Product Description that Sells. How to create it and what it must have?

As many as 90% of customers declare that they decide to buy a product because of its description. However, few manufacturers can boast of a good product description in the online store. Often the texts are not very catchy, vague, and in extreme cases too long and even sleepy. How to go out of the line and create a surprising and practical product description – in the further part of the article.

What is a Product Description?  

Product description is a text which aims to present the offered product in the online store. It should contain not only practical information, concerning its features and functions, but at the same time declare its advantages and encourage to purchase it. A good product description can find a healthy balance between these two aspects – present dry facts but in a colourful and attractive way. Let’s not forget that the text has mainly an advertising function.

Why is it worth preparing a Good Product Description?

Why is it worth taking care of this issue? For a simple reason – for profits! SEO product descriptions are created in order to be displayed at the top in google search. This, naturally, is able to significantly increase interest in the product.

An optimized product description for keywords is the gateway to increasing the popularity of a company in such a competitive market. Almost in every industry, the customer has a huge number of items to choose from. In such circumstances, it is worth taking care of every detail that could increase sales opportunities. After all, while introducing products to an online store, we mainly care about business development.

Moreover, currently online stores are displacing the stationary ones and the business model of many entrepreneurs is based only on the activity in this field. This should convince you even more that it pays to invest in good product description texts. It is the text that potential customers read that plays the role of the salesperson who advises us and confirms that it is the perfect product for us. It presents all the benefits of the item and is often the key to the final purchase decision.

What should a Product Description contain?

The basis is to present basic information about the product and its functions. Here you can also mention the creators of the brand, its history, or the inspiration that led to the production of this product. Another aspect is the benefits of its use, the conditions in which it works, and what it is mainly used for, it should also be mentioned that perhaps the product will be appreciated by some specific, narrow group of consumers.

Do not forget to explain how the product works and at what time you can expect the promised benefits, for example: how long should you wait for the effects?

Four Components of an Effective Sales offer in an Online Store

Since what should be included in the product description is clear, it is necessary to consider how to build the content of this information.  Starting with the headline, it should arouse curiosity and motivate the customer to read further. It must draw attention to the problems of potential customers, the application of the product and its main advantages.

In the next part, with appropriate words, you should make promises that the purchase of just this product will solve many inconveniences and is a necessary product. Next, it is worth presenting the arguments behind such conclusions. For this purpose, the so-called social proof of legitimacy will work very well. For many people, performance tests, parameters, technical data are less important than the opinions of other customers.

Nothing encourages us to buy a product as much as a recommendation by the closest family or friends. Opinions of other buyers have a similar effect. Hence, the frequent practice of stores, which consists in the possibility to evaluate and comment on the purchases made, both on their course and the product itself.

In the text of the product description, it is worth to include a phrase, for example: the listed advantages are confirmed by satisfied customers. These are the main guidelines that will help you to outline the product description, apart from them there are a few more rules.

How to Create the Perfect Product Description?

Creating product descriptions seems to be a relatively easy task. However, appearances are deceiving, because on the Internet we can often come across professional product descriptions.  In practice you have to be both specific and matter-of-fact but also paint with words.

It is worth answering a few questions and in such a way to develop a product description. First: who can use the product? Why might someone want to purchase it and why exactly this one, what are its strengths? Moreover, equally important are practical issues and the presentation of product features: its parameters, composition, material or cut of the garment, as well as the way it works.

Customer Profile 

The first step in creating an exceptional product description, should be to accurately determine the customer profile. The challenge is to meticulously analyze the person who would be interested in the offered product. The research may concern such information as: what age group does the potential customer belong to, what profession does he/she have, how much does he/she earn, does he/she have children, does he/she have pets and others. And thanks to this data we are able to manipulate the description in a much easier way, so as to expose those features that are most important for this group of people.

