Is a Blog useful for SEO and what to write Blog Posts about?

Blogging is a very broad topic. To do it effectively, we need to publish interesting and unique content. A blog is useful in positioning a company’s website if the articles are interesting to potential readers. A good source of inspiration for blog posts can be industry competitors, although this is only one of many possibilities. Frequent blog updates will not only attract the attention of your customers but also have a positive impact on the positioning of your company website. It is worth taking care of the proper maintenance of the blog so that it is useful in positioning.

Blogging and SEO

Google robots are really smart. If your content is 100% unique, interesting, and valuable, they will definitely appreciate it.

Duplicate content is the worst thing you can do when it comes to positioning your business website and blog. This is because Google imposes penalties on website owners who publish content that violates copyright laws.

Maintaining a blog in such a way that the action is a support for the positioning must be based on the selection of appropriate key phrases. There are keyword databases available on the Internet, such as the Uber Suggest tool or the Keyword Planner, which allows you to choose optimal phrases. Keyword research can not only make you know what phrases to use, but also give you ideas on what to write blog posts about. If you choose your keyword phrases properly, you will not only answer the needs of internet users but also your blog and company website will become attractive to search engines. When it comes to content planning, it is worth remembering that the popularity of certain key phrases depends on, for example, the seasons.

Therefore, if we have information that a particular phrase is popular in December, it is good to publish an entry still in October. Adequate notice (about 3 months) of the publication of posts for a popular keyword phrase can be a shot in the arm when it comes to positioning

How to write Blog Posts to make them interesting and unique?

First of all, it is very important that the blog posts you publish are related to your offer, as well as topics of interest to your potential audience.

Running a blog must always be based on unique content. Therefore, do not copy texts from other websites and blogs. Uniqueness of entries will be appreciated both by users and the increasingly modern Google algorithms. To answer the question of what and how to write blog posts about, consider what your customers are interested in. It is very important that your business blogging is based on verified information as well as good research. The quality of the content you publish affects not only SEO but also the image of your company.

An interesting idea for running a blog can also be posting various contests, quizzes and witty or funny pictures. For example, if you are in the business related to gastronomy, you can run an interesting section with recipes. The answer to the question of what to write blog posts about very often depends on the specifics of your industry.
You can also strengthen the bond with your customers by blogging. Advice to your readers can make their lives easier and make them positively associate your brand.

Additionally, an interesting idea that strengthens the bond with your readers is to present how your business works. This means, for example, revealing what your employees do and what their interests are. If you participate as a business owner in special events or support charitable causes, you can publish information about it on the blog.

If interesting blogging ideas pop into your head, you can write them down so that they are not lost. This way you will sit down to create an interesting blog post at your leisure or you can outsource it to a marketing agency or a copywriter.

What to write Blog posts about? Helpful tools for finding Topics and Inspiration

If you’re deciding on a company blog, you’ll definitely find it useful to use tools such as:

  • Answer The Public,
  • Google Search Console
  • Uber Suggest

Answer The Public is a tool that will show you the questions its users are asking the search engine. This type of question can be a great idea for a blog post. Having a blog, after all, is largely a response to your customers’ interests. Importantly, Answer The Public is relatively easy to use, and using it doesn’t require any specialized knowledge.

Google Search Console supports your business blog by providing detailed information about what Google users are searching for. You will also find out how often specific phrases are typed in and what their profitability is.

Uber Suggest is a tool that will also come in handy when you don’t know what to write about. The suggestions for key phrases are also accompanied by the number of queries for a given phrase per month, as well as the CPC parameter and an indication of what the trend of a given phrase is. Perhaps its popularity has been declining in recent months, and therefore it is not worth pursuing the topic?

What to Avoid when it comes to Blogging?

Maintaining a company blog without regularly posting content is a big mistake. When Google robots don’t see frequent updates to the site, they will decide that it is not worthy of being placed high in the search results.

The second mistake we can make when it comes to blogging is inconsistent content. Let’s say we outsource post writing to several people who do it in completely different ways. Consistency of content is important when it comes to establishing a deep relationship with your readers as well as customers.

Failing to include any multimedia on your blog not only negatively affects your SEO, but also discourages potential readers. It is useful to know how to write blog posts, but it is also important to frame them properly. It can be a good idea to publish a funny graphic or a link to a YouTube video that is related to the topic of the blog post.

When it comes to SEO and key phrases, blogging can make two extreme mistakes. One is to completely ignore the keyword issue, which negatively affects your Google search position. On the other hand, it is also a mistake to so-called stuff key phrases into the content of blog posts. Finding the golden mean is important, and when publishing content, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with basic SEO principles.

What are the Most Important Benefits of having a Company Blog?

The most important benefits of having a company blog are the effective positioning of the company’s website and blog, increasing the number of readers and customers, as well as strengthening the relationship with your customers.

When it comes to positioning, the key phrases used, the quality of the content and also the regularity in publishing the content are the decisive factors.

Increasing your readership on the other hand often consists of blog posts on topics that are of interest to many internet users. With the help of the previously described tools, such as Answer The Public among others, it is possible to find out what Internet users expect.

Strengthening the bonds with the customers consists, among other things, in showing the human face of the company and supporting the customers with advice. The optimal situation is when our readers enter the blog regularly just to check for new posts. If we know how to write blog posts, we can definitely make it gain huge popularity.

All in all, having a company blog in the right way has a number of benefits and has a positive impact on SEO.