Push Notification is the Marketer’s Latest Crush

Push notification marketing is gradually becoming rage everywhere. This interesting approach is more engaging than many other marketing practices doing rounds across the world. Marketers who have applied the technique have found that it triggers interest among the customer base towards a brand. The much thoughtful approach excites customers and draws their attention to an extent where such interests are turned into conversions.

About push notification marketing

In an era where different marketing practices are evolving each day to help companies outgrow, push notification marketing is an approach that yields maximum customer engagement, resulting in increased sales. This approach involves sending of messages which appear as pop-ups on mobile screens. They are mainly messages send to customer’s mobile phones or devices convincing them into subscribing. The messages are thoughtfully designed to trigger customer interest.

Marketers have to carefully use this strategy and should have an understanding on the subject so that the technique can finally result in improved sales numbers.  The best part is that with this strategy a marketer can send out messages on mobile devices and the recipient will receive the same, even if he has signed out from the application.

You will be surprised to learn that the “opt-in” rate for push notifications is on an average 49.8%. Now, you understand why marketers are all going “gaga” over this new found practice.

The exact time to send a “push notification”

Building excitement towards a product or service and then engaging customers are the main reasons why this highly effective marketing approach is becoming popular these days. However it is important that a marketer responsibly uses push notifications. Most importantly these notifications should be sent out when it’s necessary. The messages must bear a unique value. They should rather be sent to create spark such that customers would be spontaneously convinced into opening them. Push notifications are of different types such as the following:

Flash sales: If there are huge discounts and you want your base to be informed on the same so that they don’t miss out purchasing goodies and services at a luring rate, a push notification is enough to trigger interest.

Reminders: In order to engage more subscribers towards participating at webinars or live chats it is always wise to send them reminders before the event begins. This is likely to increase attendance.

Best deals for early access: Do you want to keep your subscribers tuned in? Send push notifications so that they can make maximum out of an early access to special products, sales, content or services.

Shipping notification: shipping notifications are always necessary. However, before sending such notifications make sure that the subscriber has opted for the reminder facility. It surely is an interesting way of helping customers, keep track on their purchase.

Push notifications are one of the smartest ways to create awareness among subscribers about a recent launch, products, services, content or an event that is going to be held sometime soon. By boosting engagement through this marketing approach the marketer can benefit from increased sales.