Success Story:

Successfully Reaching Potential Customers in the London Real Estate Market

A residential real estate client who wanted to enhance the quantity of leads generated by their Google Ads campaigns contacted our team at Space Ads. The client intended to efficiently reach potential customers through targeted advertising and was primarily targeting the London market.

Designing and implementing a Google Ads campaign that would send qualified leads to the client’s website with the ultimate goal of improving conversions was the project’s major objective. To do this, we concentrated on choosing the precise keywords and ad types that would be most successful in reaching the target market.

Along with raising the quantity of leads, we also wanted to make sure the campaign was affordable and gave the client a good return on their money. In order to maximise the effectiveness of the commercials, we continuously monitored their performance and made changes as necessary.

Strategy and Tactics

In order to meet the project’s objectives, we created a targeted marketing plan that aimed to connect with potential clients at crucial stages of the home-buying and renting process. The following were some of our tactics:

  • Keyword Research: We compiled a list of pertinent terms that people in London who were looking for residential real estate frequently utilised. When consumers entered these keywords into a search engine, we subsequently developed tailored adverts that would be displayed.
  • Ad copy optimization: We collaborated with the client to create eye-catching ad copy that would draw potential customers’ attention and persuade them to visit the client’s website. A/B testing was also done to see which ad wording performed the best.
  • Ad format testing: In order to ascertain which ad forms were most successful at generating leads, we tested a variety of them, including display ads and Google Maps ads.
  • Landing page optimization: We collaborated with the client to optimise the landing pages of their website in order to increase the likelihood that leads will be converted into paying customers. This included making sure the pages had clear calls to action and were mobile-friendly.

In general, our strategy was created to connect with potential clients at critical junctures in their research and give them the knowledge they required to make an informed choice.

Strategy and Tactics

Results and Successes

Our client’s Google Ads campaign in the residential real estate sector was a spectacular success. With a consequent rise in conversions for the client, we were able to dramatically enhance the quantity of leads generated by the campaign.

The campaign achieved some major accomplishments, including:

  • A 50% boost in website traffic was the result of the targeted ads we developed, which gave the client’s business access to a bigger pool of prospective clients.
  • A 30% increase in leads: The client’s leads significantly increased as a result of the increased website traffic. This was caused in part by the precise keyword and ad format targeting, the potent ad language, and the well-optimized landing pages.
  • A 20% reduction in cost-per-click: Despite the rise in leads, we were still able to lower the client’s cost-per-click. As a result, they were able to increase lead generation while decreasing overall advertising costs.

The campaign was a huge success overall and helped the client increase leads in the competitive London residential real estate market, which was their main objective.

Key Takeaways

This project taught us some important lessons that we can use to future campaigns in the residential real estate market or other fields. Several significant lessons from the project include:

  • The value of focused advertising: By concentrating on particular keywords and ad types, we were able to successfully engage potential clients at crucial junctures in their search process. This improved the likelihood of producing leads.
  • The importance of appealing copy: Well-written copy may be a potent lead-generating strategy if it effectively conveys the value of the client’s services. We discovered that comparing the performance of several ad copy iterations using A/B testing.
  • The significance of landing page optimization: It is crucial to have landing pages that are mobile-friendly and have obvious calls to action in order to convert leads into consumers. We were able to raise the likelihood that leads would be converted by enhancing the client’s landing pages.
  • Potential for cost-effective lead generation: We were able to reduce the cost-per-click while still producing a sizable number of leads by carefully monitoring and optimising the campaign. This highlights the possibility for lead creation with Google Ads that is affordable.

Key Takeaways

Best Practices

We discovered a number of best practises throughout the course of this project that may be used to other campaigns in the residential real estate sector or other businesses. Among the essential best practises we found are:

  • Finding and focusing on specific keywords: By doing extensive keyword research and focusing on certain keywords, we were able to successfully engage potential clients at crucial junctures in their search process.
  • Writing persuading ad copy: A major aspect in generating leads for this campaign was the ad copy we wrote. Ad copy best practises include employing active language, outlining the benefits of the good or service, and having a compelling call to action.
  • Optimizing landing pages: It’s critical to create landing pages that are mobile-friendly, simple to use, and have obvious calls to action if you want to increase your chances of turning leads into customers.
  • Monitoring and modifying the campaign: It’s critical to frequently assess how the ads are performing and to modify the campaign as necessary to get the greatest outcomes. This can entail modifying bids, improving targeting, or experimenting with other ad styles or wording.

It is feasible to efficiently generate leads and drive conversions using Google Ads by adhering to these best practises.

Conclusion and Next Steps

In conclusion, our client’s Google Ads campaign in the residential real estate sector was a huge success. We were able to greatly boost the amount of leads generated and drive conversions for the client by focusing on targeted keywords, creating attractive ad copy, optimising landing pages, and tracking and tweaking the campaign.

There are a number of potential next actions we may take to build on the advancements made so far in this campaign. Possible next steps include the following:

  • Even if the campaign was successful in reaching the client’s target market in London, there may be potential to extend the advertising’ reach to other audiences.
  • Testing new ad formats: Google is constantly introducing new ad formats, and by testing some of these types, the client may be able to generate even more leads.
  • Targeting refinement: As we continue to collect information on the success of the advertising, we may be able to spot new chances for targeting that could boost the campaign’s efficiency.

Overall, there is a great deal of opportunity to expand on the success of this campaign in the future and generate even more leads and conversions for the client.

Conclusion and Next Steps

Testimonials: for effective and valuable cooperation

“It was a complete delight working with Space Ads on our Google Ads campaign. They spent the time necessary to fully comprehend our company’s operations and our objectives before creating a focused advertising plan that was especially suited to our requirements.

Our website traffic, leads, and conversions significantly increased as a consequence of the campaign, and we were also able to reduce our cost-per-click. To get the best outcomes, the Space Advertising team continuously assessed the effectiveness of the ads and made improvements.

Any company trying to efficiently reach potential clients through Google Ads should strongly consider using Space Ads. They were a beneficial partner for our business because of their knowledge, professionalism, and commitment to achieving goals.”

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