Google Shopping. How to use Google Shopping campaigns effectively?

The Internet is currently one of the most effective ways of advertising. Used skillfully, it can contribute to an increase in sales of advertised products. With help comes a number of tools that are able to provide products with even better visibility in the search engine. By using them, a store owner increases his or her chances of acquiring a customer. Read the article and learn how to effectively use Google Shopping in promoting your brand.

Online store and advertising on the Internet

More and more people before making a purchase first check it out online. As it turns out, apart from positioning, sponsored links, Facebook and Instagram advertising, also a Google Shopping campaign can be crucial. Consumers buy with their eyes, therefore product images and content placed under them are also important. The more attractive they are, the better their positioning will be.

Unfortunately, sometimes even this is not enough. No wonder then that more and more online store owners decide to use Google Shopping and its associated Product Listing Ads tool. They create product ads that increase the effectiveness of potential sales. Before we get to that, however, it is worth saying a few words about running advertising campaigns in Google Ads (formerly AdWords), of which Google Shopping is a complement.

Google Ads advertising – does it pay off?

The answer to this question is of course yes! These types of campaigns bring many benefits. They help to increase the visibility of your products on the web. Used skillfully they lead to increased traffic on the website. This in turn translates not only into profits, but also into the reputation of the store. The more people visit your website, the more recognizable it becomes. In order to launch a paid campaign in Google Shopping, you will need a Google Ads account and a payment card to fund the campaign.

Google Shopping – what is it?

Google Shopping is a tool that works similarly to an offer search engine and a price comparison engine. Advertising campaigns created within it consist not only of text content, but also product images. Additionally, they provide potential buyers with the most important data, such as the price of a given item. But what purpose does it serve?

What is Google Shopping used for?

Using Google Shopping makes it possible for the customer to get even more involved, which streamlines the shopping process. On the other hand, it also increases the chance that an advertised online store will become the place where a planned purchase is made.

How does Google Shopping work?

Every Google user, when entering a specific product name into the search engine window, leaves a trace. Google’s task is to collect them and use in the form of keywords, which are used for positioning websites. In return, Internet users in addition to standard sponsored links also get access to organic results, which are located below. Apart from them, the search page should also contain Product Listing Ads, i.e. ads comparing offers from various stores.

Advantages of using Google Shopping

A great advantage of Google Shopping is that it makes it possible to present products together with their photos and prices. Internet users can get acquainted with offers of various online stores without the need to use price comparison services. Thus, they have a much more expanded possibility of choosing an interesting product or service. This in turn is also of great importance for the e-Commerce industry. Placing a product in Product Listing Ads allows you to increase its potential sales.

Where do Google Shopping ads appear?

Product ads are displayed with the search results – at the very top of the page. Such exposure makes it impossible to miss them. However, after clicking on the ad, the Internet user is redirected to the store’s website, where he or she can make a purchase.

Product Listing Ads in Google Ads

Product Listing Ads action is one of the campaign types configured in Google Ads for placement in Google Shopping. It requires a specially prepared file from the advertiser. There are also other integration possibilities (e.g. Content API), but the so-called product feed is the most popular one. It should be made in .xml or .csv format and contain information such as:

  • ID number of the selected product;
  • Product name – max. 70 characters;
  • Product description – max. 5000 characters;
  • Product availability – must be updated in real time;
  • Number of pieces available;
  • Price;
  • Gender to which the product is targeted;
  • Fallback URL – which is the address that the buyer will be redirected to in case of an error;
  • A link to a photo about the selected product;
  • Delivery information – e.g. waiting time, its cost (can also be added directly in Google Merchant Center).

It should be noted, however, that despite some differences product ads are fully integrated with Google Ads. So in practice this means that your advertising campaigns will be visible on the same account. As we have also mentioned, the use of Google Shopping is possible only after prior registration of an account with Google Ads.

Advertising in Google Shopping – what next?

The product feed created in this way allows for much more than a proper matching of products with keywords typed into the browser by a potential customer of an interesting phrase. But that’s not all.

This tool also allows you to associate the searched product with the addresses of particular stores. In order to optimize the results of the campaign even better, the store itself should also make a list of words that should be excluded from the search results. Their appropriate description will ensure that the advertisement will not be linked to unwanted key phrases.

The role of Google Merchant Center in Google Shopping

In order to create an ad campaign in Product Listing Ads, you will need:

  • A Google Ads account – along with the specific available budget you plan to allocate to the campaign;
  • A Google Merchant Center account, which needs to be integrated with the online store;
  • A product file – concerning the promoted articles.

Creating an advertising campaign in Google Shopping

The created product file is used to import the data about the advertised products into your Google Merchant Center account. This connects Google Merchant Center to Google Ads, after which you can proceed to create an ad campaign.

What affects a high conversion rate?

You should also know about the fact that the order of products displayed in Listing Ads is determined by the maximum rate and quality score. The more you are able to pay for an ad in Google Shopping, the higher the advertised product will be displayed. You should also take care and design and content placed on your store page. There is no denying that Google pays a lot of attention to this.

Google Shopping and free advertising for your store

Many people wonder if it is possible to list a product in search results for free. This has been possible for some time now. To do this, all you need to do is enable free product listing. This will make free promotion of your online store possible not only in the Google Shopping tab, but also in Google maps, graphics, etc.

Free Google Shopping – limitations

However, keep in mind that free product display has its limitations. First of all, they require the online store to provide more information about the product on offer. Additionally, it also requires accepting the rules that Google Shopping requires for those who want to use the service for free.

How does free advertising on Google Shopping work?

As part of the service, products advertised for free appear next to sponsored articles. They will appear in search results immediately after the Internet user enters the article name in the search engine. The potential customer will see not only the product picture, but also its price, information about availability in the nearest store, opening hours, etc. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to compare prices and find out where to take advantage of the offer. You can read more about this type of Google services on the official Google Shopping website.


There is no denying that using Google Shopping is a very useful tool. No wonder that advertising with Google Shopping is becoming more and more popular. More and more sellers are using it and therefore, using only Google Ads is not as effective as it used to be.

Undoubtedly, however, the use of such forms of advertising allows you to gain the attention of potential customers. Google Shopping is also an effective tool for acquiring new customers. This in turn will reflect positively on your store’s profits. On the other hand, running product campaigns is not the easiest thing to do. One small mistake can affect all our work. That is why it is worthwhile to use the help of specialists in creating advertisements for online stores.