Facebook Fanpage. How to create and maintain a page on FB?

Facebook Fanpage is an excellent way to increase the popularity of a company and to present its advantages to other users. A properly prepared page helps to build a positive image on the web and ensures constant contact with potential customers. While setting up a profile on Facebook is not difficult, maintaining it in an interesting way and bringing the expected marketing results requires knowledge. Facebook users appreciate interesting posts that provide knowledge and entertainment.

Find out what you need to know before you create such a website and learn how to set up a fan page on Facebook. In this guide, you will also find basic information and ideas on how to run your fan page in an interesting way!

How to create a Fanpage on Facebook step by step?

If you are wondering how to set up a fan page on Facebook, start by creating a profile on Facebook or, if you have a private or company profile, simply log in. Then go to: www.facebook.com/pages/create and follow the further instructions. It is worth noting that creating a profile is free.

At this stage, before you click the button, create page, you need to provide a number of data, such as:

Website Name

If you’re not quite sure what the name of your fan page should be – try to make it interesting. Remember that the name indicates what type of posts you will be posting in the future. So if your Facebook page will be thematically related to cooking, name it so that potential customers have no doubt that they will find content about cooking on your page.

Page Category

Choosing a specific page category is a much simpler matter and consists only in typing in the text field the industry of your choice and selecting one of the suggestions given by Facebook. Match this parameter closely to your business. Choosing a page category categorizes your business.

Brief Description of the Activity

A brief description of your business may include contact information, such as phone number and location. Remember that the description and data can be edited at any time and supplemented with a photo or other useful information. Here you should briefly describe what the theme of your Facebook page will be.

Profile Photo for Fanpage

The next step is just to click the button, create a page and add a profile picture. Remember that an interesting and aesthetic photo plays a large role in gaining attention and interest of future followers. However, you can change the photo at any time.

As a result of the above actions, you should have a fanpage panel in front of your eyes where you can post further information, photos, events, graphics and videos. The first step at this stage should be to invite your friends to like your pages!

Creating a Fanpage via your Business Manager

Remember that you can also set up your fanpage via your business manager. Go to: business.facebook.com/overview. Enter your brand name, your name and your company email address in the text fields. Once you have completed these steps, the result will be a panel where you can create a fanpage and publish content.

So if you already know how to set up a Facebook fanpage, let’s move on to the more creative activity of running the page, setting up the fanpage, and getting users to like your brand’s pages.

How to run a Fanpage on Facebook?

You already have a fanpage, you have added a profile picture and what next? At this stage, you can already start specific actions to promote your brand. For this purpose, you place content that encourages fans to like the page and actively participate in organized competitions and events.

However, let’s start by posting classic posts that consist of text, photos or videos. It is this kind of content that constitutes the largest part of fanpage posts.

Often all you need is a clear, happy and colorful photo, e.g. of a product, dish, event, people and a few motivating and funny sentences of text. How about you start your fanpage adventure by creating your first post this way? Here is an example!

First post to your Facebook Fanpage

To add a post, simply press the Add Post button. As a result, a window with a text box will appear on the screen, where you can work real marketing wonders. Here, enter a text with an interesting fact, a greeting to your fans, a poem, an advertisement, a recipe or an advice and enrich it with a photo or a video.

Remember to choose wisely and try to make the photo aesthetic and clear. You can also link your posts to your profile picture from the very beginning and create your entire profile in a unified style that is unique to you.

Adding a video is also an extremely interesting option. This is what allows you to promote your brand or business by providing users with interesting videos of tips, recipes, interviews or advertisements.

Once you choose a photo, video or graphic and add an interesting description – you can confidently publish your first post. In the same way, you will create more content, which your fans – depending on whether it’s interesting or not – will rate via the Like button and maybe share on your Facebook page with other users.

You have probably already guessed at this stage what a powerful advertising tool running a fanpage on Facebook is.

Remember, however, that running a private or corporate profile should be done in a thoughtful manner and in accordance with several rules, which will be described later in this text. However, before you read what content to post on social media, get to know 7 golden tips that the most popular brands use!

Popular Fanpage – 7 Golden Tips

1. Be Consistent and Regular

This is one of the main rules. With your consistency, commitment and serious approach to running a fan page, you will gain their trust and make them eager to read your content. This will keep your page liked and visited.

