How to use the full potential of advertising in TikTok Ads?

Advertisements on the internet have a huge potential. Applications and portals available on the web have millions of users who are looking for various products and services. One of the most popular applications in the world which is a perfect field for placing ads is TikTok loved by young people. Here you can promote your brand or product using TikTok Ads – a tool that makes it easy to reach a group of users who post short entertaining videos up to 60 seconds long every day.

So if you are looking for a way to promote your business or increase your sales learn how to use TikTok Ads and what marketing opportunities the creators of this application offer. Here is some practical information!

What is TikTok Ads and what is it used for?

TikTok Ads offers you the opportunity to promote your company, service or product by placing short ads on the screen of this application. In practice, these are usually static graphics with advertising slogans or promotional videos of up to 60 seconds in length.  However, this is not the end of creative possibilities.

The creators of TikTok Ads also offer the possibility of providing the users with practical special effects, filters, and 2D and 3D overlays that add variety to the video posted in the application and make it more attractive and popular. Thanks to such procedures the TikTok user benefits and the brand offering the improvements builds its positive image. Using TikTok Ads, you can achieve goals such as:

  • increased conversion (inquiry for a product or service),
  • registration of a potential customer on your website (possibility of sending advertising e-mails and newsletters),
  • increased sales of your product or service,
  • download and installation of your application in the Free version and increased chance that the user will decide to buy the Pro version,
  • Increased number of visits to your website,
  • Maximum increase of your business reach (even on a global scale),
  • precise adjustment of the group of recipients to the business profile and advertising topic,
  • shaping of the brand image and its increased recognition.

“TikTok Ads is, in short, a set of usable tools designed to increase the popularity of a brand and make it perceived as more creative. The effect of using ads on TikTok is also increased recognition of the promoted company.”

What TikTok Ads formats are available?

The TikTok Ads tool allows you to create ads in several creator-considered formats. These are convenient solutions that make it easy to clearly present your brand’s benefits in several creative ways. Apart from the obvious effect of grabbing the user’s attention, TikTok Ads also allows you to customize the format according to the amount of information the brand wants to convey to the viewer. Available ad formats on TikTok are:

Top View Ads

This format allows a full-screen video ad to be displayed on the app user’s screen. The ad in this case is displayed e.g. when the application is launched and may also include sound. The possible length of such a video is from 5 to 60 seconds. The price of the service is related to this parameter, among others.

Brand Takeover Ads

In this case, the ad takes the form of a 3 or 5-second video or a static JPG with graphics and subtitles. Interestingly, this type of ad will be displayed to all users of the TikTok application who have opened it on a given day. The Brand Takeover Ad is shown after launching the application, but also on the “For You” page.

In Feed Ads

In Feed Ads appear in the stream between videos in the “For You” tab and have the form of a maximum 60-second video. However, keep in mind that the optimal length of the ad is about 15 seconds. Ads that are too long may be boring or make the user impatient and not watch the whole thing. In Feed Ads should have a natural look and feel similar to organic posts posted by TikTok users. Remember that this format has a Call To Action button (e.g. Check it out! Find out more!) which, when clicked, sends the user to your website.

Branded Hashtag Challenge 

In this case the brand organizing the popular on TikTok challenge invites users to actively compete with other fans of the application by posting videos on topics chosen by the promoting brand. These may be, for example, recordings of dancing to a funny song or performing a specific gymnastic figure.

Posts prepared in this way are marked with hashtags with the name of the company organizing the challenge. In this natural and enjoyable way, users promote the company themselves, and winners can be rewarded. Challenge is undoubtedly one of the most interesting formats of TikTok Ads and it has an organ of potential.

Branded Effects 

Branded Effects on TikTok is an advertising format that allows promoting brands to create and deliver unique and fun 2D filters or stickers to users. These types of animations can be enabled by, for example, body or facial movements. This is a very attractive and eye-catching form of advertising that makes the audience engage more actively with the posts. Branded Effects can have a very diverse form and are created by teams of TikTok specialists. The cost of this format is not low, but the achievable marketing goals are very attractive. The brand providing the effects and filters becomes a true friend of the creative Tiktokers.

