How to increase sales on Allegro? Use all the possibilities!

If you want to become an online seller or if you are already one and you wonder how to increase your sales on Allegro, read about proven tips on this subject. It will be useful for you regardless of whether you have your own business. On the Allegro site, the amount of our sales depends largely on how we are perceived. It is important not only to properly present the item you are selling, but also yourself as a seller.

In the first place, you should take care of gaining the trust of the customer. Building your own brand on the Allegro website is a multi-faceted activity that supports our business and earnings of a private person.

Where to start if you want to become an online seller?

You should start selling by simply creating an account on Allegro. It is best to decide on a company account. The Allegro platform gives the possibility of creating complex descriptions and publishing more photos to people who decide to have a company account when creating their account. This type of account on Allegro gives you the opportunity to use tools that perfectly affect the trust of buyers.

Such a tool is, for example, Allegro Smart program. If you sell products from different unrelated fields, it is worth deciding on keeping a few company accounts and splitting auctions. This allows us to gain the trust of Allegro users and the image of an industry specialist.

Potential customers pay attention, for example, to such details as the seller’s login name. Therefore it is important to choose the right login. It is best if the chosen login is easy to remember and refers to the company or the sold goods. By means of a login, you can also promote your own brand. On Allegro it is not possible to change it later. Since it is a seller’s Google business card, you can set the login as the company name.

Selling on Allegro. What aspects of the auction cause more interest in the offer?

What is important for the customer is definitely the product photos. It is good when photos or graphics are on a white background and do not contain flashy captions, e.g. “bargain”. Professionally taken pictures make sales increase. Buying decisions depend largely on the appearance of the offer. In marketing there is even a popular statement “we buy with our eyes”. Attractive photos in different arrangements certainly stimulate the senses of potential customers.

Displaying an item in a way that makes Allegro users eager to reach for it is connected with publishing a set of practical information about it. If we can use the language of benefits while writing descriptions of the listed items, it really means a lot. Of course, the name of the auction is also important.

Clear headlines are also very important. They should be coherent with the photo and the description. In the most important places, e.g. in the description heading, you should indicate the product’s greatest advantage. Subsequent headings can be questions that suggest the product is worth buying, and paragraphs can be answers to those questions. For example: “Why is trouble-free device X so cost-effective?”.

Price matching with competing offers is also very important. If we want to start selling, we need to consider other rates on Allegro for the item. The expected profits will appear only if our auction is displayed high in the search results to the potential customers. A low price makes our auction visible to Allegro users in the highest positions. We have to be price competitive.

It is very important in the customer’s decision-making process that they pay attention to opinions of other buyers. Therefore, we should make sure to have the best possible feedback from satisfied customers. Potential customers read negative opinions first and for this reason sellers are afraid of them the most. Effective communication on Allegro with people who have already decided to buy our product is very important.

Why does using Allegro Smart increase sales?

From the customers’ perspective, Allegro Smart allows them to save a lot of money. When they pay a year in advance, they can take advantage of 365 free deliveries during that period. Free delivery will certainly tempt every customer.

Allegro Smart enabled sales offer requires the seller to meet requirements such as:

  • 5 positive unique reviews within the last year,
  • Super Seller status or having a minimum 98% referral rate,
  • completing terms of returns on auctions and assigning them to their bids,
  • paying all fees on an ongoing basis.

If you want to sell with the Allegro Smart feature active, the Allegro website requires:

Offer at least two forms of delivery from two different groups at a price that falls within the range specified by Allegro, or
Offer only one of the shipping methods listed above and provide at least 50% of the tracking numbers for transactions from the last thirty days.

In case of Allegro Smart enabled sales, the shipping cost is shared between the seller and the website.

Selling on Allegro and multiple variant bids that increase auction visibility

A multiple variant offer is a set of combined offers of the same product in different variants. Usually product variants differ in color, weight and size. Multi-variant offers can be created by combining parameters specific to a given category.

For example, when it comes to selling bicycles, such a parameter can be the frame size. Creating a multiple variant offer means, for example, that the brand or clasp must have the same value when the size and colour/design differ. Issuing a multi-variant offer positively affects the number of customers.