2. Don’t let your Fans Down

Remember that if you have already gained a group of users who enjoy visiting your page – you should not neglect them. This could translate into fewer likes and a decrease in your brand’s popularity.

3. Take Care of your Writing Style

If you don’t have the energy to create interesting posts, it may be better to take a rest and add a post in a few hours. It is not a good idea to enrich your account with trivial, poorly thought-out and boring content.

4. Look for New Inspiration

Read, browse sites with a similar personal or business profile and educate yourself on graphics, writing and photo enhancement. This will help you find fresh ideas. This is how you will create a positive reputation for your business. Don’t waste your time creating boring posts. Banal and repetitive content is often overlooked in favor of more interesting ones.

5. Learn About Facebook Requirements

Find out what the sizes of images, thumbnails and cover photo should be. Remember that even if you create very interesting content, you won’t get much benefit if it doesn’t display aesthetically and clearly.

6. Use Ads

Facebook Ads also allow you to promote organic, or regular posts. By using this solution, you can precisely choose your target audience and reach as many users as possible. The use of ads has a great impact on brand popularity.

7. Arrange Contests and Discussions

Your website should not lack contests and discussion topics. Seemingly small prizes can be the key to trigger creativity and engagement of your audience. It often has a better effect than using advertisements.

What kind of Content to Post on your Facebook Fanpage?

If you have chosen a page name that suggests a specific profile of your business – try to match the posts to your brand activity. Pay attention to the style of expression used in communication with other users.

Make sure that the post conveys specific information about your company, available products or services and enrich it with practical examples of their application. Facebook profile owners are often convinced that it is enough to visit a brand’s fanpage to find out almost everything about it.

An example may be a fanpage of a restaurant, which should not lack appetizing photos of dishes and information about current promotions, events, parties or contests.

Attractive Content for Publications on Facebook Fanpage

In practice, on fanpage it is worth to post types of posts containing, among others:

  • photos with an invitation to visit the premises, company or store,
  • information about discounts, news and discount coupons,
  • information about competitions and possible prizes to win,
  • content about upcoming holidays, events and seasons,
  • advice and motivational content,
  • examples of how your products or services can be used,
  • testimonials from satisfied customers,
  • holiday wishes,
  • interesting questions, surveys and puzzles.

How to make a Fanpage on Facebook Attract People?

The purpose of having a fanpage is to get as many fans as possible to learn about your brand and remember it. This is also how you can get links to your website.

“Remember to ask users questions, create polls and votes when publishing content on your fanpage. This will activate them to engage more with your posts.”

By now you’re probably wondering what other rules to follow to gain the most popularity? There are a few ways that will make it easier for you, but remember that your posts should simply be interesting and engage users’ attention.

How do you create a post so that users like it?

Get into the needs of your audience. Get them interested in something unique, cost-effective, unusual, or beneficial to their health. Remember that your posts should be:

  • not too long, but catchy,
  • Rich in unique and eye-catching photos,
  • with a short and optimistic description,
  • colorful and attractive (depending on your industry),
  • enriched with a CTA (Call To Action) button,
  • mobile-friendly,
  • enriched with a link to your website.

How often should I add content to my Facebook Fanpage?

If you already know how to create fanpage posts, also learn when and how often it is best to post them. Remember not to bombard users with too many posts, but be consistent and add content regularly.

Choose a time when your specific target audience is most likely currently online. This way you will gain a large organic reach and engage your existing fans to be active on your page. It’s a good idea to let users know in advance that they can expect certain posts on certain days of the week.

Fanpage Publications and Days of the Week

For example, Monday may be a day on which you post current promotions. On Tuesdays you can publish interesting facts, on other days of the week – similarly – opinions of satisfied customers, advice content, quotes and news. Periodically post information about contests that allow you to win interesting prizes – preferably related to your brand. Decide what internet marketing topic you want to communicate to your audience on a regular basis.


Finally, it is worth mentioning the issue of securing your social media data from cyber attacks. To do this, you should use two-factor authentication, which prevents your account from being hacked and can protect your business from a bad reputation caused by third-party activity. By using this method, you are assured that every time you want to log into your profile – you will be required to authenticate, such as by entering the password displayed on your phone.

If you already have the general information about running a Facebook account – we wish you good luck in successfully promoting your brand!