Here’s Why Businesses Should Strongly Consider Using URL Shorteners in Social Media

With more than 4.14 billion people actively using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., businesses have already started scaling their social media marketing efforts and have been implementing various tactics to not only boost their engagement but also create an outstanding impression for their target audiences.

Right from optimizing their social media profiles on different channels to spending thousands of dollars on different types of content, business owners all across the world have been aiming to attract a huge chunk of their target audience to their website through different social media channels.

But the thing is, as important crafting viral and value-adding social media posts is, it’s equally important to put in efforts to make sure that your social media posts are user-friendly and easily shareable. In short, it should be nothing short of a perfect experience for your target audience. That’s how you will be able to get the right number of clicks and hits.

Right from the headline to the featured image to URL, you should take care of every single thing and make sure that all of it goes well with each other.

In the past, marketers didn’t consider URLs as something that could have an impact on the hits and clicks. But, to their surprise, longer URLs were a turn-off for social media users. People don’t like clicking on long and distracting URLs. In addition to this, they end up taking too much space.

And that’s where URL shorteners like Open Online: Free URL Shortener come to save the day.

This blog post signifies the importance of URL shorteners in social media marketing.

5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Strongly Consider
Using URL Shorteners in Social Media

Here’s a list of the top reasons we’ll be discussing here:

  • Promote Sharing
  • Signify Professionalism
  • Give You More Space to Add in More Content
  • Help Make the Posts Look Much Better
  • Boosts Brand Recognition
  • Hide UTM Campaign Tracking Variables in Links

Let’s focus on each of the points one at a time.

Promote Sharing

With an ever-increasing number of people spending a majority of their time scrolling their social media feeds, businesses should take steps to ensure that the URLs in their social media posts are manageable and easily shareable, such that their audience can click, copy as well as share these links with their friends and family members or anyone in their radar.

Signify Professionalism

In the digital world, the most important thing you shouldn’t ever neglect is positioning yourself as a professional. Your target audience will consider doing business with you or buying from you, only if you appear as someone who’s professional and reliable.

Hence, the first thing we’d advise you to do is optimize your social media profiles. Adding in shortened URLs in your Instagram Bio or Facebook profile will help you give your brand the touch of professionalism, a brand that’s well-organized and neater.

Maybe, your audience is already used to sharing those shortened links. That’s because it’s a much common practice these days. And if the URLs on your profile or posts look sloppy and untidy, then it may end up leaving a bad impression on them.

Boosts Brand Recognition

Up until now, we have concluded that the long URLs are both clumsy plus boring. They are a major turn-off for social media users. Let’s consider you want to describe one of your products or services; let’s say “Search Engine Optimization or SEO.”

Not only are we putting our brand’s name in front of our target audience, but we are also adding in the service name, here it’s Search Engine Optimization.

This helps us differentiate our links and let our audience know what they can expect after clicking on it.

Hide UTM Campaign Tracking Variables in Links

With UTM, you can get your hands on valuable information like understanding the source of traffic for different campaigns.

For example, let’s assume that you are going to share the link on Facebook.

Here’s what your tagged URL will look like:

While sharing these lengthy and complex URLs on social media platforms is tough, one can harness the power of URL shorteners to tidy the long URLs up and turn them into something that concise and appealing.


With the popularity of the URL shorteners on the rise, multiple URL shorteners like, have helped hundreds of thousands of social media marketers and businesses create an outstanding impression in front of their target audience.

That being said, thanks to customization options, brands can further boost their brand recognition and make their posts look a lot better.

And if you have not already started using URL shorteners for your social media posts, you are missing out on a lot.

What are you waiting for?

Shorten your URLs today!