Google Advertising – opportunities in Google Ads

Google Ads are grabbing the attention of a huge number of internet users every day and making very many companies generate huge profits. The mentioned Google Ads system was launched in the year 2000. Thanks to this solution it is possible to display sponsored links in Google search engine.

It is also possible to project a wide range of graphic advertisements and videos promoting a brand. By running a Google Ads campaign, it is also possible to promote a specific product or multimedia application.

Google Ads advertising can be used for example on YouTube or Gmail. Google’s advertising system, importantly, learns user behavior and directs ads to advertisers’ potential customers accordingly.

How exactly do Google Ads work?

When you type a key phrase into Google, Google Ads very often appear above the organic results. In Google Ads, for example, sponsored links appear with the addresses of stores and businesses that offer certain services. Product ads, for example, can appear at the very top of search results in the form of a carousel.

Potential customers are carefully analyzed for their behavior by Google so that each paid advertisement has the best possible chance of attracting them. The cost of a Google campaign is often dependent on, for example, the number of clicks (pay per click).

If Google ads were targeted at the wrong audience, there would also be less chance of conversion after the ad was clicked.

Google Ads advertising in advertising networks

Google Ads are not only displayed on the Google search engine. In fact, there are sites in this case that are not relevant to search results. There are more than two million websites, videos and apps in the Google Ads network. The reach of Google Ads campaigns is therefore enormous.

There are considerable possibilities for targeting Google Ads campaigns. In other words, it is possible to choose the right target group. For example, you can use Google Ads targeting to display your ads in a specific context.

It is also possible for the Google system to tailor ads to specific audiences. An example of a target group for Google Ads would be “young mothers”. An online store that sells baby strollers, for example, can benefit greatly from this ad targeting. In addition to targeting, creative and content are also very important.

The magic of effective advertising will attract a large number of people to your business website who will very quickly become your customers.

Google advertising network is otherwise called Google Display Network. Within it you can publish:

  • flexible display ads,
  • Uploaded display ads, as well as
  • engagement ads, and
  • Gmail ads.

Flexible display advertising is partially automated. After entering the ad text, adding images, and logos, Google takes care of the automatic optimization.

Submitted graphic ads give you the opportunity to take full control over how the ad creatives look. Graphic advertising also gives you the opportunity to take advantage of HTML5 ad format options in some cases.

Engagement ads in the ad network give you the opportunity to display visually appealing content in the form of video as well as graphics. This is a great way to attract a large number of new users to your site.

Gmail ads can be displayed on the top tabs of email users’ inboxes. Some of the interactive ads in Gmail are expandable. Importantly, this form of ads displays to potential customers of advertisers because each ad in Gmail is personalized. This means that a Google Ads for gaming mice, for example, will be displayed to a person who likes to play Counter Strike, rather than an older user who uses the computer occasionally and for other purposes.

Choosing the right Google Ads campaign is important for every advertiser. The idea is to minimize advertising costs while maximizing results. The Google Display Network has a huge potential when it comes to online marketing.

Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords) on the search network

Typically, when someone talks about advertising on Google, they mean standard text ads on the search network. The Google Search Network is a network of websites that operate using Google’s search engine. The Google Search Network includes: YouTube, Google Play, Google Maps, and sites that use the Google engine, including Onet. In a nutshell, it is possible to place ads on the vast search network.

Dynamic search ads, flexible search ads, and connection ads are the most common ads in the described case.

In the Google search network, partners can be added or removed. So it is possible, for example, to remove the ability to display Google ads on certain websites.

The best campaigns in the Google Ads network (formerly Google AdWords) are optimized for the potential customer, not the number of hits to the website. Ad targeting is extremely powerful because the world’s largest search engine has a huge database of data about its users and their behavior.

When it comes to Google Ads search network campaigns, the right keywords are very important. An ad that is based on the right keyword phrases can be formulated with the help of a tool like the Keyword Planner.

What are video campaigns?

Video campaigns give advertisers the opportunity to reach potential customers not only on YouTube, but also on websites and apps of Google’s partner network. With a video campaign, you can set a specific goal for your marketing efforts. For example, the goal could be to drive traffic to your site or to increase sales.

If you opt for video advertising, you will also enjoy the ability to measure how effective your efforts are. Analyzing how your Google video ad is translating to your goal allows you to adjust its settings or think about the content and creative. A Google Ads specialist at a marketing agency is someone who is more than happy to help you maximize the effectiveness of such ads.

Google Ads advertising on YouTube and other places where it may be displayed is always targeted to a properly selected audience. For example, if your interests and activities on YouTube relate to soccer, you may see ads for soccer equipment before and during videos.

What forms can Google Ads video campaign advertising take?

There are various forms that Google Ads video advertising can take. Choosing the right one depends, among other things, on your target audience and how the video footage looks.

True View In-Stream Ads

This format is the most popular when it comes to video ads in Google Ads. True View In-Stream ads are displayed, for example, while watching a video or before it starts. Usually this type of Google Ads ad can be skipped by the viewer. In practice, a person who is watching a video on YouTube can skip the ad after five seconds of watching it. When this happens, as an advertiser you do not incur the cost of displaying the ad. When people who watch the ad watch at least 30 seconds or the entire ad spot, you incur a fee. The cost of advertising therefore depends on the real reach.

