Give your website a face-lift with recording tools

Businesses today need e-commerce to stay ahead of their game, and this is why recording tools sites are so important for trade. As a businessowner, you may think that you run a successful business because your website attracts traffic, but how many of these viewers are actually placing orders with you? It is important to understand your clients’ needs as this can help you meet with them efficiently.

The term session recording refers to tools that can be used to record the sessions of website traffic. Marketers utilize session recording tools to analyze the behavior of their site’s visitors and deliver on the best user experience. Below is a brief analysis of two session recording tools: HotJar and FullStory.


How does Hotjar work?

This powerful tool features Heatmaps and reports what the visitors clicked on, as well as their online behavior. It combines both analysis and behavior tools. Hot areas are defined as those pages which are frequented and are depicted with warm colors while cold areas which are the pages not visited often are depicted in cool colors. Hotjar also features a recordings function which allows you to monitor and track the visitor’s mouse movement and time spent on each page. This will let you know which content on your site was more engaging to your site visitors. This data is important for SEO (search engine optimization). Recordings also show you whether your visitors navigate through your website with ease and recommends which areas need to be improved. Hotjar allows you to communicate with your site visitors in numerous ways: users can give their opinions on the site’s effectiveness via feedback features and companies can respond using dialogue/chat boxes. It provides excellent tools for viewing lead conversion rates and to set goals to improve them. It is simple to use with many great features.


How does FullStory work?

FullStory produces video recordings which offer the business owner a detailed account of the website’s activity and the customer’s experience online. The report is comprehensive and contains details about rapid clicking, which may suggest that site visitors were confused or upset. This will include indications as to whether the design is user-friendly or not. FullStory allows you to get information about how your viewers relate to your website in real time. Data that is collected can assist in enhancing the viewer’s experience of that particular site. The information is presented using graphs and pie charts to help the owner better understand what is being presented. You may also use the commenting feature which enables you to share your findings with the rest of the team. FullStory offers a range of administrative features such as multiple integrations and multiple accounts.


Making the choice

Amongst others, Hotjar and FullStory are very useful session recording tools which assist the business or organization to optimize and enhance their website. This allows for better and more satisfying visitor experience. In the end, it is important to decide on the session recording tool that is the best fit for your business, which meets all of your company’s needs.


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