Sponsored Links in Google Ads. How to use text ads?

Getting to the top of the Google search engine is extremely difficult. While still rarely used key phrases, related to a specialized offer addressed to a small group of recipients, give a chance for a good position, general search terms are filled by large corporations. This means that new companies operating in this area have practically no chance of gaining more customers.

Unless they use Google Ads sponsored links offer. Find out for yourself what such an advertising campaign is about and what benefits it brings. We will also tell you how to create the best Google Ads.

Where will my links appear in a Google search?

There are several key places where sponsored links can be found. First of all, they appear at the top of the results list. These are usually the first three places with the highest click-through rates.

In addition, text ads can be found on the right side and at the bottom of the results list, just before the next pages. These are the key places in terms of users’ attention. This is where most of their attention is directed. This increases the chances of entering the advertised link.

What do sponsored links look like?

Sponsored links are very similar to other Google results. They stand out with the word “advertisement” in a green border. However, this caption does not have a big impact on the number of hits. On the other hand, search engine users are aware whether they are using an advertisement or an automatically selected result.

How can sponsored links campaigns be billed?

The key issue for advertisers is how to account for an advertising campaign. Google offers two ways of settlement here:

  • for the number of visits to the link (pay per click),
  • for each display of an advertisement.

The first way is most often used, in which we pay directly for the customers visiting the advertised website.

The price for each entry may vary from several cents to even several dozen PLN. It is determined by an auction and depends on many factors, including

  • keywords used – the more competitive and popular the keyword you choose, the more you will have to pay for advertising,
  • range of advertising – different price will apply to the nearest city or county, and another will be set for the whole country,
  • Target group – the more precise the target group, the lower advertising costs you will have to pay.

In general, the more precise the requirements, the less competition will wait for us, and this will translate into lower prices.

Advantages of sponsored links campaign

There are a lot of benefits to using sponsored links. They ultimately translate into increased profits from running a website or online store. They work on both increasing the number of customers and reducing the cost of running an advertising campaign.

In the case of sponsored links, you get an optimal combination of one and the other aspect of increasing profits.

Ease of creation and speed of action

First of all, creating an advertising campaign with the help of Google tools is very simple and intuitive. The customized menu allows you to precisely personalize the settings of your text ads, while everything requires a minimal amount of time.

Running ads is also lightning fast. Immediately after confirming the entered data, the ad is saved in the system and the ad will be displayed to users who have just typed in the indicated key phrase. This means that the first benefits can be seen on the same day.

Flexibility and relevance of AdWords advertisements

Google has extensive systems for personalizing ads, so they go directly to the groups that will be interested in the offered product. This means that we can direct sponsored links to a narrow audience and get a high conversion rate from new visits to the site.

Google AdWords also allows you to make changes to the settings of your advertising campaign very easily and quickly. In this way, you can optimise the displayed sponsored links at any time to get even better results.

Effectiveness of sponsored links

A well-specified group of recipients translates into a high level of conversion. People who click on a sponsored link will be more likely to make a purchase than random users. An advertising campaign may also be targeted at a wide group of recipients, and a high position in the results will then translate into a greater number of unique visits to the portal.

The possibilities offered by AdWords campaigns allow you to tailor text advertising to your needs and optimize the achieved results.

Measurability of sponsored links campaigns

Once sponsored links are created, advertisers have access to a number of tools to analyze the results. The number of hits alone, for which payment is most often charged, can effectively serve to evaluate the performance of an advertising campaign.

However, Google also offers other tools that will help accurately assess the effects of purchased sponsored links. An in-depth analysis will allow you to improve the methods of advertising your products and services and, as a result, optimise your profits.

For whom are sponsored links campaigns targeted?

Sponsored links can be used by companies that have been present on the market for many years, as well as new entrepreneurs who have just created their portals and are now looking for their first customers.

In the first case, a Google ad campaign will help you gain an advantage over your competitors and acquire some customers from them. In the second case, it makes it easier to appear in the consciousness of the target group. Also, freelancers can get more clients by properly promoting their services.

An important advantage of sponsored links is the speed and precision of action, which make it easier to increase profits in a short time.

Create the best sponsored links campaigns

Creating a good Google sponsored links campaign ad requires not only commitment and work, but also experience and knowledge. This way, the created campaign will attract new customers, encourage them to buy, and the positive user experience will make them return in the future.

To achieve such success, you need to act in a thoughtful way.

The right choice of phrases

The most important thing is to choose the right keywords. Targeting generic, frequently used keywords may result in a huge jump in the number of hits, but most new users will leave the store without making a purchase.

Choosing the right phrases will allow you to narrow down your target audience. It will increase the conversion rate and reduce the cost of the ad campaign. A good example would be to add the name of the town to the keywords if you offer on-site services (hairdressers, electricians and other such services).

Golden rules for creating text ads

Google also advises on how to create the perfect text ads. They point out, among other things:

  • highlighting what is special and unique about your offer,
  • informing about prices, promotions and offers,
  • encouraging customers to take action, and using benefit language,
  • tailoring your landing page to your target audience,
  • taking into account the requirements of customers using mobile devices,
  • testing solutions (for example A/B testing),
  • learning from the mistakes of others.

Google’s requirements – be sure to follow them!

Not everything is allowed in creating text ads. Google’s restrictions apply to:

  • Grammatical forms that do not comply with language rules, unless they are trademarked. In that case, you must first check the applicability of them. The frequency with which that name appears on your site is then taken into account.
  • Ads that do not make sense will also not be allowed.
  • Use of unsupported characters like emoticons or single-byte katakana characters.
  • Abuse of capital letters that has no justification.
  • Repeating names or phrases too often in your description.
  • Placing a phone number in the text of the advertisement.
  • Failure to specify the offer, lack of product or entity names.
  • Parameters of images. They must be normally displayed and occupy the entire space, without blank areas. Also, flashing images can be a problem (especially graphic ads can be rejected for such reasons).

Sponsored links extensions

When placing sponsored links, you can use their extension to add an additional field. It may be used to present:

  • additional sub-pages, such as price list, contact and blog,
  • explanations, where you will put shipping details or a short explanation of the offer,
  • information about the site, such as company features, services, products, etc,
  • links that allow you to access your contact information with a single click,
  • Location in the form of an easily accessible Google map,
  • an application where you can find a dedicated app from the advertiser,
  • promotions to entice the user to take advantage of the offer.

Latest trends: responsive search ads

In all newly created accounts, you can take advantage of responsive search ads. With this option, you can add up to 15 headlines and 2 descriptions.

These will automatically be combined by Google to test different solutions and choose the optimal one. The displayed set will also depend on user parameters, which will allow for even better adjustment of the text ad content. Ultimately, this will translate into an even higher level of conversion.