Google has recently come up with a makeover for search results shown on mobile screens. This redesign comes with an Ad label designed especially for organic search results. Also, the latest roll out is shedding new light on branding factors highlighting core and related content for a single search, so that users can seek necessary actions with respect to the result that will show up on their screen. This new presentation will help focus on text ads.


An insight into the new design on text ads

Over months Google has been conducting tests on the so called Black ‘Ad’ and now it’s been officially announced. This new ad format is bit different from those you would find earlier with a green label.

What you should know

The redesign features a label placed on top of an advertisement along with a display URL. This URL is depicted in black font and is positioned right on top of a headline. Now that smartphones have become the most convenient device to access information, users tend to rely on the small screen to get search results. Google’s latest launch is all about bringing the right kind of information to visitors in the form of an ad label which is specified with bold font to engage visitors. The ad label is placed alongside a web address to direct visitors to the website offering relevant information. The main aim is to help visitors get quicker access to source of information.

Organic listings and new features

The latest launch also focuses on organic listings. Google’s big launch keeps an eye on this major aspect by adding a catchy favicon feature. Unlike earlier times when the URL would be placed below the ad headline in green text, the new format shows an upgrade. Here the website URL is placed right above the ad head and in bold black font to catch attention. The site name is placed beside the favicon icon.

Also, Google has eliminated the subtle grey line that would be previously placed below ad headlines. They rather want to help make every part of the ad appear in cluster or in single unit, making it convenient for visitors to distinguish one ad from the other.

Why has Google planned the new design?

This new design conceptualised by Google is yet to make changes to content format so that useful actions can be pursued by visitors. The redesign is only allowing more action buttons to show up, especially needful when a visitor wants a preview of search results. This change is meant to give them a clear view of the website and its page content. Also, visitors will have the opportunity to look up the source of the ad.

With this roll out, advertisers, SEO professionals and website owners are expecting a potential impact especially on the quality of traffic. This new launch is to come into action within the coming few days according to Google. A lot of people who have tested this new feature said that this made it easier for users to make use of an ad and to locate its origin.