True View Discovery Advertising

This ad format is a combination of display advertising and video advertising. This type of advertising appears on the recipients’ screens as a thumbnail “trailer” in the form of a frame from a video and text. Once the viewer clicks on the ad and watches the video, the advertiser pays the cost. However, the display of the thumbnail itself is free for the advertiser.

Masthead banner ad

When you opt for this type of Google ad, it will display without sound at the top of the YouTube homepage or app for up to 30 seconds. The main video is displayed as a thumbnail in this case, and when you click on it, YouTube takes you to the playback page. Computers, cell phones, tablets and televisions are examples of devices on which this type of Google Ads is displayed seamlessly.

Out-Stream Advertising

This form of advertising is for mobile devices only. It is not possible to view this ad on YouTube, the ad plays without sound, and Internet users who are interested in viewing the ad in its full version can click on it to turn on the sound.

Advertising bumpers

You can also reach potential customers with very short advertising forms. This type of Google AdWords ad lasts a maximum of 6 seconds. In this case, the YouTube user has no possibility of skipping it. This type of ad plays before, during, or after the main video on YouTube, as well as other sites and applications of the Google network.

How does Google Ads advertising work in the form of Discovery campaigns?

Discovery campaigns allow you to reach up to 3 billion potential customers. This includes people who navigate YouTube as well as those who use Gmail and also Discover. A definite benefit that comes with Discovery campaigns is the fact that you can manage a powerful marketing effort from a single campaign.

The Google Ads system allows you to choose the right form of advertising that will inspire customers, encourage the right audience to take action, and importantly, have a huge reach. There are certain requirements that must be met before Google Ads can be made public. For example, this type of content cannot refer to negative events (such as a funeral) or contain vulgar language.

App promotion campaigns as Google ads

App promotion campaigns allow you to show up in Google search, Google Play, YouTube, as well as Discover tabs and the Google ad network. App promotion is very simple in this type of campaign. You can reach a potential customer by using suggestions of ad text, image, and also video as well as resources from the particular app store’s website. All you need to do is specify the starting rate, budget, and provide information about languages and locations for the ads, and the particular app product can be promoted effectively.

There are 3 types of advertising that are possible with app promotion campaigns. They differ based on the purpose. The goals of app promotion advertising campaigns can thus be as follows:

  • app installations,
  • App engagement, and
  • Pre-registration for apps (applicable to Android only).

Product campaigns as Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords)

Product campaigns give information to potential customers about what you sell, even before they click on your ad. In Google Ads, it is very important to set up product campaigns properly. These types of ads are displayed on Google’s partner network websites.

Determining the campaign priority, daily budget and rates are just some of the parameters that significantly affect the effectiveness of product campaign activities.

When it comes to the types of ad groups in Google, you can opt for an ad campaign that includes:

  • product advertising, as well as
  • product advertising with a presentation function.

The Google ads described are single product ads. This type of Google ad with presentation function is a single ad that links several related products. The process of creating the second type of ads is a bit more complex and requires going through more steps.

A Google Ads specialist at a marketing agency is someone who has extensive experience in targeting these types of ads and can provide expert support in the optimization process.

When it comes to product campaigns, it makes sense to use a tool like Google Shopping. Google Shopping works on the basis of the scheme known from Google AdWords. An ad in the form of a box that presents products can appear above the Google search results. This type of advertising takes the form of a graphic, and the dedicated module really encourages you to buy.

Text advertising in Google search

In Google search, text ads, or sponsored links, can be displayed on search results pages, as well as throughout the network belonging to the Google website.

Text advertising may look different when displayed on the ad network and different when the place of display is cell phones. The hallmark of a text ad is that it is usually labeled as an advertisement, and Internet users are told that it has been paid for by advertisers.

When thinking about creating text ads, it is worth remembering that they should be engaging, relevant and useful. If such conditions are met there will be no problem with the recipients of the Google ad you placed willingly moving to your website.

A text ad that is well optimized also contains an appropriate number of key phrases. This is because keywords are one of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimization. SEO, i.e. adjusting the content for the search engine, concerns not only actions within the web pages but also key phrases chosen for the content of the text advertisement.

Creating and editing effective text ads is therefore based on relevant keywords, informing about prices, promotions and your company’s offer, encouraging customers to take action, matching ads or group of ads to the landing page, as well as using appropriate language in the text of the ad. The landing page to which the recipients of the ads move will be visited more often if the advertiser takes care of the mentioned aspects of text ads displayed in Google search.

The simplicity of text advertising makes it fit anywhere and can be created easily. Sponsored links in the form of text ads can make a huge number of Google search users find a kew on your website. Websites that use this type of advertising significantly increase their traffic.

Google advertising as a banner ad

In Google Ads, the former Google Adwords, it is also possible to publish banner ads. Google banner ads can be displayed in the ad network.

This type of Google AdWords ad can be displayed in Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, and on Google partner sites, among others. Google Ads banners can be static or animated. To run a Google Ads campaign in the form of banner ads on the Google Display Network, you have to decide on a specific banner size, as well as file type.

As far as banner ads are concerned they take the form of graphics so keywords are not as important as in the case of text ads.