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Some people say that advertising on Allegro means exposure to millions of customers who are ready to spend their money at any time. Others say that it’s a place full of competition, where classic sales methods have not worked for a long time. Everyone sees what they want to see.

Here at Space Ads, we treat Allegro as a space where our clients can effectively develop their businesses – and we know how to make it easier.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to reach new, potential customers and increase sales, Allegro Ads is the system for your brand.

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    Let’s start with some good news. Allegro is a platform on which:

    • over 30 million products are sold every month
    • 18 million users appear every month, which is almost half of the Polish population
    • in just one minute, as many as 38,000 product enquiries are entered into the search engine.

    The bad news is that over 100 thousand sellers already know about it and offer their products to customers, some with more or less success than others. As such, if you operate on Allegro, you will have surely noticed how difficult it is to break through with your auctions.

    You can’t make the competition on Allegro suddenly disappear – but you can steer your business in such a way that it won’t matter so much.

    Although Allegro is full of competition and new companies dreaming of increased sales appear every day, most of them still make the same mistakes. What are they?

    Sellers on Allegro:

    • do not use the potential of paid ads on Allegro Ads
    • do not use multi-variant offers, i.e., where products of different colours, sizes, capacities, etc., are visible at once for auctions
    • do not give discounts for purchasing a set, thus losing potential sales
    • do not use the possibilities offered by Allegro coins; as such, many potential clients don’t even consider their offer
    • improperly name their auctions, which makes it impossible for customers to find their product
    • and make many other mistakes.

    But you don’t have to make these mistakes! Contact our specialists and we can take an expert look at your current business on Allegro. During the very first conversation, you’ll receive a handful of free tips, through which you can stop looking with fear at your competition.

    At Space Ads, high competition is not a problem; it’s a challenge. Let us be the right hand for your business, and we’ll show you how to achieve fantastic results on Allegro.


    Through our partnership, you will:

    • stop worrying about the visibility of your listings in the search results
    • increase the value of the average shopping basket
    • forget about competing with the lowest price, since your customers will buy from you anyway
    • reach new customers with your offers
    • always be the first to learn about new ways to increase sales on Allegro, through which your business will constantly grow.

    Does this sound like a dream for creating your auctions on Allegro? Well, it’s not! Contact us to see what we can do for your business. We provide an honest conversation at an expert level that will always stay just between us.


    • Search result

      The offer will be displayed in the Allegro search listings on each subpage of search results.

    • Left column

      The offer will be displayed in the left column next to the products searched on Allegro, under parameter selection.

    • Offer page

      The offer will be displayed on a page of products from the same category.

    • Additional emission placements

      The offer will be displayed in additional places on Allegro available at the moment (e.g. home page, category page)

    • Display Ad

      The offer will be displayed above the Allegro search results (even sponsored).

    • Google Shopping

      Your offer will be displayed in Google search results when a user types in a phrase related to your product.

    • Ads on Facebook

      The offer will be displayed on Facebook in various locations.


    Analysis and auditing
    your current listings on Allegro and the structure of your Allegro Ads account, if you have already used ads.

    Precise targeting and exclusions
    for keywords and exclusionary keywords.

    Monthly reports
    providing valuable data, comparisons with previous periods, and discussion of results and conclusions.

    Continuous optimisation
    for placements, campaign types, categories, and products.

    Graphic creations or instructions with recommendations
    for effective use in graphic campaigns.

    Permanent account manager
    and a minimum of one expert working on the project; this allows us to guarantee continuity of optimisation and full focus on your business.



      Before we even set up the first campaign, we carry out a series of consultations with the client. At this stage, we discuss the expected results. Moreover, we agree on the forms of communication (e.g. e-mail and Slack), the project team and the terms of cooperation.

      We also talk about previous advertising activities, if any. This allows us to plan an adequate strategy and avoid testing solutions that did not bring the expected results in the past.


      Advertisements on Allegro are not everything, although we focus on them. The advertising network also gives you the opportunity to present your products on Facebook and Google. If a client wants to reach new users with their offer, then we use Google Ads. Facebook, on the other hand, is a great place to remind those who have already seen your products.

      Clients who are interested in a wider cooperation are also supported in the development of organic sales. We conduct a thorough analysis of the Allegro account and indicate areas that need improvement. These may concern, among other things, auction naming or the use of opportunities offered by coins or programmes such as Bestsellers, Great Summer Sale, Mega Bargains.


      In the next stage, we select relevant keywords for which the advertisement is to be displayed. For this purpose we use the Allegro campaign planner. It can be accessed only by those accounts that have spent at least PLN 3,000 on advertising in the last 3 months. PLN 3000.

