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GP Batteries – GP Batteries Europe B.V.

GP Batteries Europe B.V. is a company with 50 years of history. It develops, manufactures and promotes batteries and related products (torches, chargers, etc.). It is one of the world’s most important suppliers of batteries and accumulators. It supplies manufacturers of electronic equipment with a wide range of rechargeable batteries and batteries. In addition, the company produces under the GP private label. Annually, GP Batteries produces more than 5 billion batteries of various types.


Scope of activities

As part of our cooperation, we conducted activities aimed at increasing sales for the Allegro account of the GP Batteries brand. Our work consisted mainly in running campaigns in the Allegro Ads system (we are a certified Allegro Ads Partner). Moreover, our team supported the client in activities aimed at increasing organic sales. As part of our cooperation, we ran campaigns such as

  • Sponsored Offers Campaigns – bestsellers, category breakdown and individual products along with campaigns for the highest margin products or those with the most stock in stock.
  • Graphic Campaigns – template or with dedicated graphic creations.
  • Google Ads and Facebook Ads campaigns and advertising networks within Allegro Ads.
  • Audits of offers and ongoing consulting.


Scope of activities


Objectives of cooperation

  1. Increasing sales on the Allegro accounts BaterieBTO and BaterieGP
  2. Increasing product visibility.
  3. Increasing brand recognition.
  4. Achieving a satisfactory ROAS (return on investment in advertising activities).


Cooperation activities

  1. We tested various CPC rates, ad placements, product breakdowns in ad groups, budgets and much more.
  2. We created campaigns based on know-how and systematic Allegro training.
  3. Furthermore, we were in regular contact with Allegro Ads support in order to implement non-standard solutions.
  4. Not only that, but we also prepared presentations on how to increase sales opportunities. Our recommendations were systematically implemented and brought real effects in the form of increased sales volume of the company’s products.


Cooperation activities

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