YouTube Ads. What are they and how to get the best ad results on YT?

YouTube is the world’s most popular video site and is part of the Google family. It is used by more than a billion people every day, totaling 1/3 of all internet users. YouTube is used by practically everyone. It’s a great place for businesses, infulencers, brands and creators. With ads, you can effectively use advertising on YouTube and easily reach your target audience. An executed YouTube advertising campaign can make your brand more recognizable, build brand awareness and increase website traffic. Users of this platform often become grateful customers who return regularly.

The advantage of video content

Whatever sources and marketing research you use, you’ll quickly see that video content is the future. They interact with two senses: sight and hearing. This makes them more engaging to a potential customer. As the interest in video content has grown, the places to publish ads have also changed. One of the best places for this purpose has become YouTube. The fact that it is a very accessible platform definitely increases its advertising potential.

Precise definition of the audience

Large audience is not the only advantage of advertising your business on YouTube. Another of the many advantages is the fact that by setting up ads you can very precisely target your audience. What does this mean? It means that you can determine exactly who you want to target with your content based on what demographics, interests, channels or specific videos watched, and keywords. YouTube campaigns can also go directly to people who have already visited your website.

Tracking results

Many sites that give you the option to publish an ad don’t allow you to accurately track its results. This is not the case with YouTube. Here, you can check analytics reports that show how many people watched the ad and what portion of them actually interacted. This data is very useful because it allows you to constantly improve your ads and achieve greater effectiveness. Consequently, each subsequent ad increases the chances of acquiring customers.

Payment for views

The cost of an ad is very often one of the main factors in deciding where to place it. A huge advantage with YouTube is that you only pay for views and clicks, not for the placement itself. The low cost and paying only on results gives you a huge advantage over ads placed on TV. Additionally, on YouTube you can choose whether the ad appears before or during the video. Despite the same format, YouTube is proving to be a much more advantageous place for advertisers.

Shareable content

You can share your ad just like any other YouTube video on your website or social media. This is one of the reasons why you should create engaging ads that encourage interaction. For every user who shares your video, you gain free reach. This is a very valuable currency on the internet, allowing you to get even better results. However, in order to get this, your ad needs to spark interest, encourage viewing, have a message, or answer a specific question.

Already know the benefits of publishing ads on YouTube and feel it’s a great option for your business? Whether you are a small local business or managing a large brand there is a place for you on YouTube. Using this channel, you can use your advertising budget effectively and the spots you display will benefit you far more than the cost of acquiring the ad. Users of this channel often turn into grateful customers who regularly return to your website and use your services.

What are the types of ads on YouTube?

If this is your first time deciding how to set up YouTube ads the amount of things to look at can be overwhelming. Each type of ad performs differently depending on the purpose of the ad and what audience you want to reach. Be aware that not all types of ads display on cell phones, some of them may irritate the viewer. Therefore, when deciding on a specific placement you should consider various options and take all factors into account. So what types of ads can you find on YouTube?

Commercials during a movie

Can be published in videos that are at least 15 minutes long, and can be skippable or non-skippable. They work well for ads that cover the same topic as the creator’s video.

Non skippable ads

These ads usually last between 15 and 30 seconds. They are usually less well received by users because they lose the ability to choose whether they want to watch the ad to the end.

Display advertisements

That is, standard banners that you may notice on the right side of your screen. Their advantage is that the user sees them for a long time, which increases the chance of a click.

Sponsored Cards

This is another type of ad that partially obscures the video. It appears on the right side of the player, and is usually just a card with offers for particular products that can be expanded if they interest the user.

What do you need to set up ads on YouTube?

In order to set up ads, you need to have a Google account to log into YouTube and the Google Ads panel. Also, there must be a video or videos on your channel that you will use for advertising and your Ads account should be active.

How to create YouTube campaigns step by step?

