Meta tags in SEO or how to write Meta Title and Meta Description?

When you run your own website or store online, it is definitely worth knowing what meta tags are and how to create them. It is important for many aspects of the website and its proper positioning. If you want to optimize your website for SEO, get the necessary knowledge which will allow you to properly use them in practice.

What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are tags you see in the source code of an HTML-formatted page that help describe the content of your site. These tags are found in the header section of the document and are used when creating HTML and XHTML pages. If you already know what meta tags are, it is worth learning about the most important ones. These include tags such as:

  • Meta Tag Title – otherwise known as title tags, these are key tags taken into account when a subpage is evaluated by search engine robots and algorithms. The tag displayed as page title is visible in the browser bar.
  • Meta Tag Description – is a short description of a page for search engines, including meta tags which are part of the page code in the HTML header. It is a description of the page that provides information about the content of the site.
  • Meta Tag Keywords- are phrases and keywords for search engines that describe the page.

Meta tags are necessary for a selected website to achieve the highest possible positions in search engines like Google. There are many methods and optimization activities that are used during the effective positioning of a website. One of the key activities is meta tags, which are placed in the header of the page. What is their significance? They are extremely important because they allow Google robots to find the most important information about a given subpage. But that’s not all, because meta tags are also crucial for browsers or social media.

Most of them are visible to some degree to users accessing your site, most are not. The same is true for SEO, because some of the meta description tags have an impact on SEO and visibility of the website, while others do not. Therefore, it is worth knowing how to effectively operate them so as to best reach potential customers, who through search will quickly find our website.

Meta Tags in Positioning

When optimising a website for SEO, it is worth paying attention to the fact that particular elements of the website should be attractive to users and the whole should be very intuitive and easy to use. There are many types of meta tags, but Google indexing robots can find and distinguish only some of them. So it is worth knowing which meta tag should be used to make your website appear in the organic search results.

Meta Tags – which ones to use?

There are many meta tags which are worth using, however, most of them you will not need, because their use will not bring any results during the positioning. Also not all of them are recognized by Google robots, which makes them completely useless from our side. Therefore, we will try to apply only those meta tags that will be necessary in terms of properly describing the content of your website for SEO. Here are the basic meta tags that you should use to optimize your website content.

The importance of the meta title tag, or how to interest a robot and a human

Meta title is the title of the website. It is supposed to inform the Google robot about the content of a given subpage as well as the entire page content. It is one of those tags which are very important for SEO. It is a key element for SEO, but it is not the only one you need to use.

Title Tag and SEO

The page title as a title tag is added in the HTML code section. What is even more interesting, it is one of the few tags visible to website users in the browser bar, in Google search pages, or after being shared in Social Media. So it is worth it to approach this issue properly and start with it to complete the meta tags of the website.

Title tag – how to write it?

But how to properly attract both the search engine robots and the user to enter our website? It is worth taking care of SEO optimization and includes the most important key phrase for your website. Apart from it, put your company’s name and make sure that the whole thing looks coherent and professional. According to generally accepted norms, you should use about 50 characters, which should be enough.

Title Tag is not everything – what are Meta Description Tags?

For effective positioning under Google search engines it is worth adding a meta description tag. It is not as important for crawlers as it is for users who obtain information about the content of the page. Therefore, the meta description is an appropriate place to place a short and interesting text of high quality, which will make the user decide to choose this particular website.

How many Characters does the Meta Description have to be?

According to generally accepted information when creating meta description tags, it is best to stick to a limit of 155 characters for pages visible in browsers and about 120 characters for mobile devices. You can choose a longer text, but it will not be visible in its entirety. In our opinion, it is worth following the 120-character rule, so that the whole thing will be properly visible and clear for all web users.

CTA – Call to Action

Call to action, or CTA in short, is in the simplest terms a call to action, which is a clear and legible message that catches the user’s eye, with a simple message. It encourages the user to visit the website and learn more about the offer. These are phrases such as – Check, Learn, Explore and others which will cause a specific action. Hence, it is worth using them in the meta description section.

Meta Tag Robots – Signposts for Robots

The robots meta tag is used to exclude pages from sites indexed by Google robots. The tag is visible in the head section of the HTML code for the site.

Noindex, Nofollow

The html meta tags in this case deal with relevant information intended for Google search engine indexing robots. Hence, the use of meta name robots content such as Noindex and Nofollow is very important for faster and more effective positioning of the website.

Noindex- is a tag which informs Google crawlers that you do not want a particular page to be visible in search results. Examples of this type of pages are subpages to login, shopping cart and others, which are of key importance when using the site, but completely irrelevant in the process of positioning.

Nofollow- is in turn a tag used to define links, because each link to another website may reduce the importance of our site. To avoid this situation, it is worth using this tag.

What is the Robots Meta Tag used for?

The robots meta tag helps in faster indexing of important pages for SEO while removing the useless ones. This makes it much faster for us to work on proper visibility of the page in Google search results and eliminate links leading to other places.

Meta Keywords – is it worth using them?

Meta keywords are tags consisting of key phrases related to your website. However, as it is widely known, robots ignore these tags, so it is definitely not worth placing them on your website. There are also opinions that such actions may harm the positioning of the website. So where to put the chosen phrases and keywords? In good quality texts placed on the page.

Is all this Enough?

Meta tags and their use have a significant impact on the positioning of a website. In the presented article we have gathered the most important meta tags that can help both in positioning the website and in its perception by web users. Applying SEO methods in spite of appearances is a variety of effective practices allowing to increase traffic to the website. Changing the title or meta description will allow you to more effectively attract potential customers. Check and see what benefits meta tag optimization can give you on your website.