Facebook Contests. What is worth knowing about them and how to do it right?

Social media in recent years are very popular among the public in very different age groups (contrary to appearances, this does not apply only to young people). So it is no wonder that through them various contests are often organized, aimed not only to promote, but also to gain new likes or find a larger audience. Contrary to appearances, organizing a contest through social media is not easy, mainly because of the need to deal with many formalities and the problem of organizing an interesting form of entertainment that will attract as many people as possible.

Why organizing competitions in social media is a good idea?

Contests organized in social media can be not only a great entertainment. It is also a very good way to promote your brand, products or services online. Every contest always has a purpose. It can be both building brand image and increasing interest in products/services. It is also a good opportunity to present new products entering the market, which at the very beginning of their existence may be of interest to a wider group of potential buyers.

Social media contests – how to come up with an interesting challenge for the participants?

When organizing competitions in social media often problematic is to come up with an interesting and creative task for participants, which will be so interesting that they will be willing to participate in it. In this case, there are many possibilities, but the form of the contest should be carefully thought out. You can choose mainly between:

  • quizzes or riddles (it would be good if they were related to the activity of the organizer as much as possible);
  • inventing a slogan which will be a new advertisement for the company/product/service;
  • creating a film/photograph/poem/short story about the activity of the organizer of the competition;
  • creating a funny meme on a given topic.

Of course there are many more possibilities, here the organizers can show off their creativity, organizing a unique contest. It is worth to make sure that the prizes the participants will receive are adequate to the time and effort they will have to put into the contest. Good prizes combined with an interesting formula of a contest make it very popular not only among people who follow the organizer’s profile in social media.

How to promote contests in social media?

In most cases, the main purpose of organizing contests in social media is to promote (products, brand, company, etc.). Therefore, such a contest should ultimately reach as many people as possible. That is why you should take steps to promote it – mere information about the competition on social media profile may not be enough (only in this way, people who do not follow/like the profile will not find out about the competition). In the case of competitions with a significant budget, it is worth using effective tools such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads (for competitions organized through Facebook). What budget does not include promotional activities? In this case it is worth to get in touch with groups active in social media, which deal with tracking various types of contests.

Contest regulations

One of the first issues to be solved when organizing a social media contest is to work out the rules of the game. Without this, no contest (this applies not only to social media) should take place. It is also worth bearing in mind that the placement of such rules is top-down imposed by social networks. When creating it, several important issues should be taken into account, such as:

  • basic information about the organizers of the contest;
  • precise definition of the principles on which the contest is to be held (it is important to use language understandable for all participants);
  • conditions and requirements to be met in order to become a participant of the game;
  • duration of the contest;
  • date of announcing the results;
  • information about the complaints process – every contest organizer should be aware that there can often be problems with dissatisfied participants.

For most social media contests, the rules include information that only real accounts can participate in the fun.

Social media contests and legal regulations

Creating the rules, however, is not everything. When organizing a competition on Facebook or Instagram, in addition to the internal rules of the portals, you should also take into account the legal provisions, especially those concerning competition and consumer protection, personal data protection, copyright and related rights. The regulations included in the Act on Gambling are also important. According to the provisions, the selection of the winner of the contest should be completely random and fortuitous. If a contest meets this condition, its existence must be reported to the relevant customs chamber (often the permission of its director is required).

In the case of contests in which personal data are collected, it is important to apply the relevant legal provisions regarding their protection. First of all, each participant must give his consent to their processing. After the whole game is over, the database of collected data should be immediately deleted.

Some of the competitions organized in social media require participants to present their own works. In this case, copyright laws should be applied. If the works collected by the organizer will be used at a later time, it is important to conclude an agreement with the participants, which will involve the transfer of copyright.

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