Social Media Marketing – what is it and how to do it right?

Social media have a huge reach and gather around them a large group of engaged users. They can be used for efficient communication as well as for creating your brand and building trust and engagement around it. In social media we have a huge range of possibilities, especially in terms of marketing, which allows us to positively affect the recognition and popularity of the brand. However, it is worth preparing for this so that the marketing activities carried out will be really effective. Here are the most important tips for social media marketing.

Social media in marketing

Social media marketing is very important for sales as well as financial or image reasons. Therefore, it should be built in the right way, using beneficial solutions and running consistent channels. The most commonly used here are multi-track activities on various social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, but not only. When creating relevant marketing campaigns, it is worth ensuring that the published content is complementary and fits together. This will ensure that the brand’s reception across channels is the same. However, depending on the social media you choose, the content you post will differ. Facebook and LinkedIn offer the widest range of possibilities in terms of content, while Instagram focuses mainly on posting photos. Twitter, on the other hand, provides some restrictions on the amount of content.

Social media marketing means many different channels

Social media marketing gives us great opportunities primarily because of the large number of different distribution channels available to effectively promote content. Many of them seem similar to each other, but they are completely different platforms, designed for posting different content. So it’s worth taking a look at the most popular ones, which can be important for business reasons, and familiarize yourself with their capabilities and limitations.


Facebook is the most popular social media available, through which we can both post content, allow users to freely share content, and effectively monetize. That’s a lot of benefits considering how huge its reach is among users. Facebook also allows paid promotion of posts. This way, the information we upload will be displayed to the desired target audience. But these are not the only possibilities offered by this efficient tool.

Thanks to the profile we can share all the necessary contact details, website addresses or the most important information about our business. It is also an appropriate place to build loyalty and trust among potential customers. This channel is also important because of the brand recognition. Facebook users will be eager to observe your content and will want to get in touch with you when they feel it is appropriate. This, in turn, will allow you to effectively monetize through this online portal.

Through Facebook we can publish any posts and entries with photos, tags other profiles and hashtags. This tool, through appropriate actions, will allow us to reach the selected target group. So bet on good quality photos and content of posts that will attract the eyes and attention of the user and encourage him to interact.


Instagram is used to post photos and testimonials (stories), combined with an appropriate caption and tagged with relevant hashtags. With their help, it is possible to reach a wide target group of users, allowing you to attract new potential customers and build an engaged online community.

A profile on Instagram consists of an appropriate (short) description of the BIO and published photos in the form of tiles. Users, by accessing each of them, can read the content.

What is worth posting on these social media? Bet on good quality, interesting photos that will attract the attention of users. Share concise, short and engaging posts, including Call To Action phrases. Make potential customers want to initiate contact and engage with your community. Add relevant hashtags, up to 30 per post. Use them to describe an image, content, or brand specifics. Make sure to choose the right hashtags that will attract brand new users to you. It is also possible to buy promotion for posts or shared accounts.

Here are examples of correct hashtags: #socialmedia #social_media #social #media

It’s easy, right?


Twitter is a special type of social media that, with a little dedication and the use of a good idea, will allow you to stand out and encourage a wider audience to interact with your business. But that’s not all. Counterintuitively, with the right social media marketing strategy, you can positively impact your brand image and build positive relationships with potential customers.

Here is the most important glossary of terms you can’t do without:

  • Tweet – is the name of the message posted on the portal (up to 280 characters)
  • Tweet – means to post messages.
  • Retweet- share messages of other users,
  • Timeline- messages posted chronologically.
  • Hashtags- as with Instagram, these are short phrases directing users to content.

If you want to enjoy the possibilities of these social media, you need to make sure first and foremost that your brand account makes a good first impression. Therefore, complete all the data and information according to your strategy and company image.


An excellent social media activity for marketing is LinkedIn. It is an international channel for business and professional networking. Thanks to the capabilities of this social media, it is possible to both post job opportunities and search for candidates for these positions.

For us, it can be the right place to build a positive brand image in the business environment. Regardless of your industry, type of business, it is definitely worth setting up your business profile here, which can positively assist you in developing your career path. This tool offers great opportunities that you really can’t fail to take advantage of.

Here are some effective LinkedIn content ideas:

  • news from your industry,
  • Insider accounts of new projects,
  • tips and tricks,
  • short videos,
  • article sharing,

and more. It’s important to be active on social media. Post, share, and comment. It’s an easy way to succeed.

Social Media Marketing and its benefits

Very important when conducting marketing activities in social media is the choice of appropriate channels that will allow the best transmission of interesting content and gain the attention of potential customers. Of course, it may help to precisely define the target group, i.e. identify the gender, age, place of residence or interests of the recipients who may be potentially interested in our offer. So it is worth to spend enough time to best match the ad to the needs and expectations of our audience.

The possibilities of social media advertising campaigns.

Many entrepreneurs underestimated the possibilities of social networking sites. Nowadays, seeing a huge sales and marketing trend right here, it is a mandatory part of sales activities. Advertising campaigns implemented with their help are much cheaper and simpler to conduct, thanks to which they are so often chosen in opposition to other solutions and distribution channels. Building loyalty and a positive image of the company, informing about current promotions and offers in a very accessible form – these are the main advantages of using the possibilities of social media.

Social media marketing and its advantages and disadvantages

Social media is the right place to conduct multi-channel and multi-track marketing activities for your business. Additionally, you can put them on your website, so users who find your site can get to know your brand better by checking it out on social media. Depending on the solutions you choose, these are effective business profiles to attract not only potential customers but also business partners to your offerings. Most users get information about given companies, offers or products just through them. This is an effective marketing weapon that is definitely worth using.

Social media also have a few negative aspects, which include the lack of control over information, information noise or high time-consumption of marketing activities. However, compared to the negative aspects, there are definitely more benefits. What is more interesting is that most of those who use social media are not able to point out the disadvantages of using social media. However, as in every aspect, it is advisable to keep moderation and common sense in order not to make any glaring mistakes.

Why does social media presence matter?

Social media give great opportunities and are an effective tool, especially important when running your own business. By using their potential, it is possible to shape a positive image of the company and implement sales and promotional activities, as well as conduct efficient customer service and more. Social media marketing is an invaluable help in conducting many channels of content distribution and a simple recipe for how to focus on the greatest possible commitment from the users.

In fact, these days, it’s hard for us to imagine a popular and thriving online brand that doesn’t have its social media outlets. No wonder, social media is effective advertising and a great way to share interesting information about the brand. By doing so, you can quickly capture the attention of your audience on a variety of platforms, allowing you to increase traffic to both your social profiles and your company website. By responding to content quickly, you can continuously analyze the marketing actions taken and their effectiveness.

Social media marketing – choose the right channels

Social media marketing gives us huge benefits. Among the most popular social media are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the business-oriented LinkedIn. This is where you should start your first steps in creating your own sales and marketing content. We definitely have many different interesting forms of advertising and contact with our customers. There is no way to have a successful business without social media. This is why it is definitely worth remembering how important they are when implementing effective marketing techniques.