Spark Ads

Spark Ads is a new ad format in the TikTok app. The tool is designed to allow you to promote real, organic recordings that exist on your channel. Using Spark Ads, you can also advertise other users’ videos – if they give you permission to do so. Remember, this format gives you the opportunity to achieve goals such as:

  • increased conversions,
  • reach,
  • increased user engagement and traffic,
  • installation of the promoted application.

Spark Ads displays as an organic post under the “For You” tab and you can include in it, a CTA button. The viewer also has the option to click on your profile picture and swipe left to view your profile. An interesting feature is the ability to follow your account directly by clicking the + symbol and checking the music artist and redirecting to the page with the song of your choice. Spark Ads is a very engaging format that raises brand popularity and makes the chance of a purchase or conversion much higher. Due to the attractive form of this ad and its natural appeal, brand recognition increases quickly.

Remember that Spark Ads is the only fully native format of TikTok Ads. This allows you to achieve greater user trust and build a long-term and effective ad campaign that reaches a multitude of users.

Influences Collaborations

Collaborations with popular TikTok users can help promote your brand. And while it’s not a typical TikTok Ads format, by communicating with the right influencers, your business can gain more popularity. How do you accomplish this? All you need to do is find an influencer who is trusted by TikTok users and agree that they will refer to your products or services in their recordings for a fee.

For example, if you are a sportswear manufacturer, you can establish cooperation with influencers who post the most popular sports-related videos and have a large impact on many users. These are usually the people with the highest number of views.

Once you know what TikTok Ads is and what ad formats the developers of this app offer, find out where to start placing ads on this useful app.

TikTok Ads account – how to place ads on TikTok?

If you have sufficient advertising budget and your brand profile is in line with the requirements of relatively young users of the application, proceed to placing ads on TikTok. To do so, you will need to create an ad account, where you will be given access to the ad panel. However, this account is not equivalent to a standard organic profile.

Of course, you can create such a profile and at the same time place in it humorous, useful and shaping the image of your brand recordings. You will read more about it in the following parts of the text treating of good and effective practices while running an advertising campaign on TikTok.

“Remember to create ad content tailored to the format and maximum length accepted by TikTok Ads, and consult with specialists if necessary.”

Going back to the TikTok Ads dashboard, which can be opened without an organic account, you can set the parameters of audiences compatible with your business there. Here you can also plan the limit of your budget and mark the time of your campaign. Depending on the ad format, you can create it yourself or use the services of the TikTok creative team – e.g. in the case of Branded Effects.

The account is easy to use, and all settings are changed by manually entering data into text fields and using standard sliders. In this way, you can add advertising aimed at, among other things:

  • increased conversion,
  • app downloads,
  • increased activity on the website,
  • increase reach.

If you already know how to start your adventure with promoting your brand on TikTok, check how to adjust the audience and reach of your ads!

How do I target my TikTok Ads campaign?

When choosing the right audience for your ads on TikTok, you can use parameters such as:

  • age,
  • gender,
  • language,
  • interests, hobbies,
  • place of residence (country, province),
  • your smartphone’s operating system (useful if you sell games or mobile applications),
  • the price of the smartphone you own.


Remember, for example, that if you have a children’s app or game on sale, you should accurately set the age of your TikTok Ads audience and thus achieve a measurable effect. On the other hand, if you are organizing cooking courses or selling a recipe book – specify the potential recipients of the ad, choosing them based on the marked interests.

“Concentrate the content conveyed in the advertisement. Use symbols, distinctive music, colors, slogans, animations and CTA buttons. Using the right message, you can create an attractive and attention-grabbing TikTok Ads creative with an average length of, for example, 10 – 15 seconds.”

Do I need a profile to advertise on TikTok?

In order to place ads on TikTok and run a long-term campaign, you do not need to have an organic profile on this app. This is good news considering that companies often advertise on several social networks or applications at the same time. Maintaining so many profiles and keeping them up to date can be time-consuming.

However, if you decide to register a simple organic profile, you can achieve additional benefits in the form of increased trust in your brand and positive associations with the services or products you offer. Respectable and very popular and profitable companies often provide their customers with free and useful knowledge in an entertaining way just through a regular profile.

