Is it worth tagging UTM transaction emails

If you analyze traffic in your online store, you have certainly noticed all sorts of mail services. In order to make even better business decisions, it’s a good idea to know which email you’ve found on your store’s website. In this article, you’ll learn how to tag transactional emails through UTM value.

How do I tag transactional emails with UTM?

  1. First, I recommend you familiarize yourself with the UTM Generator provided by Google.
  2. As a source value and medium, I recommend choosing a fixed value for all transactional emails e.g. Shop and Mail.
  3. As a campaign, type the name of the transactional email, such as Order-Zlozone.

Finally, it should look like this:

Finally, the link looks like this: utm_source=Store&utm_medium=Mail&utm_campaign=Order-Zlozone

As you can see, you can highlight the following:

  • utm_source=Store
  • utm_medium=Mail
  • utm_campaign=Order-Zlozone

started by the “?”) sign and connected by “&”.

Important – there can be only one “?” character in the link. Therefore, if your store has an attribute by default after such an UTM character, it will be added after the “&” sign.


Finally, once you’ve added UTM codes to your transactional emails, you’ll be able to track transactions from them.