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Virtual Mentor, Inc. is a company that, operating under the All Right brand, provides educational services to clients in the US and Europe.

All Right is an online English language school for children (4-12 years). Individual contact with a teacher, a comprehensive learning platform, and instruction according to proven Cambridge and CEFR standards are just a few of its many features.

More than 28,000 students have already taken advantage of All Right’s online language school services.


Scope of activities

Due to the fact that the online language school market is very competitive, as part of the cooperation we dealt with reaching customers through effective FB Ads and Google Ads. In the course of conducted activities we created:

  • Graphic creations based on materials provided by the client.
  • Creative and engaging advertising texts.
  • Video formats and carousels.
  • Unique targeting depending on location and language.
  • Campaigns targeted at keywords in the Google search engine.

In addition, we provided support and consulting in SEO.


Scope of activities


Objectives of cooperation

  1. Acquisition of new students for the online foreign language school.
  2. Increasing the popularity of the brand.
  3. Optimization of CPA cost – for obtaining 1 student.
  4. Acquisition of new teachers.


Cooperation activities

  1. We tested various advertising strategies, audiences, ad formats and ad content in order to lower the CPA
  2. Based on keyword research and data during the campaign, we optimised keywords and ad texts.
  3. We created cyclical reports in which we discussed in detail the effects of the created campaigns and recommended new solutions aimed at increasing the effectiveness of acquiring new customers.


Cooperation activities

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