      What if you’re just starting out with Allegro Ads and can’t boast a relevant advertising history? As an agency, we have access to the campaign planner from the level of our account. Thanks to this, we are able to choose such keywords that will allow you to effectively promote your auctions.

      At this stage we also prepare a breakdown by category or directly by products to be displayed in Allegro ads. We exclude complementary offers. This ensures that the cost of advertising remains at an optimum level, as products do not compete with each other.


      Once a campaign is approved and launched, we analyse the key metrics on an ongoing basis. We introduce the required changes to the strategy in order to constantly achieve better results. As part of optimisation, we e.g. remove keywords that do not bring the expected results or allocate a larger part of the advertising budget to products that generate the highest profits.

      Each client’s campaign is supervised by an Expert together with a Project Manager, who complement each other perfectly and constantly monitor advertising results. We are in constant contact with the client and implement new campaigns (e.g. for new products).


      After each month of cooperation we send detailed reports on the activities carried out and the results achieved. We return with real data, presented in the form of a detailed but accessible report. All this is done in order to make further actions even better and to bring more spectacular effects.


    We offer contracts for an indefinite timeframe with a 30-day notice period for cancellations, effective at the end of the month. For larger projects requiring complex team involvement, the notice period increases to 3 months. We are also open to non-standard provisions and predetermined periods of time. We prefer to secure our clients’ loyalty with cosmic results and smooth cooperation rather than long-term contracts.

    Of course! We have many clients under the wing of our agency who have decided to change their business partner.

    You are probably well aware of the fact that there are many marketing agencies on the market today. Some deliver excellent results to their clients, while others only charge high salaries, offering mediocre results. If your business has fallen into the latter type, contact us! We will show you what can be improved to increase your sales. You will learn a new perspective of Allegro promotion, and the final decision on changing the agency will be made by you anyway!

    Or maybe you think that your marketing agency is doing quite well with advertising products on Allegro? It is very possible that this is the case! Nevertheless, there is always room for improvement on the service market. Marketing agencies are not accountants whose work results are usually similar. Here you can always go from very good results to above average results. If you want to find out what you can do better, contact us for a free or advanced audit of your Allegro account.

    Taking into account our many years of experience, we understand that’s impossible to give the same budget recommendation for everyone. As such, we determine monthly expenses with each client individually. This is closely related to the number of promoted products and the competitiveness of a given industry. During the estimation process, we also take into account the optimal division into Allegro Ads campaigns, reaching new users with Google Ads, and remarketing campaigns on Facebook.

    We work both with beginner brands with a small advertising budget and larger firms requiring a monthly budget of over 50,000 EUR/GBP/USD.

    Contact us. Together, we can determine the optimal budget for your needs.

    Of course! As is the case for any business, it’s always possible to get better results on Allegro. Every month, Allegro is visited by 18 million users, so this could be a perfect opportunity to show them your products.

    How can you get better results? It depends, so we avoid generalities and generalizations. Instead, we offer you a free audit of your Allegro account and Allegro Ads. This will allow you to point out key areas for improvement in your business. Our specialists will also present you with tips, the implementation of which could positively affect sales.

    You can also take advantage of a paid, advanced audit of your Allegro account and Allegro Ads combined with individual consultation. This will result in a dedicated document with an in-depth analysis and recommended changes. During the consultation, our specialists will present step-by-step the conclusions of our audit and suggest actions to potentially increase your sales. You can implement them individually with your agency or with our Space Ads experts. The decision is yours.

    When running advertising campaigns, we primarily work on the advertising account and analytical tools. However, the success of advertising actions depends on many factors. Therefore, we systematically provide our customers with optimisation tips on how to present their offers on Allegro and suggestions for additional activities. The introduction of recommendations positively influences the improvement of results; meanwhile, their absence may limit the potential of a campaign.

    If a client is open to broader cooperation, we help them develop their organic sales through Allegro. Many factors influence the success of a given product, and in most cases, a low price is definitely not one of them.

    As part of our cooperation, we conduct a detailed audit of the account and indicate areas of improvement. We know from our experience that many sellers do not use the full potential of combining products, adding coins, or participating in programs such as Mega Bargains. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Contact us and use our expertise to grow your business on Allegro.


    Knowledge and experience in Allegro advertising is vital. However, that alone is not enough. What also counts is the marketer’s knowledge of the promoted products and the ability to work with customers’ needs in mind.

    Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to steer our partnership to make it as effective as possible for your business. We have already promoted countless brands from various industries. Our unique approach ensures that we ask the right questions during every interview; meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about forgetting to provide us with any crucial information that is relevant to your business. Check us out now by ordering your own telephone interview, or contact us by email to find out more.