What is a Landing Page and how to increase Conversions?

Selling online is a complicated process. Fortunately, you can use numerous effective ways to reach potential customers and encourage them to take the desired action. One of these is driving traffic to a landing page, or landing page. How do you create a landing page that will sell? Why is landing page conversion so important and how do you increase it?

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page (often called also a landing page) is a special and very important type of website. A landing page is first of all a place, to which an Internet user is directed after clicking an advertisement or a link leading to the offer. Landing pages are used to attract users’ attention, present information about a product or offer, and collect a lead, i.e. encourage a potential customer to take a specific action. A standard website serves many different functions.

A landing page, on the other hand, is created to achieve one or a maximum of several strictly defined objectives. This may be for example subscribing to a newsletter or webinar, purchasing a product, receiving a discount, or downloading an ebook. The precise definition of the goal and creating a landing page for this particular purpose makes the landing pages characterized by relatively high conversion. A landing page is often used to bring in traffic from other sources. However, its effectiveness depends on many elements such as content, design, and call to action (CTA) button. What will a landing page be useful for?

Why do you need a Landing Page? How do you use a Landing Page?

A landing page is a very popular term that is commonly used in online marketing. Unlike a website that has a very wide range of options, a landing page is primarily a tool for effective lead collection and sales.

A landing page typically contains much less data than an entire website. There is also no traditional menu. Instead, there is a very precisely presented offer, concise text, attractive graphics, and a call to action (CTA).

Landing pages are very often used within marketing campaigns to present a new version of a product. A landing page can also be treated as a tool for acquiring many leads and contact information for potential customers. A landing page is therefore useful when the goal is to encourage an Internet user to fill out a form. A landing page is also an important part of virtually any mailing campaign. You can use the landing page to invite users to take part in a webinar, training, or course.

With a landing page, you will also lead them to download an e-book. However, the most common use of landing pages is for direct sales. An attractive presentation of a product or offer makes many customers decide to complete the purchase right away. What influences the conversion rate of a landing page?

Landing page vs. Conversion

In online marketing, the word conversion is used to describe an activity performed by a user that took place under the influence of a company’s marketing efforts. In the case of a landing page, conversion is seen as the recipient performing a specific action on the website, which is planned from the point of view of the company and the landing page creator.

The purpose of conversion may be to sell a product, but very often landing pages are also used for other purposes. These include registering an account, signing up for a newsletter, leaving contact information and phone number, clicking on a banner ad on the page, filling out a form, taking part in a webinar or course, downloading a file or going to another page.

Conversion on a landing page can be measured by integrating a code snippet with Google Analytics. It is calculated using the following formula: Conversion Rate = (number of desired actions performed on the landing page/ number of visits to the page) x 100%. Conversion rate is the best indicator to determine if a landing page is effective.

How to create an Effective Landing Page with High Conversions?

The main goal of any landing page is to achieve high conversions, no matter what exactly you want to achieve. Before you start working on your landing page, you need to think about who is the main audience for your landing page? Who are you going to target during your advertising campaign? Why are you creating a landing page? Next, you should think carefully about what can best encourage your audience to take the desired action. This way you can decide what content and description will go on the landing page. You need to remember that simplicity is a very important feature of landing pages.

Plan what graphics will best represent your product or offer and prepare your text. The content on your landing page should be written in the language of benefits. You can also emphasize the value of your offer by using social proof. Now let’s take a look at what elements a landing page should contain.

The most important elements of Landing Pages

The conversion achieved by the landing page depends on many factors. However, the most important is to create a landing page in such a way as to encourage Internet users to take the desired action.

The main elements of a landing page that you cannot forget about when creating your landing page include attractive design and layout, graphics/video presenting the product, form, attention-grabbing headline, product or offer description, remarketing code and Call to Action. The landing page, which will be designed in the way presented by us, will surely allow you to achieve high conversion rate.

Attractive Design and Layout

If you have already created a landing page concept in your mind, you can start preparing the layout of your landing page. The goal of the landing page is conversion, so you need to remember that the design should be both simple and aesthetically pleasing.

Avoid too many creations and elements that may “stifle” your offer. It is best to use ready-made templates, which are available on the Internet. Using a ready-made template will allow you to easily arrange the most important elements on your landing page. The landing page must look attractive, because it is from the design that the first impression of a potential customer will depend.

Attention-Grabbing Headline

The headline, or keyword, is a very important part of any landing page. It is the first piece of content that your potential customer will see. You should do everything you can to immediately encourage the reader to take the desired action. An effective headline is a short sentence that will make the user read your offer or product description. On the other hand, a landing page with too long of a headline can give the impression of an overly pushy advertisement.

Graphics/Video showing the Product

Landing pages are characterized by simplicity and uncomplicated design. It does not mean, however, that graphic elements do not matter. On the contrary. When it comes to e-commerce sales, images or product videos are crucial. You can portray the look of the product and its use in this way.

Most Internet users buy under the influence of emotions, so your goal when preparing a landing page should be to arouse positive emotions in Internet users.

Product or Offer Description

Content is a key element of your landing page. When presenting your product or offer, you must remember to write in the language of benefits. Why should your potential customer take advantage of your offer? How can your product make their life easier? What makes your offer better than your competitors’? Depending on the industry and type of product, you may also want to present its features.

Content on a landing page should encourage people to use your offer, but it should not be a pushy advertisement.


If you’re not using a landing page directly for sales, but rather trying to collect contact information from customers or encourage them to attend a webinar, for example, you should create a form accordingly. One of the biggest dilemmas is the length of the form. How much information about a potential customer do you need?

Sometimes it’s enough to ask an internet user for their name and email. However, sometimes it’s worth asking for additional information that can help you customize your offer – after all, the landing page is there to learn as much as possible about the potential customer.

Call to Action

Call to Action is an element of a landing page that is supposed to influence the recipient to provide his data, download an e-book or make a purchase. Call to Action is used in the form of a button with some content. It is usually a direct response to the recipient.

The CTA should be a highly visible element on the page and be the final element that reassures the potential customer that they are making a good decision. Without a catchy Call to Action, your landing page may achieve much lower conversions.

Remarketing Codes and Analytics

One more important element of a landing page, but one that does not directly affect sales, are codes that allow you to collect data about user behavior on the page. The codes on the page are also used to be able to see what the conversion of the landing page is.

How to Improve Conversion on a Landing Page?

Conversion rate is the most important indicator by which you judge the quality of your landing page. So what can you do if the conversion rate on your landing page is not satisfactory? First of all, you should make sure that your landing page meets the criteria and contains the elements we wrote about above.

Next, make sure that you are reaching the right target audience with your marketing efforts. Then, you can edit the content on the page – write about the benefits that Internet users will receive after performing a given action. Also pay attention to the design and graphics presenting the product – perhaps the layout does not match the product you are offering. SSL certificate is also a very important element. If you use a landing page to collect form data, you need to make sure you have an active SSL certificate.

Sometimes the solution to low conversion is to shorten the contact form. Also pay attention to the page load time, as landing pages that are too slow discourage users.

Now you know what landing pages should look like that are effectively used to acquire leads. So define your target audience, create an attractive landing page, take care of the traffic and enjoy high conversions and increased sales!