Success Story: – Big Star Limited Sp. z o.o.

BIG STAR Limited sp. z o.o. is one of the most recognisable Polish clothing companies. Its history began in 1990 and has lasted over 30 years. The company headquarters is located in Kalisz. BIG STAR is best known for its fashionable denim products – mainly jeans. Apart from them, the offer includes also clothes and accessories for women, men and recently also for children. The company conducts online sales and stationary sales in stores located mainly in shopping centres and service facilities.


Scope of activities

We undertook extensive marketing activities that directly or indirectly impact image, specific brand recognition and revenue across online and offline channels, including:

  • Google Ads campaigns (Search Network – Sponsored Links, DSA, RLSA, Ad Network, Product Campaigns, Dynamic Remarketing, Discovery, Gmail and YouTube)
  • Facebook Ads campaigns (including Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network).
  • Social media: leading communications and brand community maintenance on Facebook and Instagram.
  • SEO and Content Marketing: keyword selection, strategy development and link-building activities, creation and publication of sponsored texts, creation of category descriptions, blog texts and product descriptions.
  • Internet analytics using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, HotJar tools, on the basis of which we recommended changes and optimised advertising activities.
  • E-mail marketing: creative content creation and newsletter sending.
  • Ongoing consulting.


Scope of activities


Objectives of cooperation

  1. Using the full potential of available advertising tools, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, with the aim of achieving the set sales plans (within the advertising budget).
  2. Positioning on converting keywords in search engines.
  3. Increase in brand recognition in a jointly selected target group.
  4. Recommendation of actions that will positively influence the user experience of the online shop.
  5. Engaging the community around the brand profiles on Facebook and Instagram. Acquisition of new fans and observers.
  6. Creating content consistent with the brand policy.


Channels of communication

  1. Ongoing communication via Slack, email and telephone.
  2. On-site meetings and video conferencing via Google Meet.


Channels of communication


Cooperation activities

  1. We have built an effective marketing funnel in the AIDA model using traffic, performance and brand campaigns.
  2. We have executed over 150 different advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, e-mail and push).
  3. For each new collection, we prepared a dedicated marketing plan taking into account the product life cycle (product entry, building its recognition, remarketing, promotions and sales).
  4. We created almost 300 texts for the web shop category, over 100 articles for the blog and over 4 thousand product descriptions.
  5. We regularly analysed and selected keywords for SEO activities and conducted link-building campaigns.
  6. Furthermore, we started regular e-mailing communication to newsletter recipients.
  7. We sent PUSH notifications from the online shop website informing about new collections, special actions and sales.
  8. We created and added engaging posts to social media profiles and supported them 7 days a week with conversations with brand fans.
  9. Not only that, but we provided ongoing consulting and support to the company’s marketing department and management team.

CAPITAL testimonials

for effective and valuable cooperation

Cooperation with the advertising agency “SPACE ADS” managed by Mr Rafał Chojnacki is effective and trouble-free. The project team is able to successfully prepare both the technical aspects of running an online advertising campaign and to execute creations engaging users.

The activities conducted by “SPACE ADS” are well-thought-out, supported by analytical data and directly influencing the realisation of the company’s business objectives. Commissioned performance marketing and analytical activities lead to an increase in sales from the online channel and improvement of the conversion rate.

We recommend the cooperation with “SPACE ADS” agency to all the brands operating in eCommerce sector.

CAPITAL testimonials

for effective and valuable cooperation

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