Google Shopping adds new dimension to e-marketing strategies for merchants

Google has another indispensable product under its flagship, it’s called Google Shopping. It was formerly known as “Google Products, Google Product Search and Froggle”. So, here is something merchants would like to know, the platform is empowered to help retailers connect with shoppers and attain conversions. It is a podium from, where customers can find products under a desired category compare prices and finally purchase. When you are thinking of buying a product, wouldn’t you want to see the best options to pop-up? Also, you would surely want to invest in a desirable product; Google Shopping will connect you to hundreds or thousands of choices and in doing so would allow you to evaluate on what would be the best.

How Google shopping helps vendors

Vendors who would like to avail the service need to first subscribe it and get enlisted. In 2012, the service was transformed under a paid-structure, demanding merchants to pay a certain amount for companies offering the service. Today, the platform is empowered by two other powerful and popular platforms, Google Merchant Centre and Google Ads. A merchant willing to obtain a foothold in the market, would have to first get his products enlisted with Google Shopping. Later on Google will decide on a format suitable to showcase the product details.

Campaigns for products

Before you have thought about selling your products online, have you really thought about people who may be interested in buying them? Ascertaining your target base is most important. Google Shopping helps a vendor sell his products to buyers for whom such items would matter the most. No matter if the shoppers are based at home, travelling or visiting any shop, the shopping campaigns are so compelling that they will attract a potential base towards going through or purchasing your products. As a vendor you will pay for every click.

Google Shopping ads

Unlike normal text ads where customers may only view some plain text or at the most an image of a product or service, Google Shopping ads appear smarter. They show buyers a host of details, which may include the image of a product, title, store name and price. There are also various other details which are shown.


The shopping campaigns are indeed effective in performing the following for vendors or merchants:

  • Promoting the business online
  • Promoting local inventory
  • Boosting traffic towards vendor site
  • Driving conversions

Check out what’s working

Google shopping campaigns offer a host of benefits and most of them are engineered to leverage merchants to a wide extent. With Google as a platform to sell your products or services you rarely need to worry. The shopping campaigns are not just ads to promote products. They offer complete services, for example, reports are generated through which merchants can identify strategies that are working to promote the product, and strategies which aren’t reaping expected result. Such evaluation tools and reports make it easier for vendors to seek strategies which can help attain improved results.

Also, Google Shopping helps merchants to obtain maximum reach through multiple devices. People can now shop for your products over the internet or while on the go.