives you a huge opportunity to diversify your online presence. It has a number of advantages, but also a few risks faced by companies that are just starting their “adventure” with partner networks. What can I do to “learn” from such cooperation as much as possible…?


If you trust SPACE ADS,we guarantee that within the affiliate network you will only cooperate with reliable, proven publishers. This way, your business ad will only be on sites from which you have a real chance to acquire new customers. How will you know that a customer has found their website just from a specific ad? There are extensive statistics that accurately analyze the effectiveness of the partner network.


We are well aware of the fact that sales matter to you first of all. By acting for your company, we have identical goals. When deciding to cooperate with SPACE ADS in the field of affiliate marketing,you will pay commission only for sales. Importantly, in addition to being able to use the affiliate network as an advertiser, you also have the option to be a publisher, which allows you to diversify your revenue sources.


Some smaller companies are concerned that affiliate networks are dedicated only to the biggest “players” on the market. Nothing more wrong. With skillful selection of the partner network and choosing the method of accounting, in a short time you can get a rapid increase in ROI. The final profits from participating in the partner network are also influenced by the amount of commission it collects, but by working with SPACE ADS, you don’t have to worry about it.


With partner networks, you can increase website traffic and customer engagement (ER). This directly affects the number and value of transactions made. Performance marketing is the future of most companies in the market who want to grow. Join the affiliate group and use SPACE ADS with all their capabilities.


Discover all the advantages of the partner network with SPACE ADS!


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