An exemplary description of a product, such as the now fashionable stone face massager “gua sha”, will not go to a plumber or a bricklayer, but rather to a young girl who is among her peers and constantly observing the latest trends. We can safely assume that she is not yet 25 years old, has Instagram, Facebook and accounts on other popular portals. She probably doesn’t have children and is just entering the job market. In this way, we are able to determine the most important features of the product for this category of people.

It is certain that such a person will be impressed by a product recommended by a person from his/her idols’ environment – a famous influencer. Of course, in the description you should give only reliable and authenticated information, but this tip is extremely valuable and you should use it when creating an ad. When describing the benefits of such a product, care should be taken to arouse emotions that affect especially among this kind of customers. You should completely empathize with their needs and expectations. In order to develop an excellent description, a proper point of reference and perspective is essential. It is necessary to look at the product not only through the eyes of every potential customer, but also through the eyes of this particular one, whose features we have selected on the basis of previous research.

Length of Description 

The length of the text should correspond to the character of the described product. When creating descriptions of the product, which is commonly used and does not have many substitutes on the market, we should be guided by specific information and functionality. Manuals for uncomplicated and intuitive devices also seem to be unnecessary. In such cases, specific, matter-of-fact, and a few sentences description is definitely sufficient.

Other requirements are placed on copywriters who have to deal with the description of a specialized or competitive product. In this case, it is important to exhaust the topic, present all technical data, parameters, and others. In the case of items that are abundant on the market, it is worth presenting the advantages of the product in the best possible way. The language of benefits strongly appeals to potential customers and decides to buy from a particular manufacturer.

Despite these variables, in no case should you forget about the most important functions of the text, that is, describing its functions and drawing attention to the benefits of its acquisition or use. In these most important aspects, it should be borne in mind that the text cannot be too long and bore the reader, nor too short, too vague, and general. Neither extreme is good.

Awaken the Senses

Products in the online store, unlike in the stationary store can not be touched. In order to allow customers to best reflect the product, it is worth using colorful comparisons that awaken the imagination of the consumer.

In the product card you should put phrases, thanks to which you will evoke pleasant associations, such as soft texture or fresh or autumn scent. Do not forget that the description should be adequate to the expectations of potential customers.

Unique Product Description

In order to create an effective product description that will attract attention, you cannot copy other texts that do not bring anything new, but only duplicate the content. Preliminary screening of other sites can be a valuable source of information, a starting point or inspiration, but not a ready-made text.

A unique product description breaks patterns and shows differences between competing products. It sheds a clear light on the unique features of the offered product. Also valuable is a memorable slogan, some ads have created such popular advertising slogans that all Poles know them. Quick association with the product will give the customer a clue whose product they should reach for in case of need.

An effective motivation for many customers is the product’s neutral impact on the environment, or the use of reusable packaging.

The Right Keywords 

In addition to expressing emotions and awakening the senses, a professional copywriter must look at the task with a cool eye and create a description in such a way that it appears as one first in the search results. Such an effect can be achieved by using key phrases and keywords appropriately.

Reliable, yet mysterious product description and its transparency together guarantee success. Keywords and key phrases will allow a potential customer to easily find the product he is looking for, and an accurate and professional description will induce him to make the final decision, i.e. to buy.

The fact is that with such a huge accumulation of products that we are bombarded with in ads, consumers are not going to waste time on meticulous tracking of offers and usually suggest those that appear at the top when typing in the right keyword.

Invitation to Contact

However, even the most comprehensive product description may leave many questions that potential customers will expect to be answered quickly and efficiently. In such a case, little complicated communication is very important. Difficulty in finding the way to contact, in most cases discourages the customer, and we will lose a sales opportunity. It is especially important when selling products addressed to older recipients who are not very computer proficient.

In addition, the encountered difficulties will discourage them not only to purchase the item, but also the website. That is why a contact form provided on the website, which is additionally mentioned in the product description, is so important and will make correspondence with the client much easier.

Encouraging the website visitors to contact us, we build their trust, create relations, but also do not leave customers with doubts.