For example, if you are a distributor of weight loss applications – potential customers will appreciate it if your channel features videos with exercise instructions. On the other hand, if you produce healthy food or run an online store with such a profile – a great idea is to place on your profile short tutorials on how to creatively combine and prepare the products you offer (e.g. recipes for quick snacks or energizing breakfasts etc.).

“Remember that both ads on TikTok Ads and organic recordings should be interesting, natural and adapted to the format. More often than not, the first few seconds of the ad are the deciding factor.”

Once you know how to place TikTok Ads, how to operate the ad panel and run your organic profile – learn more practical tips that can improve the effectiveness of your TikTok campaign.

Best Practices for TikTok Ads – 5 Practical Tips 

Knowing how TikTok Ads work is naturally useful. Knowing where to start your campaign will help you promote your brand more effectively and will allow you to create the right ad creative faster. However, remember that an equally important factor is knowing the rules of creating effective and attention-grabbing advertising content. Learn 5 practical tips:

  1. TikTok Ads must be creative, unique and have a natural appeal. Just because potential customers see your ad a few times a day in the form of a video or static image with an ad slogan doesn’t mean you’ll have a successful campaign. Equally important as the frequency of display is the attractive appearance of the ad and appropriately selected text with a call to action evoking positive associations. For example, when creating a video, take care not only about the eye-catching image, but also about the text and music. An ad for sports equipment will sound much better if you end it with a motivational phrase “Become a happy winner on the slopes” rather than the usual and boring “We sell skis and snowboards”. Remember that young people like dynamic music!
  2. Run an organic profile even before using TikTok Ads. This way, you will attract the attention of your users before you start purely marketing. So upload tutorials, recipe videos, how-to’s, and short videos with product or service placement as mentioned above. You can also use your organic account on TikTok to promote your games and apps – e.g. by publishing posts with satisfied customers using them. A large amount of disinterest is conducive to gaining the trust of potential customers and gradually piquing their interest.
  3. Fits the ad to the TikTokAds format. In this case, the matter is simple. Read the detailed guidelines of each format and adjust the size of the static graphic or the length and form of the video ad. Try to tailor your ads exactly to TikTok and do not use pre-created creatives that were created for other portals and applications.
  4. Bet on well-known personalities and experts in a given field. When creating video TikTok Ads, try to hire an authority in a given field. If you are advertising teeth whitening products, supplements, or cosmetics, a video with a statement from an expert or well-known person will have a better effect. Also, remember to adapt the style of speech and arguments to the chosen group of users (age, interests, location).
  5. Choose a format that really grabs the users’ attention. Remember that a natural, native 10 – 15-second video with a product and a good slogan will generally be more effective than a short flash with a static packshot. Also, remember to maximize the potential that TicTok Ads offers and carefully analyze which type of ad best reflects the sense of using your brand’s services. Industries related to dance, sports, cooking, games and apps, and fashion will be promoted more effectively if you use tools such as Branded Hashtag Challenge or Top View Ads. Use creative, condensed and motivational videos.

Find out what is TikTok Pixel and how will this tool help you?

TikTok Pixel is a short code that will allow you to monitor the results of an advertising campaign. By installing this tool on your website, you will be able to measure parameters related to the behavior of your audience such as making a purchase or viewing your website. In this way you can create groups of customers, which you can then re-engage to respond, or create a profile of a potential customer, which will make it easier to create further ads in TikTok Ads.

The principle of TikTok Pixel is simple. Every time a purchase, a click on a button or any other action defined by the website owner takes place, information about this fact is sent and saved in the form of reports. Thanks to them you have access to precise data which facilitate further stages of the campaign.

In conclusion, TikTok Ads is a simple and very effective tool. If you realize that currently this application is one of the most popular social media of this type and you learn to use TikTok Ads in the correct way – you can gain a large audience, increase the popularity of your brand and have a greater share of consumer awareness. Increased brand recognition, better reputation and ultimately increased sales revenue are the main effects of using diverse TikTok Ads formats!