Store on Instagram. How to set up and run a Store on IG?

Currently, Instagram is extremely popular. This application is used by people from all over the world. In the past, this portal was used only to show your daily life through photos, but nowadays it can also be called an online store, because we can also publish a catalog on it, create a company account, and tagging products affects the increase in profits of a person. How to set up and run an online store on Instagram? How to attract new customers and promote your brand?

What is Instagram?

The application called Instagram is a portal that allows you to share your life through photos on Stories or in the News. Facebook used to be the most popular, but these portals are now competing when it comes to popularity. Although it used to be associated with a social network, today it can also act as your store. Product cards can reach a wide audience.

However, in order to create a store, there are a few things you need to keep in mind, which include creating a product catalog or properly label a product. With a shopping service, your store can significantly increase its revenue. All this is offered by Instagram, of course. A store can be created in just a few days. However, it must go through a successful verification process.

Is it worth setting up a Store on Instagram?

In the past, large auction sites where sellers showcased the products on offer were popular. Then they used the shopping function to put the product in the cart, make the payment and wait for the delivery. Nowadays, however, the popular Instagram service is also proving to be a way to attract new customers. This is one of the fastest growing branches of content marketing, as both younger and older people use this app.

Multichannel sales have now become one of the most popular ways for retailers to make money, as marketing activities amplify profits. Interestingly, shopping is currently possible without having to leave the app, which runs in the background.

How to set up a Store on Instagram?

Before we get into the issues complex with how to set up a store on Instagram, we need to check out some issues that need to be met in order to enable the possibility of tagging the assortment on this service. Distinguished here are 7 steps to enable the possibility of tagging the products available in our assortment. To create a store on Instagram, it is advisable to follow the steps below. Check out what you need to keep in mind!

Step 1- Verify that the “Shopping” feature is available in your country

The first step, of course, is to check if the shopping feature is even available in our country. The very good news is that as of 2018, Poland is also included in the list of available countries, so if you intend to set up a store on Instagram, you can confidently take care of the catalog of goods that you intend to sell in your store. Other countries that can also take advantage of this feature on the site are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, United States, Spain and many more.

Step 2- Update the Latest Version of the Instagram App

Whether you use this app daily or once in a while, it is important to download the latest version of this app before setting up a store. This can be done at the app store level or in your phone settings.

Step 3- Use your Business Account

Some of the biggest advantages of a business account on Instagram include the fact that it is possible to create your store on it, so if you are not yet using the full potential of your account, switch to a business account.

Step 4- Sell only Physical Products

Currently, an account on Instagram is required to sell only tangible goods. So your store must offer only tangible goods. Instagram is still testing the expansion of the offer, but we will unfortunately still have to wait for the sale of other services.

Step 5- Make sure the Account meets the terms of the Merchant Agreement and the Merchant Rules

The commercial agreement is a very detailed provision that applies to selling products on Facebook and on Instagram. The commercial rules mainly have reference to Marketplace placements, purchases on Instagram and buy and sell groups. Among the provisions we will find, among other things, information on which products cannot be sold under any circumstances through the aforementioned portals. Among the products that cannot be sold by the store, we can mention, first of all:

  • Alcohol,
  • health products,
  • dietary supplements.

Step 6- Linking your Instagram and Facebook Accounts

Another prerequisite that every store on Instagram must have, turns out to be the pairing of Instagram and Facebook accounts. This can be done from within Facebook and Instagram.

Step 7- Link the Listing Directory to the Company Account

The business account should be linked to the product catalog on Facebook. The catalog function can be managed in the catalog manager tab or the Facebook company manager. Products can be added using a data set, Facebook pixel, or by using a form. If you use any e-commerce platform (e.g. Magento, Shopify). This platform can be linked to your Facebook page, then you can automatically import products.

Step 8- Add a Product Catalog

Shopping through Instagram is primarily supported by the product catalog assigned to the store. However, we can mention two ways to connect our catalog with the company’s account on the Instagram app:

Catalog manager – This is a do-it-yourself method in the Facebook business manager area,
E-commerce merchant partner – This is nothing more than integrating for e-commerce using one of Instagram’s recommended and certified platforms.

Step 9- Verify your Account

The next step when setting up your online store is to verify your account through Instagram. After connecting the product catalog and adding listings to the catalog, it is necessary to submit our store for verification. Usually, this process can take a few days, but it may take a little longer.

Step 10- Enable Shopping Feature

Once our store has been approved, you can enable the “shopping” feature. If this feature is not visible, it is probably still in the verification process and the account has not yet been approved for sale on the site. With shopping, the customer can make a quick and easy purchase.

Step 11- Proper Tagging

If our store has been verified and we have already enabled the shopping feature, we can already use the tagging feature for a particular product in a photo. Tags can be used on Stories as well as in News. In order to tag a product on a photo in the app, you need to upload the photo you want to add as usual. Then, of course, add a description and tag the products. Finally, the photo or Stories is shared.

Before you set up store on Instagram, make sure you meet all the requirements 

To set up a store on Instagram, you need to keep a few things in mind. Before setting up a store on the Instagram app, make sure that you meet all the conditions outlined below. Here they are:

  • The account has been created in a country where it is possible to shop on Instagram,
  • The Instagram app has been updated to the latest version,
  • The check on Instagram is company-owned,
  • Only physical goods are sold in the online store,
  • The account complies with all terms of the merchant agreement and business rules,
  • Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked to each other,
  • The company account has been linked to the Facebook product catalog feature.

Facts about shopping on Instagram

Fact 1

You can only tag 5 offers in a post in one photo. In a post with several photos, it is as many as 20 products, while in a relationship only 1 product. So it is worth keeping this in mind when, for example, adding a single photo showing styling, we want to tag several items.

Fact 2

Deutsche Bank reports that revenue from purchases on Instagram could reach up to $10 billion in 2021.

Fact 3

As many as 60% of new shoppers learn about a product through this app. By tagging the product, they can quickly go to the website and make a purchase. It’s a quick and convenient way to sell because, as you know, many things don’t look as good in pictures on a page as they do in another, perhaps more attractive, environment.

Fact 4

Interestingly, as many as 1/3 of purchases on Instagram are made using a mobile device, i.e. a phone or tablet.

What are the benefits of running a store on Instagram?

Products offered in the catalog can be tagged both on Stories and in News. The tagged product has a special icon when clicked, which takes us to the product page. The price and the “buy now” option are also visible. Thanks to this the customer goes directly to the store’s website. This fact significantly shortens the entire purchasing process than browsing all available styles on a given website.

Particularly noteworthy is the fact that millions of people browse this application every day in search of inspiration. Often products appear spontaneously even when a person has no intention of making a purchase.

What should you know about selling on Instagram?

Only physical products can be sold in an online store on Instagram. Potential customers can be acquired through ads on other, perhaps more famous profiles, who will recommend our store and, thanks to the purchase service, make a purchase. With the shopping feature, we have the chance to move to a specific page with offers.

Setting up a store can take a few days, but it is worth bearing in mind the potential of instagram and the fact that the customer can quickly finalize the transaction. Most often, the process does not end with the purchase of a single product. Social media give us wide opportunities to go beyond the usual schemes.