5 Proven Tips to Attract Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website

According to recent reports, the global ECommerce market size in 2019 stood at a massive $9.09 trillion and has been predicted to grow rapidly at a 14.7% compound annual growth rate.

With an ever-increasing popularity of online shopping, a record-breaking number of business owners have begun kickstarting their online stores.

Add online ECommerce website builders to the mix, and you’ll learn that creating your own online ECommerce store in today’s digital world is a piece of cake.

Creating an ECommerce website these days is, I’d say, the least of their worries. These days, you can set up your own ECommerce stores in as little as 5 minutes.

Instead, what’s the most challenging part is attracting a huge amount of high-quality traffic towards it.

And if you are just getting started, you might face a hard time allocating top dollars towards marketing, which is exactly what we are here to help you out with.

In this blog post, we’ll go through the top 5 proven tips that you should consider to attract a huge amount of quality traffic towards your online store.

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5 Tips to Consider to Attract High-Quality
Traffic Towards Your ECommerce Website

Here’s a list of tips we’ll be going through:

  • Produce Blog Posts Around Some of Your Popular Products
  • Optimization is the Key
  • Harness the Power of Pay-Per-Click
  • Referral Marketing
  • Use the 80/20 Rule

Produce SEO-Friendly Blog Posts
Revolving Around Some of Your Popular Products

In today’s digital world, content is truly the king. Truer words have never been spoken.

Publishing value-adding and engaging SEO-Friendly content pieces consistently will not only help you boost your ECommerce website’s rankings on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) but will also play a major role in positioning yourself as an industry expert that your audience can look up to.

Undoubtedly, there might be dozens of your competitors trying to sell similar products as yours. But the thing is, consumers these days aren’t just looking for an online retail store. Instead, what will help you attract traffic towards your website is creating value-adding content that not only focuses on their pain points but also delivers an outstanding solution to them.

And if you haven’t been publishing blog posts consistently, you need to seriously give it a thought.

Not only should you cover the general topics that relate to your products, but you should even consider creating in-depth tutorials, news content and informative articles about your products.

If you have been in the game for too long, then you can look at your ECommerce store’s top-performing products. Once you have the list, carry out a thorough keywords research which will help you learn which keywords you should be ranking for.

Once you’ve concluded the research part, it’s time to pour your heart out and create content pieces that will make your audience go wow.

Optimization is the KEY

The biggest mistake businesses make is not focusing on Search Engine Optimization. Their content is far from being SEO-Friendly.

Nearly 50% of ECommerce businesses shut down within five years of beginning their venture. The reason? They don’t create a full-proof digital marketing strategy for their online store well ahead of time.

Search engine traffic accounts for nearly 39% of global e-commerce traffic.

And if you want to build a strong foundation for your business, you can’t afford to miss out on the SEO part.

Listed below are some of the most popular SEO-keywords research tools:

  • Ubsersuggest (My Personal Favorite)
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Moz Keyword Explorer
  • Soovle
  • Google Search Console
  • io

Optimize your ECommerce store for different keywords. Look at the keywords your competitors are currently ranking for. Acting smart is the key. You should be looking for keywords with a high search volume and low competition.

And once you have the list, don’t hesitate on revamping your entire website’s content and ensuring that it’s SEO-friendly right from the get-go.

Referral Marketing

Referral programs are undoubtedly awesome and can singlehandedly attract a world full of traffic towards your website.

Nearly 81% of the consumers believe that a recommendation from a family member or friend influences their purchasing decisions heavily.

As humans, whenever someone we know recommends us a product or service, we may be keen on trying it out.

Dropbox grew from about 100,000 users to more than 4 million within just 15 months. All thanks to their outstanding referral program.

Hence, to attract more traffic towards your ECommerce store, you should give referral marketing a shot.

Harness the Power of Pay-Per-Click

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most effective ways ECommerce store owners attract a huge amount of targeted traffic towards their stores.

The PPC model is simple.

For each ad you run, whenever one of your target audience clicks on it and takes the desired action, in most cases heads over to your ECommerce store, you will have to pay the host. Host refers to the platform you are running your ads on.

You can run your PPC campaigns on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn.

For every $1 businesses spend running Google Ads, they can expect an average return of $2.

And the best thing about PPC campaigns? You can set the target audience that you want to reach out to, helping you attract high-quality traffic towards your website.

But the thing is, if you don’t get your ads right, you will be wasting your dollars on campaigns that deliver little-to-no ROI.

So, my advice ->Plan your campaigns and create an outstanding PPC strategy for your business in advance.

Use the 80/20 Rule

Wondering what the 80/20 rule is?

80/20 rule states that nearly 80% of your results will come from 20% of the hard work you put in.

In terms of boosting your website traffic, make sure that you are equipping the right set of techniques by submitting guest posts, partnering with websites, offering exclusive discounts.

What’s your biggest traffic source that helps you generate an enormous amount of traffic?

There are dozens of tools available on the world wide web that’ll provide you with a detailed report on your biggest traffic source, the number of visitors and the revenue generated from each source and so much more.

Take all of this into consideration and focus your efforts on the sources that look really promising.


The global ECommerce market value will be breaking all records in the years to come.

Nearly 95% of the overall purchases will occur from ECommerce stores by 2040, which is why now’s the time for businesses to focus their efforts on equipping the right set of techniques that’ll help them attract traffic towards their website.

And if you need any help, we’d love to be with you right until the end.

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