Success Story: – Embassy London

Embassy London is a brand founded in 2011 that sells stationary and online, and specialises in women’s and men’s footwear that is exclusively made in Europe from the most beautiful European leathers.

Our collaboration involved a Facebook Ads channel across the UK and other, European countries.

Check out the objectives we achieved!


Scope of activities

  1. Integration of Facebook Pixel with Conversion API
  2. Product catalogue integrated with Facebook Pixel.
  3. Implementation of a full marketing funnel using TOF (top of the funnel), MOF (middle of the funnel), BOF (bottom of the funnel) campaigns, allowing to reach new users, remarketing and building customer loyalty.
  4. Comprehensive Facebook Ads campaigns (along with Instagram, Messenger, Audience Network).
  5. Newsletter Lead Generation – Facebook Lead Ads in terms of gathering a base of newsletter subscribers.
  6. Creative and engaging advertising texts.
  7. Video formats and carousels.
  8. Unique targeting by location and language. Activities carried out in the UK, Ireland, Germany, France and other EU countries.


Scope of activities


Objectives of cooperation

  1. Achieve a higher ROAS with a fixed advertising budget.
  2. Increase brand popularity and increase sales in the home market (UK).
  3. Systematising advertising, audience groups, ad targeting and campaign forms.
  4. Create consistent content in line with brand policy.
  5. Appropriate allocation of advertising budget in campaigns.
  6. Recommend actions that will positively influence the UX of the online shop.
  7. Use of brand profiles in social media (Facebook, Instagram) for sales purposes.
  8. Introducing the brand’s offering to new markets in Europe.


Scope of activities

  • We tested different ad formats, audience groups and ad targets to increase online shop sales.
  • We used performance campaigns, traffic and post promotions to diversify the marketing funnel and find new promotion channels.
  • Furthermore, we attracted potential customers to the right segment in the newsletter base.
  • We created an appropriate structure and campaign hierarchy in the advertising account, with a breakdown of the advertising message.
  • We matched ad formats to audience groups by country and language to increase engagement with audiences from other countries.
  • Not only that, but we introduced regular reporting on the results and activities carried out in the advertising account, which allowed us to react quickly and optimise advertising and budgets.


Scope of activities

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