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BYTOM is a Polish clothing brand whose history dates back to 1945. It successfully combines tradition with the latest trends. It is best known for its stylish men’s suits – perfectly tailored and sewn in Poland from the best Italian fabrics. The brand’s collections refer to culture and art. Its ambassadors are well-known actors, artists and musicians.

BYTOM carries out stationary sales – in showrooms located primarily in large shopping and service centres – and online sales – in the e-shop.


Scope of activities

Marketing activities for the BYTOM brand, conducted by our agency, significantly influenced its turnover. They included, above all, comprehensive running of advertising campaigns and sales and purchase analyses. These included:

  1. Google Ads campaigns (Search Network – Sponsored Links, DSA, RLSA, Ad Network, Product Campaigns, Dynamic Remarketing, Discovery, Gmail and YouTube).
  2. Facebook Ads campaigns (also Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network).
  3. Social media: configuration of the BYTOM shop on Facebook and Instagram.
    Campaigns with external partners such as Wirtualna Polska.
  4. Web analytics using Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, HotJar tools, on the basis of which we recommended changes and optimised advertising campaigns.
  5. Purchase analytics of sold products and their margins using internal data.
  6. E-mail marketing: creation of subject lines and pre-headers and sending newsletters.
  7. Ongoing consulting.


Scope of activities


Objectives of cooperation

  1. To achieve maximum effectiveness of available Google Ads and Facebook Ads advertising tools in order to achieve the assumed sales plans (within the specified advertising budget).
  2. Increase sales of specific product categories (especially high-margin products).
  3. Increase brand recognition in a jointly selected target group.
  4. Recommendation of actions positively influencing the increase of traffic on e-shop website.


Scope of activities

  1. We have developed a highly effective marketing funnel in the AIDA model, using traffic, performance and image campaigns.
  2. We carried out over 200 different advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, e-mail and push).
  3. Furthermore, we conducted regular e-mailing communication dedicated to newsletter recipients.
  4. We sent PUSH notifications from the online shop website informing about new collections, special actions and sales.
  5. We implemented Marketing Automation scenarios using Website Layer technology.
  6. Likewise, we recommended implementation of new solutions aimed at increasing sales of the brand’s products and customers’ shopping basket.
  7. We provided ongoing consulting to the brand’s management team: Online Store Director, Marketing Director and Brand Director.
  8. We have also supported the Wólczanka and Vistula brands – which are part of VRG S.A. – from an advertising and analytical point of view.


Scope of activities

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