Facebook Advertising. How to start and optimize campaigns on FB?

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram makes a huge number of people succeed in promoting a website, their businesses experience an increase in brand recognition,  traffic, service and products sales or conversion. Advertising campaigns and related detailed targeting options are very important aspects of online social media marketing. Facebook and Instagram advertising is perfect when you want to reach a huge number of potential customers.

When will Facebook advertising be effective?

Effective targeting of advertising on Facebook and Instagram is possible thanks to the existence of a tool such as an ad manager. The right content marketing, the optimal selection of the audience, the right form of advertisements and setting the budget for Facebook Ads are the key issues for advertisers who want to profit from advertising placement. In 2012, Instagram was bought out by Facebook and therefore, ad targeting activities on both portals can be set using the ad manager.

Ads manager settings for effective Facebook Ads campaigns – payment method

Facebook’s ad system gives you a choice of payment methods for your published ads. You can set 3 payment methods in the ad manager:

  • Credit card
  • PayPal
  • Facebook promotional coupons

When it comes to making payment by credit card, after entering your details (credit card number, expiration date and security code), it only takes a moment and you will be able to set the details of your first ad. As for the other forms of payment, you can also launch your campaign quickly and efficiently.

With very high monthly expenses for recognizable brands, there is an option to switch to invoicing monthly. In this case, Facebook sends an invoice to be paid by bank transfer.

The purpose of your Facebook ad

The Facebook platform at the very beginning gives you the opportunity to set an advertising goal. On Facebook, it is possible to set marketing goals such as:

  • Brand recognition
  • Reach
  • Traffic
  • Activity
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Contact Acquisition
  • Messages
  • Conversion
  • Catalog sales
  • Company traffic

Advertising campaigns aimed at brand recognition on the Internet allow you to reach a wide range of Facebook users and build and maintain their interest in your brand.

Ads whose goal is reach make the audience group as wide as possible.

When the goal of the campaign is traffic, we can effectively promote our website.

Goal: Activity gives the opportunity to promote the fanpage.

Application installation is a campaign goal that is worth choosing when the target group is to install our application on their phones and also tablets.

When the campaign objective is to view a video, an effective Facebook ad prompts people to play the audiovisual material.

When the ad goal is contact acquisition, for example, it can make FB as well as IG users start subscribing to a newsletter.

When the campaign goals are messaging, the ads focus on getting the recipient to write to you. The ability to send messages to Facebook is made possible by the native Messenger application.

When the campaign’s goal is conversion, the most important thing in the ads is that the recipients take an action. For example, it could be to make a purchase.

Selling from a catalog is the goal of Facebook Ads, which makes you increase the sales of products and services with your audience.

The purpose of Facebook Ads can also be to drive traffic to your business. It is possible to promote stores that are stationary.

Every company should consider before launching an advertising campaign what its priority is. It is also very important that the goal of the advertising campaign it chooses affects the advertising opportunities and algorithms. Setting the right ad target is therefore the foundation of effective Facebook and Instagram marketing. A very important aspect of such is also the right target, that is, setting the audience.

Targeting with ad manager

Facebook advertising is all about being effective. Reaching the right audience increases the chances of success with advertisers. Facebook gives you the ability to create campaigns that will combine, among other things, Facebook users’ interests, relationship status, demographics and many other variables with our advertising material.

Advertising products can be even more effective by determining who the potential consumers are. Geographic targeting is also possible. i.e. tailoring to the area in which Facebook users are located. When we manage to accurately determine information about the target group, our ads simply do not go to waste.

In ads it is worth to draw conclusions, because sometimes using the second targeting option or different creation can dramatically change the results of the campaign. For example, the industry in which the recipients work has a huge impact on what products and services they may opt for. When we invest in a campaign, it is worth putting the targeting to the last button.

The purchase of a product as a result of displaying an advertisement is not only the result of appropriate content, but also of creating a certain image of the target group. The target group can be carefully analyzed, because for example in PPC advertising (Pay per click), the advertiser bears the cost for every single click. It is therefore worth spending some time on selecting the right target group.

Facebook advertising and its detailed targeting options

Detailed targeting options give the possibility to select the target group of advertising messages due to data:

  • demographic,
  • behavioral,
  • interests.

Demographic information includes, for example, date of birth, occupation, having or not having children, age of children, etc. Behavioral data, on the other hand, refers to the behavior of Facebook users. This could be: people who travel, people who own equipment of a certain brand, etc. The interests section, on the other hand, allows you to select, for example: business, food and entertainment. Of course, you can choose much more detailed information related to interests.

Connections, an additional targeting option for Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook can be displayed only between our fans, i.e. people who like our fanpage, i.e. company’s Facebook page. Very often this type of targeting makes remarketing campaigns effective.

Bringing the user back to our website is possible for example as a result of reaching him/her through the already liked fanpage. Setting ads on Facebook in such a way that they are displayed to users of our application may bring a similar effect.

It is also possible to set the targeting of ads so that they are displayed only to users who responded to events that we created on Facebook.

We also have the ability to set the ad recipients to be friends of people who like our fanpage. Importantly, there is also an option to exclude specific people from the audience. You can eliminate them from the list of fans, as well as from the list of people who responded to our event.

In summary, in Facebook ads it is possible to have a campaign that has a very wide as well as a very narrow target. The latter option works well for small businesses. It is they who can most appreciate individual customers. A set of ads should, therefore, not only have the right content and form, but also the best selected target. The place where the ads are displayed is also important.

