Google Hotel Ads, an effective roll-out for hotel owners

Today’s ad campaigns are more dynamic than ever. Think of Hotel ads. Remember, you had booked hotel rooms on a trip last summer? How did go about it? Of course it was Google, your one and only friend when you are in need of anything. So how does it happen? If you are thinking that booking a hotel on Google is something extraordinary, there are millions of people who look up the search engine to get results. Hotel booking over the internet is commonplace nowadays.

The truth

However, the competition is cut-throat these days. Pulling up ranks by organic means is even tougher. Besides, it’s almost of no use to implement the basic search ad tools. People are no longer interested to go through normal advertisements. Thanks to Google Hotel Ads, it is helping businessmen accomplish major goals, with its extraordinary features.

Want to know more about Google Hotel Campaigns?  

While most other ad campaigns work on basic principles, Google Hotel Ads are slightly different. It’s simple! When you are targeting a query with any search network ad, the results show up immediately. However it’s hard to tell if an ad is really working when there are no click-through even after it is being shown on search listings.

Besides, you will not find any button that will help you determine if a certain search result is an ad.  Believe it or not, but these are organic results which should ideally work for hotel owners. Meanwhile Google Hotel ads show some major differences. They have ad buttons from where viewers can check rooms and their availability and finally go ahead with the booking.

A dynamic way of pulling the user base

No matter if a certain viewer is looking for a generic search or branded search, hotel ads will pop-up with an instant compelling approach to convert the search. Studies prove that Google Hotel Ads generate whopping results. Some hotels have experienced a substantial surge in conversion rates say about 13% and more, which eventually added to a huge improvement in their ROIs. The returns are always higher with Google Hotel Ads.

Why Google Hotel Ads are preferred over search network ads?

Hotel business is complex unless you know what the right tricks really are. It’s understandable that PPC ads demand minimum investment and are simple to create. What is not that simple enough is the fact that your hotel needs to be shown properly in an advertisement. Most basic search network ads showcase texts which can be created in a few minutes. An easy method such as this, however may fail to stand up to your expectations. Basic ads reap moderate results which are not quite appealing, especially when you want to fight against the odds of competition prevailing in the market. If you want to make it big, think of something which will be a major breakthrough for your business, think of Google Hotel Ads.

What is even more interesting is the fact that Google’s new tool is not bound by limited space. Though, search network ads are easier to create, they don’t reap as much results as expected. Google Hotel Ads on the other hand convince people to purchase a stay. They contain relevant information pertaining to images, location and reviews of the hotel, which people tend to be interested in. They are more than any basic text advertisement.