Google Shopping adds new dimension to e-marketing strategies for merchants

Google has another indispensable product under its flagship, it’s called Google Shopping. It was formerly known as “Google Products, Google Product Search and Froggle”. So, here is something merchants would like to know, the platform is empowered to help retailers connect with shoppers and attain conversions. It is a podium from, where customers can find […]

Advertising, an elementary strategy in e-Commerce Marketing

After you launch your own ecommerce store, the first thing you pray for is its success. The reality is however, a far cry from whatever picture is there on your mind. To get a foothold of the much contending marketplace, you will need some result-based strategies. Advertising is indeed the strongest podiums to come to […]

How white label outsourcing is leveraging business for clients

White label outsourcing is a digital way of increasing profitability for clients. A lot of agencies are working to boost revenues for client with advanced white label techniques. You must now be thinking how these agencies are actually putting their efforts.   How white label outsourcing adds a new marketing dimension With cut-throat deadlines and […]

Facebook Ads, offer a promising transformation for businesses

Over the years, we have seen Facebook grow from just a social media platform to connect with people to an entire powerhouse for businesses to reach unprecedented growth. The rise has been palpable. Several businesses across the world are using Facebook as a ticket to watch their ROI’s grow. A lot of businesses that started […]

Give your website a face-lift with recording tools

Businesses today need e-commerce to stay ahead of their game, and this is why recording tools sites are so important for trade. As a businessowner, you may think that you run a successful business because your website attracts traffic, but how many of these viewers are actually placing orders with you? It is important to […]

Digital Marketing Ways

Digital marketers today, are careful to keep up with relevant methods of the trade. The marketers of today are expected to be present in a million places at once. Relying on digital marketing  enables marketers to save time and energy, while still achieving great results. Below is a list of methods that marketers, both small […]

Facebook Ad Library recently launched

Facebook has created an Ad Library which is a comprehensive and transparent surface which provides users with an overview of ads that feature on Facebook apps and services. It assists people by making advertising crystal clear and providing people with more information about the ads that they view.     The ad library encompasses all […]

Reasons to have a digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is imperative for any business that wishes to market itself online. Many companies that have an online presence do not necessarily have a strategy for their digital marketing. Digital and mobile platforms are vital in acquiring and maintaining customers. Business owners have now realized that old ways of marketing are no […]

Activate Google Signals in Google Analytics account for Cross Device Insights

We strongly recommend to Activate Google Signals in Google Analytics account for Cross Device Insights. Who doesn’t want more data ?:) Get more insights for better optimization marketing campaigns!   Read more here:  

Member Interest Targeting on LinkedIn Ads – PPC

Today we’ve got an option to use LinkedIn Member Interest Targeting on LinkedIn Ads! Interface on this PPC provider is for now very similar to Facebook Ads. This step can bring more advertisers to the Ad may become more expensive.