What is RLSA Campaigns or what is Search Engine Remarketing?

Remarketing is of course nothing else than a form of advertising, thanks to which we can quickly and effectively reach customers who have already visited our website in the past but did not convert. Until now, these actions were only possible in the advertising network, but since 2013 Google has introduced the implementation of this type of action in its Google search engine. This is the RLSA campaign, which is a method of reaching people who have previously visited our website. What more is worth knowing about RLSA? What are remarketing lists and search networks? In this article, you will learn more about it!

What is RLSA and what does it consist of?

It is nothing else than a form of search engine remarketing. Thanks to this type of campaign you can quickly and easily reach potential customers who have already visited your website in the past but have not made a purchase there. On their basis, the so-called remarketing lists are created.

However, in order to achieve it, you need to increase the rates in such a way that the advertisement which is adjusted to the given user, in terms of content, is displayed in the highest possible positions. RLSA, or Remarketing List for Search Ads in Google, means running product or text-based campaigns. So if we care about an effective Ads campaign, this is an interesting solution.

Why use RLSA in your Campaigns?

Nowadays, the group of recipients called potential customers prefers comparing products and creating a shopping list, so as to decide on a variant that meets our expectations to the highest degree. Users usually want to choose a product that is attractive in terms of quality at an affordable price. They often enter a website and then compare the price with competing products on Google.

It rarely happens then that after the first visit to the store, the customer has made a conversion. Conversion means that the customer has taken a valuable action from the perspective of the investor (e.g. going to the “contact us” page, adding the product to the cart, or its purchase). The task of RLSA (Remarketing List For Search Ads) is to engage the audience to make them want to visit the site again because the audience coming back to our site is more valuable than new users.

However, it is worth noting that RLSA campaigns are also a chance to reach previous, converting users. As an example, we can use a person who made a purchase (e.g. water filter) in a given store a long time ago. In this way, by using RLSA, the store can track what the customer searches for 540 days and thus give a higher rate for such a click, because the user, due to the fact that he already knows the store, will be more inclined to make a purchase there, which will increase the chance of a conversion.

How to create an RLSA Campaign?

The principle of effective remarketing is to create a valuable campaign that fulfills a given need (e.g. a customer returning to a store page and making a conversion). To start an RLSA campaign, you need to add the marketing tag of a specific page and create the so-called remarketing lists visible from the AdWords perspective.

Unfortunately, in Google, we have some limitations related to this list. The main limitation here is that this list should have a minimum of 1000 users in the search engine. This process is necessary to prevent the identification of cookies. There are as many as three types of lists available to the users, viz:

  • Tag-based list,
  • list based on rules,
  • a list based on a combination of the above two types of lists.

How to start using search engine remarketing?

The First Way

The first way is to create a new campaign in the search engine, which will be dedicated solely for this purpose.

In this case, you create standard campaigns such as “search network only – all features”, and then in the “recipients” tab you select the “targeting” function, and at the very end you choose the appropriate remarketing list or create a custom combination (e.g. a list of converted customers who have not visited your site for more than 30 days).

The Second Way

The second way is to use the possibility of modifying the rates for extended campaigns within existing ad groups. Here we proceed in a similar way, but you should also remember about another function, namely “observe”.

Negligence may result here in the fact that a given campaign will not reach the users who have not visited our website. In the case of this method, we are talking about displaying the same ads for exactly the same queries to new users and those who have already been to our website before.

For what Purpose is RLSA  Campaigns used?

However, in order to fully realize the usefulness of remarketing campaigns, it is worth taking a slightly closer look at the process of users making purchases on our website. Most often, before they buy an item, they compare offers available from other providers in order to choose the offer that satisfies their expectations to the greatest extent.

Unfortunately, some customers simply walk away from their computers for no good reason, only to return to the topic at a later time (e.g. in case of cash flow). In order to effectively reach such people we can use the already mentioned remarketing actions, compared to dynamic ads.

What are the Benefits of using RLSA Campaigns?

Thanks to campaigns in which we use remarketing, we can acquire a customer who:

  • Visited our website before,
  • added the product to the basket, but did not pay for it and did not complete the transaction,
  • Has purchased the product, but the product requires the purchase of another commodity, such as a monitor,
  • made a purchase, but the transaction is likely to be repeated (e.g., a phone top-up).

What should you know to start RLSA in your Google Ads Account?

Starting your search engine remarketing efforts should start with creating remarketing lists that collect 1,000 cookies. Once we cross this magic number, we can add the mentioned lists to relevant campaigns or groups of ads in recipients’ bookmarks.

In the next step it is necessary to target ” watch” or “targeting”. By choosing the ‘targeting’ option the ads will be shown only to those people who have already been to our web site, so to put it simply, we narrow the range of ads, whereas by choosing the ‘observation’ option the ads are directed to new people who have not been to our web site before.

Next, we need to boost the search engine marketing listings so that a user returning after time sees the ad in high search engine positions. This results in a higher chance of making a conversion.

The customer already remembers the website and being on it once again, he will certainly be more likely to take action when he remembers that he wanted to purchase a product before, but forgot about it.

Paying a bit more for such a click should not be a big problem, as we can gain a lot. In many cases, website owners find that attracting an existing customer is more profitable than acquiring a new one.

How to use Remarketing to get more Customers?

Many experts recommend that you set a strong bump for returning users so that your ads show them in the first or second position in the site window.

It is also a very good idea to create long remarketing lists and then apply them to your campaigns. One list can be up to 540 days old. However, these actions work well for expensive products and in such industries where the decision is difficult to make immediately (e.g. apartments for sale, aesthetic medicine services).

When we make sure that the implementation of the RLSA campaign, i.e. Remarketing List For Search Ads, has introduced positive effects on our website, we can be tempted to create new, more general phrases, as using them in combination with RLSA gives a good chance to increase the reach and acquire new customers at a low cost, so that website users can make conversions.

What is worth Remembering in RLSA Campaigns?

Thanks to campaigns of this type we can increase the chance of closing conversions with the use of ads. They allow you to increase the number of conversions while lowering the cost per conversion and increasing the click-through rate (CTR).

In order to achieve the best results, it is worth setting the rates in the search engine to allow for high ad positions. It is already known what remarketing lists are. However, search networks should be adjusted to the people who have visited our website.