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Colorat is a distinctive women’s fashion brand offering trendy clothing crafted from natural fabrics. Based in Gdańsk, Poland, Colorat takes pride in its local production and complete transparency throughout its creation process. The brand stands out for its signature patterns designed on the cut, enveloping the garments entirely, giving them a unique and original appearance. Colorat’s collections are diverse, spanning various styles from coats and jackets, dresses, blouses, and tunics, to leggings, bags, and hats. Embracing diversity and originality, Colorat also offers niche products like ponchos and snoods. The brand has garnered positive reviews from customers who praise the quality, color palette, and originality of the products. Beyond its online presence, Colorat invites customers to its Concept Store in Gdańsk, offering them an immersive experience into the “COLORAT world”.

Scope of activities


  1. Analysis and Strategy: We conducted an in-depth market and target audience analysis for the Colorat brand to understand the best approach to reach potential customers. We crafted a tailored Facebook Ads strategy that aligned with the brand’s image and business objectives.
  2. Ad Creation and Optimization: We designed captivating and engaging Facebook ads that showcased Colorat’s unique products. We utilized various ad formats, such as videos, images, and carousels, to display the brand’s diverse offerings. Regular ad optimizations ensured their effectiveness.
  3. Segmentation and Targeting: We harnessed Facebook’s advanced targeting tools to reach the right customer segments. We focused on individuals interested in fashion, design, and natural fabrics, tailoring the messaging to different age and demographic groups.
  4. Tracking and Results Analysis: We implemented tracking tools like the Facebook Pixel and Conversion API to monitor campaign results and understand user engagement with the ads. Regular analyses and reports allowed for real-time campaign adjustments.
  5. Brand Awareness Campaigns: Beyond sales-driven campaigns, we also ran campaigns aimed at boosting Colorat’s brand awareness. These campaigns aided in establishing the brand’s image as a producer of original, local, and eco-friendly clothing.
  6. Retargeting Campaigns: We employed retargeting to re-engage individuals who visited the Colorat website but didn’t make a purchase. These campaigns focused on conversions and contributed to sales growth.
  7. Supporting Events and Promotions: We managed Facebook ad campaigns to promote special events, sales, and promotions hosted by Colorat. These campaigns drove traffic to both the brand’s online store and its physical Concept Store.

Objectives of cooperation

Astronomical challenges

  1. Brand Awareness Boost: One of our primary objectives was to enhance the recognition of the Colorat brand, especially among those who value original design and natural fabrics. We aimed to present the brand as a unique alternative in the fashion world.
  2. Online Sales Growth: Our key goal was to improve sales results in Colorat’s online store. We strived to increase the number of transactions and the average cart value.
  3. Promotion of Local Production: Colorat takes pride in its local production and transparent creation process. Our mission was to promote these values and convey them to potential customers.
  4. Community Building: We aimed to build a robust community around the Colorat brand on Facebook, encouraging interactions, shares, and comments on posts.
  5. Supporting Events and Promotions: We also aimed to promote special events, sales, and promotions hosted by Colorat, both online and in their physical store.
  6. Acquiring New Customers: We sought to reach new customer segments that might be interested in Colorat’s unique offerings and convert them into loyal brand patrons.
  7. Campaign Optimization: We aimed not only to attract new customers but also to foster loyalty among existing ones. Hence, our efforts encompassed retargeting strategies and relationship-building with customers.
  8. Increasing In-store Traffic: By promoting the concept store in Gdańsk, we also aimed to boost foot traffic in the brand’s physical retail location.
  9. Strengthening Brand Image: We also aimed to reinforce the brand’s image as a producer of high-quality women’s clothing with original design and responsible production.


Cosmic revolutions

  1. Brand Awareness Boost: The campaigns contributed to enhancing the recognition of the Colorat brand among new audience groups, leading to an increased interest in the brand’s products and values.
  2. Sales Growth: Thanks to effective advertising campaigns, we observed a significant increase in sales in Colorat’s online store, both in terms of the number of transactions and the average cart value.
  3. Community Building: The campaigns aided in building an active and engaged community around the brand on Facebook, fostering customer loyalty and promoting a positive brand image.
  4. Acquiring New Customers: Through precise targeting and appealing advertisements, we managed to attract new customer segments who might have previously been unaware of Colorat’s offerings.
  5. Promotion of Events and Sales: Facebook advertising campaigns effectively promoted events and promotions hosted by Colorat, boosting participation and sales both online and in the physical store.
  6. Strengthening Brand Image: The campaigns reinforced the brand’s image as a producer of high-quality women’s clothing with original design and responsible production, in turn increasing trust in the brand.
  7. Effective Retargeting Campaigns: Through retargeting campaigns, we managed to increase conversions among those who visited the website but did not make a purchase, enhancing campaign efficiency.
  8. High ROI: With optimization and effective campaign management, we achieved a high return on investment, validating the efficacy of our efforts.

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