  • Start by logging into your Google Ads dashboard and going to the campaigns tab,
  • then click the blue plus button and create a new campaign,
  • the next step is to select the campaign goal,
  • after passing to the next window we have to choose the type of campaign – in the case of the most popular ads on YouTube this type is of course video,
  • the last point is to select the campaign subtype, here you decide if the ad should be skippable etc.

By following these few steps, we have set up the basic elements of a YouTube advertising campaign. The next elements include setting the budget, rate strategy, languages, or advertising resources. The panel works very intuitively, so even setting up ads for the first time, you will manage without much trouble.

Advertising Price on YouTube

YouTube allows you to reach many audiences for a low price. But what is the right price to make the campaign effective? The same as on other channels you should pay at least 10 PLN per day. At this rate you also start to receive advice from Google on how to optimize your ad which allows you to get better results at the same cost.

Other campaign settings

The next step is to choose a rate setting strategy. Here two options appear:

  • maximum CPV – you set how much you are able to pay per ad display,
  • target CPM – you set how much you are able to pay per display of your video thumbnail.

Next, you determine in which videos (language, categories) your ads should appear. It is very useful for advertisers to specify on which devices your ads should appear (including brand, e.g. Huawei or iPhone). It may also be useful to limit the number of impressions for a single user. This way, the potential customer will not feel overwhelmed by the excessive number of ads appearing.

Determining your advertising audience

A very important step is to determine who you want your ads to display to. We start with demographic data and here you can choose from such resources as age, gender, household income or parental status. You should also pay attention to the demographics of the majority of your YouTube audience and use them as a starting point.

Another very important point is the characteristics of the audience, here we select, from interests and behavior, the people to whom the ad will be displayed. It is worth paying careful attention at this point in setting up your ad because your goal is not to burn through your budget. You will do this by displaying your ads to everyone one by one.

A much more beneficial option is to create a persona – an ideal customer, specifying his/her gender, age, income, and also interests or leisure activities. This way your ads will be shown to those people who can turn into customers.

Determine your audience’s interests based on how they spend their time online

Another consideration is keywords. By specifying them, your site will reach people who search for such keywords on Google or YouTube search engine. Getting the viewer interested in a particular topic can increase the likelihood that they will use your service or check out your online store.

You can also determine which video themes your ad will be shown on. When the message of your ad is in line with the theme of the video you once again increase its effectiveness.

But that’s not all, you can also choose to have your ad displayed next to a specific movie that you choose yourself. Out of the millions of videos available, you are sure to find a video or creator that matches 100% with what your brand stands for.

Advertising materials

After setting all the parameters comes the moment for the most important. The selection of the video that will be your advertisement. How to do it? You choose one of the videos available on your YouTube channel, and paste a link to it. The video will be automatically loaded by the wizard.

In the wizard you can choose the type of ad and you have a preview of how it will be displayed. Be sure to check how it will look for both mobile and detscopy devices.

The only thing left is to enter such elements as the headline, subtitle – a short description and save the ad. If everything has been filled in correctly, your ad will be submitted for verification, and after its completion it will be displayed on YouTube.

Ads – make them yourself or get help from a professional?

Creating ads on YouTube can seem intimidating, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. This is why advertisers often choose to enlist the help of people with experience in the subject. Google Ads professionals will reach users faster and turn them into customers thanks to their experience. When creating ads they rely on data, reports and have information that if you are not in the industry you may not know about.

YouTube is an advertising channel that opens up huge advertising opportunities and allows you to achieve truly astounding results. If you decide to set up the ads yourself, however, you have to take into account the fact that the first money spent on advertising may turn out to be a waste or not bring the expected profits.

So which option is better? It depends on how much time you have and how much you want to spend on advertising. Google Ads can be learned. If you spend enough time, analyze the data and try to make it work, it becomes more and more effective.

However, if you prefer to spend your time on other business development activities, then using the services of the right people will be a better option. The cost will be slightly higher due to the fact that you are also paying the person who sets up the ads. However, you will gain more time and confidence that you have placed your marketing efforts in good hands and that your YouTube advertising will be profitable.