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Fintech company sees 50% increase in leads with targeted Facebook Ads campaign

Our client, a UK-based fintech business, wanted to generate more leads for their financial services. Although they were active on social media, they were having trouble getting their followers to become paying clients. Creating a focused marketing strategy to generate more leads for the client’s financial services was our main objective.

To accomplish this, we had to pinpoint the precise issues and barriers that the customer was facing while trying to successfully turn their social network followers into prospects. This required examining their present marketing initiatives to find any gaps or flaws in their strategy.

In order to differentiate ourselves in the crowded fintech business, we also conducted market research to better understand the demands and preferences of the client’s target audience.

Overall, the problem we faced was to create a campaign that, in spite of the market’s different obstacles and rivalry, would successfully generate leads for our client’s financial services.

The Strategy: Outlining the approach we took to address the challenge, including any specific tactics or techniques we used.

We created a focused Facebook Ads campaign to handle the issue of increasing leads for our client’s financial services. We used the following crucial strategies and methods in our approach:

  • Targeted Audience: To make sure the correct people saw our advertising, we made use of Facebook’s sophisticated targeting features. Demographic, interest, and behavioural targeting that was pertinent to the client’s financial services was part of this strategy.
  • Strong Ad Text and Visuals: We concentrated on developing strong ad copy and visuals that would successfully express the value of the client’s financial services to our target demographic.
  • A/B testing: In order to maximise the effectiveness of our ads, we tested different ad language and image combinations to see which ones generated the most leads.
  • Landing Pages: To complement our advertisements, we built unique landing pages with information on the client’s financial services and lead generation forms. The goal of these landing pages was to boost conversions by seamlessly integrating with the adverts.
  • Retargeting: We used retargeting strategies to show adverts to users who had previously visited the client’s website or engaged with their social media sites in order to increase conversions.

Developing targeted, alluring ads that would generate leads and conversions for the client’s financial services was the overall goal of our campaign.

The Strategy: Outlining the approach we took to address the challenge, including any specific tactics or techniques we used.

The Results: Highlighting the key metrics and outcomes we achieved, including any increases in leads or conversions.

Our customer received outstanding results from our highly focused Facebook Ads campaign. Among the important measurements and results we attained are:

  • Increased Leads: When compared to the prior period, the campaign’s lead generation produced 50% more leads.
  • Increased Conversion Rate: The campaign’s conversion rate was 15%, which was much higher than the client’s 5% average.
  • Cost-Effective: The campaign’s cost per lead was 30% lower than the client’s typical cost per lead, making it a very economical approach to attract new clients.
  • Audience Engagement: The advertisements attracted a sizable audience, with an average click-through rate of 2.5% and a cost per click of £0.50.

Overall, the marketing campaign we ran for our client’s financial services resulted in notable improvements in leads and conversions. These outcomes proved the potency of our customised Facebook Ads strategy and the benefit we were able to offer the client.

Before and After: Comparing key metrics or results before and after the campaign to illustrate the impact of our efforts.

Before and After: We compared important indicators from before and after the campaign to show the effect of our marketing efforts. The outcomes were remarkable and amply demonstrated the beneficial effects of our focused Facebook Ads campaign.

Prior to the campaign, the client’s social media platforms generated an average of 100 leads each month. But after we launched our specifically focused Facebook Ads campaign, the quantity of leads rose to 150 each month, an increase of 50%.

The campaign’s conversion rate was also noticeably greater than the client’s typical conversion rate. The client’s conversion rate was 5% on average prior to the campaign. However, the conversion rate rose to 15% during the campaign.

In addition to these enhancements, the campaign’s cost per lead was 30% less than the client’s typical lead cost. This meant that in addition to generating more leads, we were also doing so more efficiently.

Overall, the before and after comparison amply shows how our marketing efforts had a beneficial effect and how our focused Facebook Ads campaign was successful.

Before and After: Comparing key metrics or results before and after the campaign to illustrate the impact of our efforts.

Future Plans: Discussing any plans or next steps for continuing to drive success for our client in the future.

Future Projects: We are optimistic that we can continue to propel success for our customer in the future based on the success of our initial marketing effort. To do this, we are preparing the following further actions:

  • Refine targeting: Although our first targeting was successful, we will keep evaluating and improving our targeting tactics to make sure that we are able to connect with the most pertinent and receptive audience.
  • Broaden ad placements: In order to reach a larger audience and generate more leads, we’ll also try to expand the locations of our advertising on other platforms, such Google Ads.
  • Expanding our ad placements is just one step in our plan to explore new ad formats, such video advertisements and carousel ads, to evaluate which ones are most successful at generating leads.
  • Improve conversion rates further by optimising the client’s landing pages by experimenting with various layouts, copy, and calls to action.

Overall, our future plans are concentrated on enhancing our marketing initiatives and identifying fresh approaches to help our client succeed. We think we can continue to provide outstanding outcomes for the client’s financial services by staying current with the most recent marketing trends and technologies.

Lessons Learned: Sharing any key insights or lessons we learned during the campaign that could be useful for other marketers.

Throughout the course of our marketing effort, we discovered a number of significant insights that other marketers would find helpful. Key insights we discovered include the following:

  • The effectiveness of targeted advertising: We were able to successfully target the proper people with our ads by utilising Facebook’s sophisticated targeting features. We were able to increase engagement and conversions as a result of this.
  • The value of A/B testing: We were able to optimise our ads’ performance and raise the campaign’s overall efficacy by running A/B tests on them.
  • Retargeting’s value: We were able to connect with users who had previously expressed interest in the client’s services, which raised our conversion rate.
  • The advantages of a landing page with good design: Conversion rates can be greatly affected by a landing page’s design. We were able to generate more leads by developing unique landing pages that worked well with our ads and clearly highlighted the value of the client’s services.

Overall, our marketing campaign showed us how crucial targeting, testing, and optimization are to our client’s success. We are confident that we can continue to provide our clients with great outcomes by using these lessons in subsequent campaigns.

Lessons Learned: Sharing any key insights or lessons we learned during the campaign that could be useful for other marketers.

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