HotJar. Why should you use it on your website?

HotJar is a proven web tool that is used to gain information about the activity of users moving around the website. The mentioned tool can be easily implemented on the website. Its configuration is simple.

What is important, HotJar is perfect for any online store, because it allows you to increase the conversion rate after making appropriate changes. The free version can be used to a limited extent, while the paid version allows for unlimited and in-depth study of visitors’ behavior on the website.

In order to improve your website using the described tool, you need to install it, configure it and analyze the information obtained as a result of website monitoring.

What opportunities does HotJar give your website?

Details are always important in the e-commerce industry. No matter what products or services you offer. For example, a high conversion rate in an online store is not only the result of an attractive sales offer, but also of a high level of UX (User Experience).

HotJar allows you to accurately track the behavior of each visitor to your site in order to make the appropriate changes to your site. Find out with intelligent and intuitive tools what the user experience is like.

Heatmaps on our site as a great resource to learn about potential customer activity

When we install HotJar on our website, we can add heatmaps. Heatmaps give you a simple way to check the activity on your website. The most clicked areas are marked with specific colors. The “hot” areas are those where clicks are most frequent. They are represented by patches in shades of red. Cold areas, on the other hand, are blue as well as purple spots. Similarly, these are the areas that are much less interesting from the perspective of the website users.

After evaluating the site and analyzing the clicks, you can come to the right conclusions. For example, you can get the answer why certain places on the site are out of the sphere of interest of users. Perhaps it is worth changing the location of some objects? The benefits that heatmaps give to the site are also the possibility to get acquainted with the degree of scrolling of the site.

Every owner of the website wants the users to reach the most desired places. If this is not the case, it may be worth, for instance, moving some elements of the website higher. Thanks to the described tool, the website owner may find out what part of the users reach, for instance, the footer.

Among other things, page-fold analysis is effective because after making appropriate changes on the page, it allows to increase the number of conversions. A high number of conversions in e-commerce industry is a great profit.

User session recordings available with HotJar

HotJar is a tool that also provides the ability to record user sessions of a website. The recordings show cursor movement, information about the mobile device such as operating system and screen resolution, browser version, and the page from which the users came to us. It is possible that the mobile application appears to our eyes as a web browser window. In this type of browser, the phone user often has a different aspect ratio and screen size than on a computer. This makes us see the video from a different perspective. The described tool perfectly deals with recording sessions conducted on both computer and mobile devices.

We can also find out whether the user’s visit to the site is a result of Google search or Facebook ads. HotJar informs us where the visitor came from. It shows the address of the website from which the visitor came. Having at our disposal information from which address the users came to us, we can evaluate, for example, positioning activities.

Tracking user behaviour always guarantees safety for both the owner of the website and the visitors themselves. If within a given place on the site, there is a need to enter the credit card number and security code, for obvious reasons, this type of data will not be recorded. We can therefore ethically monitor the behavior of users who grow into our customers through the changes we make.
Customers who are satisfied with how a website works are also the ones who are happy to click on links, fill out contact forms and make purchases. HotJar’s ability to record sessions enables activities such as form analysis, among others. Perhaps sales resulting from running an e-commerce site are too low because the forms are incomprehensible? Users always appreciate intuitive solutions. Records allow us to verify that the solutions we use are accessible to everyone.

Maybe someone doesn’t want to create an account on our website because the registration process is too tedious. You too can check how the mentioned tool works, what the user doesn’t like, and what you can do better when it comes to marketing. Session recordings are not only useful but also exciting for site owners.

The time spent on the site during which the user does not perform any action can be rewound on the recording. Just click a button and the footage scrolls to the next activity. Checking user activity within each subpage in the form of recordings is a simple yet effective solution.

Funnels and forms on our website

HotJar also allows us to define our customers’ goals. Funnels and forms indicate the path of potential buyers. Using the tool described above, we can find out why a user has a problem with providing registration data and why everything was not completed.

People, for various reasons, stop at a certain stage of the purchase and do not convert or end up with a single click and leave the site. Using the tools available in HotJar, we can illustrate the entire sales process and all the stages that customers go through.

