Internet Sales – How to increase your Online Sales?

Selling on the Internet is a very profitable industry, not from today. As shown by the data collected by Statista, the Polish e-commerce market is growing at a very fast pace and is expected to generate profits of almost $18 billion by 2025. So whether you are selling in Poland, in the European Union, or trying to reach customers around the world, you should use our ways to increase sales online.

How to Increase your Online Sales?

If you already run your own online store, you probably already have your sales platform, i.e. a store page. However, high competition makes it virtually impossible to reach potential customers without effective promotional activities. Currently, in Poland, there are tens of thousands of online stores. Adding to this the entrepreneurs who use the so-called marketplace or sell on the Internet without registering their business, it is very easy to doubt their chances of creating a prosperous online store. However, we know practical ways that will allow you to get ahead of most of your competition very quickly.

Positioning of an Online Store

A fundamental issue that you cannot under any circumstances overlook is the positioning of your online store. Regardless of the niche you have chosen, most of your potential customers buy in stores they come across in Google. The Google search engine is used by more than 90% of Polish Internet users, so you have to do everything to make sure that your store is at least on the first page of search results, because such stores enjoy the greatest popularity. Start positioning your store with search engine optimization (SEO). Effective optimization activities make your website aligned with Google’s determinants. As a result, the search engine will begin to rank your online store higher.

At the same time, the User Experiance of internet users who open your site will also improve, as optimization includes improving the elements of the site that matter most to potential customers. As part of SEO optimization, you need to take care of factors such as speeding up your site, improving the structure of your site (making it easier to navigate), using H1-H6 headers in texts, using keywords correctly, making sure your site is responsive and using metadata, among other things.

Online Store and Expert Blog

Having a blog on the online store website is directly related to SEO, because content is one of the main determinants of a website’s quality for Google. However, it is not worth treating the blog only as a tool for positioning. It is much better to treat it as an opportunity to make direct contact with customers. With blog articles, you can help them choose the right product for them and present alternative methods of using the goods offered. You can also write articles about the problems that customers face in your industry and describe the most effective solutions. In this way, your online store will be associated with professionalism, and potential customers will feel attached to it – after all, it is thanks to the content on the site that they were able to solve their problem.

Online Store on Social Media

Social media has been of great interest to your potential customers not only recently, but for several years now. Still, some big e commerce brands are not using the full potential of social media to drive traffic to your online store. So use social media to reach out to potential buyers. To begin with, think about what platform your customer is on most often. As an entrepreneur and marketer, you should have information about your target audience.

Start with one or two social media sites and turn them into effective customer outreach tools and sales channels that will increase your revenue. Instagram is perfect for showcasing product photos and for selling in industries such as fashion, beauty products, travel and electronics, among others. Facebook, on the other hand, provides the perfect environment to run ad campaigns based on customer demographics and interests. If you are targeting business customers, you should consider promoting your store on LinkedIn.

Convenient Payments – an important element of the Online Store

Do you want to sell on the Internet? Then you need to create conditions in which your potential customer has no grounds to give up shopping at the last moment. Currently, quite a large group of entrepreneurs does not provide a sufficient choice of payment options in the online store. The availability of online payments is of great importance for online shoppers – if a potential customer usually pays with a card, he will most likely not decide to make a bank transfer to buy from your store. Nowadays, most often several integrations are used, which enable making payments in several popular ways. It is worth betting on one of such solutions, because your online store should enable your customers to pay by bank or credit card, bank transfer, PayPal, Blik, Google Pay, and in case of selling abroad also with the help of other platforms.

Provide the Highest Level of Customer Service – the most important rules of Online Sales

Providing good customer service in an online store is much more difficult than in a stationary store. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to create conditions in online stores which will make every customer remember your store’s website for a long time. Customer service in an online store should include, among other things, such contact options as a hotline, e-mail, real-time chat or chatbot and a Facebook fanpage (many customers prefer social media communication). Transparency of return and complaint rules is also very important for customers.

You also need to take care of the delivery time – it should be as short as possible, because online shoppers are now used to having their shipments arrive after 2/3 days at the latest. If you offer mail-order sales, you also have to make sure that the product that reaches the customer does not differ either in appearance or properties from what the sample product is. Selling products online is therefore not only about knowing how to effectively promote an example product, but also about handling sales at the highest level.

Cooperation with Influencers

Want to know how you can easily introduce your sample product to tens or hundreds of thousands of people? Collaborating with influencers can be the most effective way. Online commerce is primarily based on reach, so to increase sales in your online store, you can partner with influencers. Search for popular bloggers and vloggers who cover topics related to the goods you sell and offer them a collaboration. The price of cooperation with influencers has increased significantly recently, so you have to be ready for difficult negotiations. However, if you establish a partnership with the right influencer, your store traffic can increase many times over!

Email Marketing – how to promote Online Stores

Whether you want to sell services or products, all online stores should use email marketing. If you start encouraging existing customers and visitors to your online store’s website to sign up for your newsletter, your mailing list will grow quickly. You will then be able to prepare customized offers for customers, which will make their numbers increase. Direct contact with customers, which is what e-mail marketing offers, helps build long-term relationships. Loyal customers are much more likely to make a purchase that will be much higher than average orders. So, with email marketign, you can significantly improve your online sales and make offers that are specifically targeted at regular customers.

Creating your own Product Line

You can sell almost anything over the Internet. However, stores that offer their own original products usually have an advantage over the competition. So if you have been selling products from other manufacturers, you should consider creating your own product line to increase sales. Depending on your industry, you may be able to sell replacements for the products you have been offering or create a completely new product. The most important thing is to do thorough research and find out what your customers need before launching a new product.

Price Comparison Sites – how to promote Online Stores?

How else can you increase your online sales? One effective way is to list your online store on price comparison sites that feature both products and services. A presence on a price comparison site will improve your online sales, as many potential customers compare prices at different stores before making a purchase. A price comparison engine is a collection of listings that allows you to compare the prices of a particular product that is offered by different online stores. Comparison engines collect, systematize and categorize the offerings of stores.

However, it is important to remember that there are many price comparison sites on the Internet and you cannot join every one of them, so it is best to contact only a few of the most popular comparison sites. Remember also to provide all the most important information about the product, as well as shipping costs and conditions – if the customer sees that the price on your site is higher than in the comparison site, he or she will probably resign from completing the purchase.

Selling on Facebook and in the Marketplace – Alternative forms of Online Sales

Online stores and stationary store are not the only places where you can legally sell products and services. Currently, various marketplaces such as Facebook marketplace, Allegro, Amazon, eBay and Olx are very popular. If you are already running your online store, you can use one or more marketplaces to reach even more potential customers. Facebook’s marketplace is a very interesting place to sell because you can find many new customers on social media.

Facebook marketplace allows users to sell any products from different categories and in any location. On the other hand, if you want to expand your business, you can also choose to sell on Allegro platform as it is more popular than other auction portals. Also, take advantage of Google Shopping. It is a search engine and comparison shopping engine created by Google on which you can promote your products.

Internet selling is not easy, despite the fact that entrepreneurs have really many opportunities to reach potential customers. However, if you take your business seriously and really want to increase sales in your store, follow our tips and in just a few weeks you will notice positive changes in the development of your online store!