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Leveraging Targeted Keywords and Conversion Tracking for Greater Success in the Pittsburgh Commercial Real Estate Market

A commercial real estate firm was having trouble producing enough leads as a result of their web marketing initiatives when our team at Space Ads first started working with them. The business was having trouble turning website visits into qualified leads despite having a good website and interesting social media presence.

Since lead generation is a key component of the company’s business plan, this presented a substantial difficulty. It would be impossible for the business to maintain its development and success without a consistent flow of leads.

In order to boost its lead generation efforts, the organisation sought the assistance of Space Ads in creating a thorough, results-driven marketing strategy. Our staff was up to the task, so we started working on creating a special plan to assist the business in achieving its objectives.

The Commercial Real Estate Market in Pittsburgh: Opportunities and Demand

The second-largest city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh is renowned for its robust economy, varied industry base, and energetic culture. With numerous new constructions and renovations occurring all around the city, Pittsburgh’s commercial real estate market has been doing well lately.

A number of factors, including Pittsburgh’s expanding population, robust employment market, and alluring cost of living, influence the demand for commercial real estate. There are many different types of assets available on the Pittsburgh commercial real estate market, including office buildings, shopping malls, industrial buildings, and multifamily housing developments.

Investors and companies looking to buy or lease buildings have a variety of options on the Pittsburgh commercial real estate market. There are numerous alternatives in this booming market, whether you’re interested in buying a tiny retail storefront or leasing a big corporate facility.

The Commercial Real Estate Market in Pittsburgh: Opportunities and Demand

The Solution: A Customized Google Ads Strategy

Our team at Space Ads came to the conclusion that a Google Ads campaign would be the most practical way to boost lead generation after carefully examining the company’s online marketing activities and researching their target demographic.

We collaborated closely with the business to create a unique Google Ads strategy that would effectively market their commercial real estate listings to their intended clientele. This involved selecting the most pertinent and efficient keywords, coming up with compelling ad language and imagery, and setting up conversion tracking to assess the campaign’s effectiveness.

We used local service advertisements from Google, which are created especially for companies that provide services in a specific geographic area, in addition to standard search and display ads. This gave us the chance to connect with a highly focused group of possible leads in the neighbourhood of the business.

Overall, the goal of our tailored Google Ads approach was to enhance the volume of leads produced by the company’s online marketing initiatives while directing quality traffic to its website.

The Results: A Significant Increase in Quality Leads

Our specifically designed Google Ads campaign for the Pittsburgh-based commercial real estate firm was a smashing success. We were able to significantly boost the quantity of leads produced by the company’s web marketing efforts throughout the length of the campaign.

Our attention to focusing on targeting high-quality, relevant traffic was one of the major reasons influencing the campaign’s success. We were able to connect with a highly qualified audience of potential leads who were actively looking for commercial real estate assets in the Pittsburgh area by carefully choosing and targeting particular keywords.

We noticed a considerable improvement in the quality of the leads being generated in addition to an increase in lead volume. We were able to discover and prioritise the most promising leads by adding conversion tracking and examining the behaviour of website users, which increased the conversion rate and increased the company’s success in sales.

Overall, the campaign outperformed the company’s objectives, and they were thrilled with the substantial rise in high-quality leads that our efforts had brought about.

The Results: A Significant Increase in Quality Leads

Leveraging Targeted Keywords for Greater Reach

As part of our customized Google Ads strategy for the commercial real estate company in Pittsburgh, we identified and targeted specific keywords that were relevant to their properties and target audience. By leveraging targeted keywords, we were able to reach a highly qualified audience of potential leads who were actively searching for commercial real estate in the Pittsburgh area.

To identify the most effective keywords, we conducted thorough market and audience research, analyzing the language and terms that potential leads were using when searching for commercial real estate properties. We also analyzed the performance of the company’s existing website and social media content to identify opportunities for improvement.

Once we had identified a list of targeted keywords, we incorporated them into the ad copy, headlines, and descriptions of the Google Ads campaigns. This helped to ensure that our ads were being served to a highly relevant audience, increasing the chances of successful lead generation.

Overall, the use of targeted keywords was a key factor in the success of the campaign, helping us to reach a larger and more qualified audience of potential leads for the commercial real estate company.

The Final Outcome: A Successful, ROI-Positive Campaign

The Google Ads campaign that our team at Space Ads created for the Pittsburgh commercial real estate firm was a huge success and had a profitable return on investment.

We continually noticed positive results in lead generation and conversion rate throughout the campaign, with a notable increase in the amount of qualified leads being produced by the company’s online marketing initiatives.

The business witnessed measurable improvements in lead generation as well as an overall improvement in the functionality of their website and online presence. The company saw an increase in website traffic as well as leads who were more engaged and interested.

Overall, the campaign was a huge success, and the business was thrilled with the outcomes. They succeeded in increasing lead generation, and their marketing efforts saw a significant return on investment. We are excited to support the company’s marketing initiatives going forward and are happy to have contributed to its success.

The Final Outcome: A Successful, ROI-Positive Campaign

Client Testimonial: A Successful, ROI-Positive Google Ads Campaign with Space Ads

“Working with Space Ads was an absolute pleasure. From the start, they took the time to understand our business and our goals, and developed a customized marketing strategy that delivered exceptional results. The Google Ads campaign they implemented generated a significant increase in the number of qualified leads we received, and we saw a strong return on investment for our marketing efforts.

But beyond the tangible results, we were also impressed with the level of professionalism, expertise, and customer service that Space Ads provided. They were always responsive and proactive in their approach, and went above and beyond to ensure that we were satisfied with the campaign.

We highly recommend Space Ads to any business looking to drive results through online marketing. They are a top-notch team and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them in the future.”

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