The owner of an e-commerce site based on the information gained will become more aware of how the site is performing for the user. By checking the site for form comprehension, errors can be corrected. People who do not fill out certain fields may simply not understand them. The site developer’s mistakes may be in assuming that everything is obvious to visitors.

The rules that govern the online marketing industry are that great results come from companies that use intuitive solutions. For example, users don’t like to spend too long figuring out how to navigate a site. Likewise, filling out a form should be simple so as not to discourage visitors from purchasing products and services. Sometimes we also find that potential customers abandon their purchases at the stage of choosing a payment method. In such cases, perhaps their preferred form of payment is not available.

Why are HotJar’s reporting tools so useful? Surveys and polls to help you get to know your visitors better.

HotJar gives you the opportunity to introduce surveys and polls to your site. You can ask your visitors through the existence of these tools, what rating do you give the site? The answer can be elaborated. On sites, users like it when you can see the involvement of the creators. The conclusions drawn from the published surveys as site owners should take to heart and adjust the sites accordingly according to the visitors’ objections. The data that comes from surveys and polls is really important in the optimization process.

The questions must be relevant and the survey content must be 100% understandable. Internet users who answer questions about the site are usually sincere, and this is invaluable for those running an e-commerce business, for example. Every user who informs about his/her demand regarding the website is extremely important. The user can give both open and closed answers, and it all depends on the nature of the survey or poll.

Checking how internet users perceive the site and asking them something directly can also be a pleasant surprise for visitors. We can count the clicks on specific regions of a website and view them using heat maps. We can also find out what the current situation on our site is due to.

When site owners ask questions and draw the right conclusions from the answers, their site is treated as one that cares about visitors. Enhancing the User Experience is within reach when the site’s users are within reach. Every site requires slightly different modifications, and with the solution described here, you can make specific decisions.

What are the limitations of the free version of HotJar?

The free version of the tool we describe and recommend has limitations, among other things. This means that:
– the number of recording sessions cannot exceed 300,
– the heat map can be created for a maximum of 3 subpages, and
– the tool registers up to 2000 page views a day.

Therefore, if we are really serious about website traffic analysis, it is worth reaching for the paid version.
What are the benefits of the paid version of HotJar?

The paid version of the described tool obviously gives more possibilities than the free version. Within the offer, you can opt for one of three variants. The price plans are divided mainly according to the quantity possibilities, although, for example, the most expensive variant also includes training with a HotJar specialist.

The cheapest plan available guarantees unlimited heatmaps and the ability to record up to 100 sessions per day as footage. This means that in one month we will have access to about 3000 recordings. Unlimited heatmaps, on the other hand, are a huge base for website optimization. In this price plan, the developers of the tool also offer unlimited widgets and surveys.

A slightly more expensive price plan, the Plus variant, allows you to capture a much larger number of sessions per day. It is also possible to analyze key user groups, site integration, user frustration analysis (Rage Clicks) and site exits (U-Turns),

The business plan, which is the most expensive, allows for the highest number of sessions, the aforementioned training with a HotJar specialist, single sign-on SAML (SSO), and full access to every feature of the tool.

Most who use HotJar opt for the variant in which it captures at least 80% of the site’s traffic. The results of such monitoring are really measurable. If you run a business in e-commerce industry for example, it is certainly worth to decide for the paid version in order to fully enjoy the possibilities of HotJar. User Experience on a high level guarantees satisfaction not only for users but also for website owners.

Summary of the described tool on your website

Thanks to the functions available in the tool described above, you can always monitor activity on your website. You can also find out what your visitors think about the website, why they click some links more often and others less often, whether filling out some form is troublesome and which areas of the website are less and which are more interesting.

Thanks to the information obtained, the website can be improved. Just as high quality of offered products and services enables high sales in each industry, a high quality website encourages to use the offer.

User experience is very important. Nothing bad will happen if, thanks to the described tool, the owner of the website realizes where he/she makes mistakes and eliminates them efficiently. The benefits of gained information are invaluable for any business, not only in e-commerce industry.