How to use Product Feed in e-commerce?

Do you run an online store? Surely, like any owner, you realize that the competition is considerable. The number of stores and their products that appear in Google search results is really long, regardless of the industry. Therefore, if you want to increase your sales, attract new customers and keep your existing ones, you should act on many levels. You should use Google ads and be active on social media.

If you care about standing out from your competitors, you should learn what a product feed is. What are the best practices when using the file? Why should you use a product feed? Check it out below.

What is the definition of a product feed?

A product feed is a listing of all the products that are available in an online store. The product file contains information about the products: The product file should contain attributes and descriptions. It is prepared in two formats: .xml and .csv. The specification of the product file may vary depending on the platform on which it will be used. Product feed can also be created in Microsoft Excel. You should use it if you run a website offering products that you want to advertise on Facebook, Google Ads or price comparison sites.

What are the required attributes in a product file?

For a product file to be properly prepared, it should contain as much data as possible for a given product:

  • product identifier [ID] – is a unique number of the product;
  • product title – it should have as much information as possible, the exact name of the product, for example: women’s cotton socks below ankle;
  • product description – is an accurate description of the products, which should have keywords matching the target group;
  • link to the main image [image_link];
  • product availability in stock [available] ;
  • link to add the URL to the mobile-optimized version of the landing page [mobile_link];
  • date of product availability in pre-order with information about the planned shipment date [availability_date];
  • Purchase value, which allows to obtain information on the value of all gross purchases [cost_of_goods_sold].
  • Expiration date allows you to exclude a product and not display it on a specific date or for seasonal purchases [expiration_date].
  • Product price [price];
  • Promotional price date [sale_price_effective_date];
  • Product unit cost [unit_pricing_measure];
  • Installment informs customers of monthly installment plan [installment];
  • gtin, mpn – informs about the barcode unique to the product;
  • brand: name the brand.

How to create a product feed in facebook ads?

Product feed that is properly prepared and updated is displayed in product ads. However, it is important that it does not contain errors. The most common are: incorrect Google value, – parameter value, – incorrect character encoding in the parameters, wrong image size. The page must also not be blocked for Google robots, because it may threaten the blocking of your account. It must contain all the required attributes.

Therefore, it is worth remembering to optimize the product file properly. You can do it yourself or decide to have it automatically updated without your participation. Thanks to this, preparing a product feed will not be such a time-consuming task. Google product ads should only display products that match what you offer in your online store. If a particular product is not available in your online store, then you should take care of excluding the product.

What are the benefits of selling from a Facebook catalog?

The product feed is used on Facebook to prepare dynamic ads (Facebook Ads). Dynamic Ads are a type of ads that are presented to a user who may be interested in a particular product. By using dynamic ads, you can automatically display them for each product. You have the opportunity to display ads to people who have already visited your online store. You can find an audience that is interested in your products. This means that you can use your product feed for both prospecting and dynamic remarketing.

How to use product feeds in Google product campaigns?

You can also use product feeds in your Google Shopping product campaigns. This allows you to promote products in a way that provides users with as much detailed information as possible about the products that will appear in search results. Google tells you to target your ads to product categories, such as product type. This ensures that when a user types a search query into Google, they will be shown the appropriate product.

If you want to start creating a product campaign, upload your product feed to Google Merchant Center and create a campaign in Google Ads. Then use your campaign to prepare an ad in the Google Ads network. How and where the product ad is displayed depends on what information is included in the file and used for your Google Merchant Center account. Keywords are not taken into account. Remember that before you can use the product feed in Google campaigns, it has to be approved. It takes up to three days for the file to be approved. Only after this time is it possible to launch the campaign.

If you want to advertise your store, you can use two types of campaigns: product ads and – local product range. If you want to learn more about product feed in Google campaigns, you should check the information, which can be found on the Google support page.

Keep in mind that using Google requires an account. Therefore, if you do not already have one on the Google Merchant Center website, please sign up for one during the registration process.

Why is product feed so important in price comparison sites?

Price comparison sites are websites where you can compare groups of products. They contain thousands of products. Potential customers can easily search for the product data they are interested in. He can also leave feedback and comments in them.

If an owner of an online store decides to use a price comparison service, he is charged in the CPC model. He pays when a user clicks on a link to his online store. By using a price comparison website, you have the chance to increase your website traffic.

If you want to display your products in a price engine, you should upload a product feed to it. It will allow users to filter and sort selected products. Keep in mind that price comparison engines allow you to run effective campaigns as long as you update the product file automatically. Just like in the case of a product feed prepared for Google Ads.

Otherwise, it will turn out that the store owner is paying for empty clicks on an empty link. This is because the price comparison engine will not present current products. It is worth remembering that it is not always the product price that influences the positive purchase decision, but also other attributes: shipping time, delivery method and others. Therefore, it is important whether the feed contains detailed information. It is important whether the data file contains as much product data as possible.

Where can you quickly prepare product feeds for use in advertising campaigns?

Preparing product feeds on your own takes a long time. However, if you don’t want to waste too much time on product feeds, you can use Feedink. Feedink is a tool with which you can introduce any new product to your product feed. The tool also allows you to optimize your product feeds. You can add products to your feed by using the id attribute. Feedink allows you to integrate your store with several business partners.Nowadays almost every store on the Internet has a product file, which is regularly updated.