What does the ROAS of a campaign depend on?

There are a number of factors that affect the performance of advertising campaigns. Those that we can control include:

  • technical integrations with the advertising account,
  • advertising account strategy,
  • selection of appropriate devices, campaign types, ad types,
  • selection of appropriate target groups,
  • budget allocation,
  • division into groups of ads,
  • advertising creations and their coherence,
  • and many others.

Apart from the factors depending on the quality of work of the experts who carry out activities on the advertising account, we also distinguish a number of elements on which as Space Ads we have no direct influence. However, we advise on what to do to make them work in favor of the brand. These include:

  • brand awareness,
  • offer, competitiveness and pricing strategy,
  • User-friendly navigation on the website (UX),
  • availability of information relevant from a customer perspective (e.g. delivery costs, payment methods, return policy, product recommendations, etc.).

Constant care, data analysis and optimization activities are required, which we systematically implement in the accounts we maintain.