Facebook advertising and its proper placement

The proper placement of Facebook ads is really important to their effectiveness. You can set your ad to display on Facebook, IG or Audience Network. The latter ad network currently has low usability in Poland. Therefore, it is best to disable the Audience Network in this case, and also not to focus on Express articles. If the ad is going to be placed on Instagram, the ad creative should be really attractive. A single image that is not stunning on IG will not get anyone interested in your brand. However, attractive images and videos allow for successful campaigns on Instagram.

When it comes to being very specific about where your ads show up, it is possible:

  • In the news feed on FB and IG
  • In the right column on Facebook
  • In videos on Facebook
  • In the Marketplace on Facebook
  • In the stories on Facebook, Messenger, as well as IG Stories
  • Among express articles and in-stream videos on Facebook
  • In the “explore” tab on IG
  • In sponsored messages on Messenger
  • In your Messenger inbox
  • On Audience Network sites and apps

Budget and Schedule for Facebook Ads Campaigns – Facebook Advertising System

When it comes to the budget and also the duration of the ad campaigns, these are extremely important settings. When it comes to budget settings, you can select: total and daily. The total budget is the amount you have available for the entire ad campaign. The daily budget, on the other hand, determines the average amount that the advertiser wants to spend on the campaign each day. Setting a schedule, on the other hand, gives you the ability to specify whether the ad should display continuously or have a specific day and time to start and end the campaign.

Thanks to the fact that Facebook gives the possibility for campaigns to be scheduled, the work of very many entrepreneurs and marketing specialists becomes much simpler and more organized. It is possible to adjust the schedule of the campaign in such a way that it reaches the appropriate group of customers with a particular periodic advertisement. In this way, it is worthwhile to advertise skis in the winter season – for example, from the beginning to the end of the ski season.

Optimization for ad impressions

It is possible in this case, for example, to set CPC (cost-per-click), i.e. billing in the form of incurring a cost for each click on the ad. This is an excellent option for advertisers whose target group is medium-sized. If the target group has about several dozen – several hundred thousand people, this solution is optimal. On the other hand, if the target group is smaller, it is worth choosing the variant: optimization for displays. An interesting solution is also the setting: optimization for unique displays. With this setting, one user sees the ad only once a day. This works out perfectly when the advertiser is promoting a new product or service.

Appropriate advertising creation

It is up to the advertiser whether the ad is a slideshow, graphic material, or video with ad text. There are several ad formats available on Facebook, and each should be chosen thoughtfully. If the advertiser decides to attract customers by using graphics or video in the ad, it can perfectly present the brand. Facebook also gives in such cases the opportunity to present the recipients of the ad a slideshow with graphics selected by the advertiser.

Carousel ads, on the other hand, can display videos, images, as well as individual headlines and links to websites. Carousel ads are especially useful when there is a large number of products or services to present.

When it comes to videos, it is worth remembering that the video should be in 16:9 format. Facebook ads in this form can last up to 60 minutes. On the other hand, ads in the form of videos on Instagram cannot last longer than 60 seconds.

Another of the possible advertising creations is a collection. When the marketing goal is: traffic, conversion or sales from the catalog it becomes possible to use this ad format. It requires creating a product catalog, as well as selecting and completing the right template.

Advertising on Facebook in the form of texts and links

The advertisement in the basic text, i.e. the one displayed above the main graphics or the graphic, should not exceed 125 characters. The headline, in turn, should not exceed 40 characters. On Facebook in this type of ad you can of course include a link to your website. It is also possible to choose a ready-made call to action (CTA), which will be displayed and encourage social media users to the desired response. So, you can choose any of the mentioned:

  • More information,
  • Buy Now,
  • View more,
  • Take advantage of the offer,
  • Subscribe,
  • Book Now,
  • View.

Advertising on Facebook or Advertising on IG – which to choose? Or maybe both?

To answer this question, it is worth running campaigns on both social networks and then analyze the results obtained. A lot of importance in making the right decision may also have the actions of competing companies. Therefore, it is impossible to unambiguously determine which solution is better, because it depends on the specific case of each company. Factors such as goals, location, consumer habits and who the potential customers are also come into play when making the right decision. However, both FB and IG are great places for online marketing.

Effective Advertising on Facebook and Instagram – Summary

Facebook advertising can be a lever for your online marketing. With the existence of a tool such as an ad manager, it becomes possible to detail your ad campaigns. Once you have chosen a payment method for your advertising campaign, you can move on to determining what the goals of the campaign are. It is, among other things, the campaign objectives that determine what advertising creative will be most optimal and possible at the next stage of planning.

Selecting the right target group, or so-called targeting is really important, and the reach of the ad should include people who are potential customers. An additional option that is possible within Facebook targeting are calls. These allow you to further specify which group of Facebook users your ads will be displayed to. Appropriate and detailed placement of ads on FB and IG is very important.

Also key to the entire advertising campaign is the establishment of a budget that fits your financial capabilities, as well as determining the schedule of ads. Optimization for ad impressions allows, among other things, to use the billing formula for each click on the ad (CPC – Cost per click). Choosing and creating the right ad creative is very important in Facebook and IG ads. With the right form of advertising, it is simply more effective. Text ads on FB and IG have clearly defined guidelines that allow them to bring even more benefits to advertisers.

Which platform is better for Internet marketing (FB or IG), or whether a company pays to promote on both, depends on the individual case and it is impossible to answer this question unequivocally. Internet marketing should always be preceded by an appropriate analysis. It allows you to choose the right target group and the form of advertising message.

Do not forget that professional Facebook Ads Agency can help your brand in achieving advertising goals through Facebook and Instagram.