The popularity of multivariant offers in selected categories is the sum of the popularity of all offers. (for example, sizes). Therefore, such an item appears much higher in search results. To sum up, selling on Allegro using multi-variant offers has huge benefits. It is much easier for potential customers to reach the item they are looking for and they can intuitively choose a variant of a particular product.

Why do I sell more on Allegro if a seller adds Coins to their listings?

It is worth selling items using Coins on Allegro. Almost 6 million Allegro users collect the mentioned Coins. Then the said users exchange these coins for coupons. Every third of them decides to buy only offers with Coins.

What are the advantages of adding Coins to Allegro listings?

  • First of all, your offers are much more visible on the Allegro search list. This is very important for buyers. Very often, what is displayed higher is treated as better. Thanks to this, visibility on Allegro allows you to increase sales.
  • You pay for the distinction only when a user interested in your offer decides to make a purchase. Never before.

How to set up an online store on Allegro that generates high sales?

An online store on Allegro can be a great solution for you. Selling an online store online does not necessarily have to involve buying your own domain name. Starting sales on Allegro by setting up an online store on this site does not carry as much costs as your own website. However, you need to know that it is very important to achieve high sales of the online store is a proper description of products.

Good content, templates for the presentation of goods, as well as ads in Google Ads cost money, but it is an investment that allows you to sell more effectively.

In product descriptions, as in online stores with their own domain, keywords are important. The description of each item should therefore both encourage Allegro users to make purchases and have a good impact on search engine algorithms.

Starting selling on Allegro, acting as an online store, is possible not only as an independent store, but also by integrating Allegro with an order processing system / online store. Therefore, if you run your own company website, you can take advantage of the online store plug-in.

Running an online store on Allegro is therefore really profitable. A definite advantage of setting up an online store is the lack of high initial costs. Professionally made online stores on Allegro make the level of sales increase significantly.

Sales on Allegro supported by Allegro Ads

Sales on Allegro and many other places on the web can be supported by Allegro Ads. By using this tool, you can display ads for your items on the Allegro Internet platform in many ways. With this solution, your ads will be displayed at each stage of the purchase path. These can be:

  • Sponsored listings,
  • Graphic ads, and
  • Ad Network.

Sponsored offers make the buyer see your offers first in the most popular places on Allegro. Sponsored listings are chosen contextually by Allegro users, i.e. based on the key phrase typed into the search window.

Graphic advertising also has a very good impact on sales. To gain customers, you need to be able to affect the senses. Advertisements with your logo and catchy advertising slogan are really effective. It is advisable to entrust the creation of graphics to a person or agency that has experience in this.

Advertising network is another variant of ads available in Allegro Ads. The ad network also allows you to reach new Google and Facebook users. Be sure to go to Allegro Ads to learn more about possible forms of promoting your auctions.

Company account on Allegro and Discount Center

You can really benefit a lot as a seller on Discount Center. The first package with the Discount Center gives you a discount, under which Allegro will refund you even up to 100% of the accrued commission on sales and also 50% of the commission on featured listings.

However, it cannot exceed PLN 10,000 gross per month. This is only one of many benefits offered by Discount Centre to sellers. If you want to learn more about the discounts currently available for sellers, be sure to check the Allegro website and its regulations.

Additional tips that will influence your effective selling on Allegro

When you offer fast or free delivery, extended warranty or attractive delivery options, it is good to emphasize it in your offer. It will help convince the client that it is worth buying on Allegro just from you.

The quality of service is also influenced by whether you answer calls to a contact phone, read and reply to messages sent to a given e-mail address and how wide your assortment is in comparison with other sellers. Therefore, many factors influence the increase of sales on Allegro. Be sure to check and apply the solutions described above.

Remember that Allegro has a Buyer Protection Program. If a buyer is not satisfied with the item, just click “place a request” and describe your problem. The amount sent to your account will be refunded to the dissatisfied buyer when Allegro recognizes that the buyer:

  • paid for the product but did not receive it, or
  • You have received a product that was not in accordance with the offer.

Allegro will later bill the seller for the return to the buyer’s account.

In order to avoid returns from POK for customers, make sure that there are no mistakes when sending the goods and that descriptions and pictures are 100% consistent with the actual state of the products you offer.

Also make sure your invoices are correct. If the quality of your Allegro sales is high, it will have a good influence on the seller rating published on your account. Seller reviews, in turn, have a very strong influence on the results achieved by sellers.