Workshop about WordPress and WooCommerce on SKN e-commerce PUEB

Recently, we had a great pleasure to lead a practical workshop on the installation and maintenance of the WordPress and WooCommerce system at the meeting of the Students’ e-commerce Scientific Circle at the Poznan University of Economics and Business.
The following issues were raised:
  • technical requirements,
  • WordPress installation,
  • system configuration,
  • WooCommerce installation,
  • store configuration,
  • creation of products, subpages, delivery forms and payments.
We would like to thank those present for coming and for an opinion straight from the Scientific Circle:
“Rafał Chojnacki, a graduate of Poznan University of Economics and Business, currently working as CEO & Founder at SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency, Rafał proved himself in the leading role perfectly – each participant learned many practical skills, such as store configuration or creating products, subpages or forms of payment and delivery. “