Success Story:

Air Conditioning Company Experiences 300% Increase in Leads with Space Ads

In Kuala Lumpur, our client is a top supplier of installation and maintenance services for air conditioning systems. Through targeted advertising, they aimed to boost their lead generation efforts in a cutthroat market. Our team at Space Ads was hired to create and run a Google Ads campaign that would target both individuals and companies.

Increased leads by 300% in 6 months

We were able to greatly boost the amount of leads for our customer by carefully targeting and optimising the Google Ads campaign. The quantity of leads monthly increased by 300% in just 6 months, exceeding our client’s expectations and consolidating their status as a leading provider in the Kuala Lumpur region. This remarkable expansion may be credited to our team’s meticulous monitoring and analysis of campaign results, as well as to our capacity to promptly modify and enhance our strategy as necessary.

Increased leads by 300% in 6 months

Targeted advertising to individual and business users

Our campaign’s ability to effectively target both individual and business users was one of its major success reasons. We were able to guarantee that our client’s advertising were being viewed by the appropriate audience at the appropriate time by developing targeted ad groups and leveraging pertinent keywords. We were able to maximise our budget and generate the most leads possible because to this focused strategy. It also assisted in establishing our client as a reliable option for air conditioning services among Kuala Lumpur region companies and homeowners.

Implemented successful Google Ads campaign

As a marketing company that specialises in digital advertising, we have a lot of experience designing and putting Google Ads campaigns into action. We created a comprehensive campaign for our client in the air conditioning sector that featured a variety of ad formats and targeting choices. To continuously enhance performance and achieve the greatest results, we used strategies including keyword research, ad group optimization, and A/B testing. The end result was a very effective campaign that substantially increased the number of leads for our customer.

Implemented successful Google Ads campaign

Expanded customer base in Kuala Lumpur

Our advertising campaign’s main objective was to increase the number of customers for our client in the Kuala Lumpur region. We were able to reach a larger audience by efficiently targeting potential customers and giving them the information they required to make a purchasing choice. As a result, our client’s clientele rapidly increased, making them the go-to provider in the neighbourhood. The revenue of our client increased as a result of this development, and it also contributed to their growth as a reputable brand in the HVAC sector.

Maximized ROI with data-driven approach

Data, in our opinion at Space Ads, is a potent tool for successful marketing. We used a data-driven strategy for the Google Ads campaign for our customer to make sure we were getting the most out of our budget and maximising return on investment. We were able to pinpoint areas for improvement and make wise budget allocation decisions by carefully monitoring and analysing key data like click-through rate and cost-per-click. This data-driven strategy ultimately helped our client’s lead generation improve by an amazing 300%, and the campaign’s return on investment was strong.

Maximized ROI with data-driven approach

Outstanding Results with Space Ads

“We have been extremely impressed with the results of our campaign with Space Ads. From the very beginning, their team was professional and dedicated, working closely with us to understand our business and goals. The targeted Google Ads campaign they implemented for us has generated a staggering 300% increase in leads in just 6 months. We are thrilled with the performance of our campaign and highly recommend Space Ads for anyone looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.”

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