Use Facebook Ads catalog campaigns

65 million companies have their website on FB, and 6 million companies are active on this most famous social network. Numbers do not lie – if you want to take your business to the next level, increasing sales, advertising on FB is an excellent way to attract new customers.

Effective Advertising on FB – What to Bet on?

FB Ads give you great opportunities when it comes to ad setup. One of the goals, most popularly chosen by owners of online stores, is “conversion” and then – “sale from the catalog”. Why this type of ad? Simply put, it is the most effective. Besides, catalog ads are dynamic, giving you much more customization.

Catalog Ads – Where to Start?

Before we describe the possibilities offered by this type of advertising on FB, let’s start with the actions that open the way to starting its configuration …

Create a Catalog

Of course – first, you need to create a catalog. There are a lot of options in this case – it can cover products and/or services of various types Only after it has been fully imported, it is possible to create an ad. It is worth knowing how this is done.

Catalog Connection with FB

The list of products you want to have in the catalog must be “uploaded” through Catalog Manager. FB advertising system accepts XML or CSV files. Another important issue is the automatic updating of the catalog. In this case, it is good to use the schedule. Thanks to it, the status of current products and novelties with their prices will change on an ongoing basis, without the need for any interference. Another issue is a properly installed FB pixel.

FB Pixel Configuration

A well-configured pixel is one that collects all saved events. What could be such an event? For example, adding the goods to the shopping cart, entering a specific subpage, or abandoning the order just before the sale is finalized. It’s up to you how many events you’ll set up. The most “basic” is, of course, entering the website. Importantly, even though pixel configuration is not necessary to run catalog ads, without it it is difficult to write about any major effects and benefits of such activities…

Dynamic Ads on FB

As we have already mentioned, catalog campaigns are dynamic. This means that they promote specific products/services to people who were already potentially interested in the company’s offer online. Their great advantage is that you don’t need to create a separate ad for each product, and the advertising system will select them yourself based on specific criteria.

Advertising Opportunities Offered by the Product Catalog

The “Sales from catalog” ad is a huge opportunity that allows you to effectively reach potential customers with personalized products.

Remarketing Activities

Remarketing is one of the more effective ways of promotional activities. Targeting ads to people who already know your brand or business in the vast majority of cases allows you to achieve a higher conversion. “Sales from the catalog” can be catalog in this case, for example, to people who only browsed the product or added it to the basket without finalizing the transaction, but not only. There is also an option to target ads to customers who purchased the product within a specified period of time (e.g. within the last 60-180 days).

Effective Cross-sell

Another way to increase sales is cross-selling activities – so-called. “for sale”. Offering complementary products is very effective – especially if they are offered as soon as customers make purchases. Be sure to add the right marketing message when setting up this type of ad!

Target Based on Interests

Although many people say that reaching potential customers based on their interests is not one of the simplest, it is possible! It all depends on the experience of the person setting up the ad and knowing the profile of the current customer of the company. It is rare that one criterion is sufficient. Keep in mind narrowing your audience. Then getting to the right people is definitely more real, but… may it be worth clarifying who these “right people” are…?

The Product Catalog Allows you to Reach your Customers

Writing “customers”, of course, I mean both current, potential and those who do not even know that they will soon purchase your product!

Current and Potential Customers from an External list

If you have an external customer list that includes e-mail and/or phone number, it is very easy… All you need to do is import it and the advertising system will already know who to view your product catalog. However, this method is not used as often as you would expect. Many companies reach their current and potential customers through the newsletter and then usually advertising on FB is no longer needed. Customer lists can also be used for lookalike audience…

Lookalike Audience – Similar Audiences on FB

Recipients similar to your current or potential customers can be selected from both an external list and events collected by the FB pixel. The most important thing is to have a properly configured Custom Audience, because it is based on the ad system that selects similar audiences. If you would like to ask in this place – at what angle? FB takes into account interests or demographic data.

Current and Potential Customers “Remarketing”

As I mentioned, remarketing is not so much necessary, but even necessary for promotional activities on the Internet. If you set up an FB pixel accordingly, you’ll effectively collect people who perform specific actions. Another point is also indirectly associated with this point…

People Who are not yet Branded

Let’s add – unbound, but with a high probability – potentially interested in it… If you know your company’s customer profile carefully, you certainly know exactly what criteria for setting the target campaign group to consider. Interests, location, age group… Fb advertising system gives great configuration possibilities. It’s important to make the most of it by narrowing your audience…

The Right Audience Selection is the Only Part of the Success…

After all, it matters not only to whom we show it, but also what we write! Although I move all the time in the area of “sales from the catalog”, the photo and the product itself are not everything … The content of advertising and its form are no less, and sometimes – even more relevant. However, the product catalog-based advertising is personalized at almost every stage of the setup…

Create a message

Knowing who you’ll be reaching, you can set a short but at the same time a specific, evocative marketing message. One of the simplest cases is when you “remind” about products to people who have added them to the basket without finalizing the transaction. However, you will certainly create a completely different message for customers who bought “product A”, and you want to recommend them also “complementary – B”.

Product/Product Presentation

One of the main advantages of catalog advertising is the ability to present more products. Carousel – surely more than once you have already seen such a form of exhibition of goods. The more products you show, the greater the chance that one of them will get the taste of the recipient of your ad. But be sure not to “overdo it” the other way around… What too much, it… makes it difficult to choose! :-)

Presentation of the Price

Very often, your ad shows overpriced products. Carousel advertising gives you the opportunity to show two prices – regular and new – lower, which affects its effectiveness. After all, most of us like to see how much he saves, right? Especially if these are larger amounts that can easily be converted into other benefits.