How to engage fans and increase reach through Facebook Posts?

Facebook is known as one of the most used social networks on the Internet. It is used by practically everyone, which is why more and more people start their own Facebook pages and the posts they add oscillate around a specific industry. It is a great way to start your own business, gain many fans and popularity. Unfortunately, only on the surface it seems so easy – in fact, Facebook algorithms can make it difficult to increase your reach. So how to exist in social media and what to do to make your posts attract more and more viewers?

How to write posts in harmony with the algorithm?

To be able to work fruitfully with Facebook’s algorithm, first of all you need to understand it. This is because it determines whether your post will be displayed on the wall of a follower or a friend. There are many factors that contribute to the frequency of views of your content, so you may find it useful to give Facebook’s algorithm some tips to help it look more favourably on your latest posts and attract new viewers.

First of all, it is worth mentioning the basic and most crucial operations that make the algorithm display your posts to the audience more often. The most important of operations should be considered each of the interactions that users leave on your site. If we already know that the engagement of the audience is a key issue, you should try to make interesting posts on the site, related to your industry, containing valuable content, but above all, attracting the viewer and arousing in him the desire to engage.

How to write posts to gain new fans?

As we already know, if you want to properly promote your Facebook page, you should first of all publish posts that will generate a lot of user engagement. New comments, reactions, likes and shares will attract new audiences and your posts will start to show up more frequently. So what can you do to create posts with content that will be particularly memorable to other users?

It’s worth it to make sure you’re communicative. It doesn’t require much sacrifice, but it will inspire trust in your audience, thereby easily earning loyalty and attachment from your fans and customers. When posting on Facebook, read new comments, answer questions, thank people for their feedback, in short, interact with users. By doing so, you will encourage them to write more comments, and remember; the more reactions under the publication, the greater the possibility of getting new fans interested in your content.

Recipients will be more willing to learn about a new product if they are interested in your industry, or you simply gain their loyalty. Therefore, you should focus on conducting activities through which you can gain regular, loyal fans.

Graphics or interesting Facebook posts

Another way to make your posts interesting is to add variety to your posts. One of the most effective ideas is the use of infographics, which will convey even a difficult topic to your audience in a simple way. You should also be tempted to add an interesting fact about your industry that will interest customers, attract their attention, and raise questions. Another way to catch the eye is to add graphics related to your industry.

A photo gallery will also make Facebook posts more attractive, so make sure that the images you post are of high quality and relevant. This is an interesting way to attract the attention of any user because if you want to add more than 4 images on Facebook, the viewer will be forced to click on your post to see the rest of the images that remain hidden.

Remember that in order to create interesting posts, you should not put emphasis on the amount of text, but rather bet on marketing activities that bring actual engagement with your audience. When it comes to creating engaging content, there is a lot of room for improvement – if you can, you can even add video content to your posts, such as answers to problems related to your business, explanations to clear up doubts from customers, discussions on a difficult topic related to your industry, or simply videos to complement your Facebook posts.

When to publish posts on Facebook?

In order for your fb posts to attract more users, you should have a consistent schedule for adding new content. By letting your fans know on what days and at what times new content will appear on your page, you will make sure that the moment it is published, your regular followers will know about it and user posts will immediately appear under the post, increasing its popularity.

Remember that in order not to lose your fans, it is necessary to be systematic in adding posts. Also, find out what their needs are, i.e. at what times there is the most activity under the posts; then you will achieve greater reach.

Engaging posts

Engaging posts are nothing but content that is meant to trigger a specific action in the viewer. As we know, this is one of the main purposes by which a post starts displaying to more users and helps you gain reach. Recipients like puzzles, quizzes, you can also ask them to ask difficult questions that you will answer under the next post.

In a nutshell, engaging posts are designed to get fans to perform a desired action, which boils down to commenting, liking, and general activity under the posts. In a clever way, you can encourage fans to ask by referring to your industry – let it be information about what it’s like to work in your field, your tips for beginners or interesting stories.

It is also a commonly noticed phenomenon that “games” initiated by creators, in a significant way not only help to gather a new group of fans on your page, but also make the audience feel a greater bond with the author, at the same time more often reacting to his new post, creating a fanpage themselves or more expressively accepting his posts.

The most interesting ways to create engaging posts

There are many different ways that you can use to create engaging posts. One of the most popular procedures is to ask your followers questions. Depending on how you structure your questions, you can get a variety of results – learn more about your potential customers’ preferences, create a greater connection with them and sort of “force” them to engage, or simply entertain them with interesting and creative questions.

It’s also a good idea to include a survey in your post where you can ask questions about your industry – that way you can test your users’ knowledge in an interesting way while gathering helpful information at the same time.

If you’re running out of ideas for Facebook posts and simply don’t know what to write about, there’s always an easy way to keep people engaged; poll them. Simply include two different graphics in your post, representing different options, and then ask Facebook users to choose which one they find more interesting by selecting the reaction assigned to it. When it comes to marketing efforts, this is one of the best options, as you can see that the most popular posts on fb are about such games.

In social media, it is very important to make a good brand for yourself, so engaging posts are a great chance to create engagement and at the same time loyalty in your followers.

Real time marketing

Another way to build a good image in social media is to use real time marketing. This procedure is nothing else than a response to current cultural, sport or music events that take place not only in Poland but all over the world. Thanks to real time marketing, it is possible to interact with the audience, attract their attention and make your brand stand out from others.

The very premise of this marketing method is quite simple – it turns out to be much more complicated to apply it in reality. If you are asking yourself what you need to do to make your rtm post a success, you need to know one thing – you need to be fast. After all, the whole concept of real time marketing is based on references to current events, so almost immediately you need to activate your creativity and wit to create a Facebook post that will accurately hit the fancy of your customers.

Contest post

A great way to increase engagement among your followers is to host a contest. This will motivate your followers to leave multiple reactions, which will increase the reach and views of your post. At the same time, a good marketing trick may be to set your own rules of the competition, i.e. requiring your account to be tagged on the profiles of your audience.

You can offer your products as prizes, and the winner of the contest, happy to win, will surely relate positively to your brand.

When creating a contest post, don’t forget about other rules to follow.

Calendar of Unusual Holidays

When creating posts for Facebook, you should ask yourself; “what attracts users’ attention the most?”. Surely, you will quickly realize that it is hard to stand out from thousands of other posts, and it is the uncommonness that is one of the most desirable features to help you create large reach. That’s why you should look for newer and newer ways to attract attention and use your creativity as often as possible.

One example of using an unusual solution is a calendar of unusual holidays. Holidays practically unknown to anyone may become a good excuse to advertise or present something that relates to a given day in the calendar and at the same time fits into the theme of your brand. For example, if your fanpage refers to confectionery and the 7th of July is Chocolate Day, it would be a good idea to create a special post about this event and present the best chocolates you have on sale.

Facebook Ads or paid reach

Even if you create posts for Facebook with full commitment, following all the rules and tips you know, it is often impossible to break through the competition, and each of your posts receives few reactions and comments.

If you are asking yourself what you are doing wrong, try to take help from professionals by relying on facebook ads. This is nothing but Facebook ads that will effectively present to the audience the content that our particular post represents. The Facebook ads manager is a very precise tool that allows you to customize your ads to users. You will find other interesting options there, such as displaying ads to those customers who put your product in their cart but did not complete the transaction. In this case, displaying your posts again, can encourage the potential buyer to obtain the product.

Paid advertising will increase the frequency of your posts, and in addition, they will show to users who are likely to become your customers or regular followers.