SPACE ADS Named Top Advertising & Marketing Partner in Poland by Clutch

Is your company looking to lift off by enhancing its digital marketing strategies and presence? At SPACE ADS, our team of advertising experts is responsible for over 60 million ad impressions globally per month.

It is that dedication to growing our clients’ e-commerce empires through tailor-made marketing that led to our company earning a spot on the Clutch 2019 list of Eastern European business-to-business industry leaders, naming us a top advertising and marketing agency among all Poland agencies.

With other-worldly returns on advertising spending, our high-quality campaigns can not be matched.

Based out of Krakow, our team is excited to announce the reception of this award, as this recognition places our region of the world on the very competitive and crowded advertising map. We would like to thank our loyal customers and Clutch for making this opportunity a reality.

Having provided our PPC, branding, and digital strategy services to a vast number of small business, mid-market, and enterprise clients since 2018, our agency has worked within the retail and e-commerce industries.

“Their work generated increases in organic and paid traffic, along with conversion rate and overall sales,” said the CEO of an online home decoration wholesale store in one of our reviews. Other former clients have praised our reliable traffic-driving abilities and open lines of communication.

Clutch is a B2B ratings and reviews platform that provides firm recommendations and buying options to businesses based on objective data-driven research and feedback that comes directly from our clients’ experiences.

We are also featured on the list of Manifest agencies for our advertising projects.

“As an innovative TEAL organization we are honored to be recognized as Clutch Leader. Hard work for all of our clients was always most important for our team. We can see that partnership is the key to success and this strategy brings the best results.” – Rafal Chojnacki, CEO & Founder of SPACE ADS

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How inbound marketing is helping boost Ecommerce

What is inbound marketing? Yes! This is the first thing that strikes your mind when you come across this overly popular term. Inbound marketing is a highly tempting approach to lure customers. It drives people towards a product or service and keeps the target engaged throughout. This technique is extremely inviting and comprises different smaller initiatives which play a remarkable role when combined together.

All about Inbound marketing

Now you may be wondering how this marketing technique can be used in an ecommerce landscape. In order to win interest of customers and to ensure that your brand remains ahead of your competitors, it is best to execute this marketing initiative to optimise ROI for your business. In short you can define this as a strategy which makes use of content that is of relevance to prospective and current buyers such that they are convinced into buying a product or service from your company. Inbound marketing is a great way of drawing customer interests. It can be regarded as a campaign or a tool which offers great results.

Inbound marketing and its strong presence:

However many of you may still be thinking why inbound marketing is needed for ecommerce. Inbound marketing involves techniques which bring relevancy. It is an effective way to approach customers who have an inclination towards relating to a brand that caters to their bespoke needs. It’s not hard-core marketing yet it is nothing less than mainstream marketing. The only difference lies with the approach with which it is executed.

Here are some facts related to a paradigm shift in consumer behaviour which you can go through to understand the growing need for inbound marketing and its role in ecommerce:

  • Now that shopping has been shifted to Smartphone screens, a huge percentage of shoppers admit to buying products on their mobile phones.
  • Today’s consumers increasingly consider voice assisted buys which occur on various types of devices.
  • A research has shown that product searches in the coming years are likely to happen through voice search
  • Ecommerce sites alone don’t witness purchases. Shopping is also happening over social media platforms.

Followed by these, ecommerce has also turned faster and accessible. It is happening over various kinds of devices and platforms which are easily accessible to users. Hence it can be said that inbound marketing is a powerful tool which empowers a business to understand the following:

  • Engagement
  • Understanding customer behaviour
  • Understanding prospective and existing customer base
  • Understanding earlier customers

The main objective of relying on inbound marketing is to boost ecommerce for a business. The marketing strategy helps with the following:

  • Increasing the conversion rates
  • Increasing the number of visitors
  • Increasing brand value
  • Increasing the average value of an order

It is today considered to be one of the most effective ways to promote your brand value and products. Here are some primary ways inbound marketing can help ecommerce:

  • Attracting customers by generating awareness or triggering brand recognition
  • Capturing interest of consumers
  • Sales
  • Helping meet up to customer expectations

Indeed to reach out to your customers, you will need help of inbound marketing.

Magnetic Marketing Strategy pulls customers towards business, instantly

Have you ever thought if your business could be a magnet? Today’s responsive marketing techniques are taking businesses to a new level of accomplishment. The magnetic marketing practice attracts or pulls the customer base towards a business. This is otherwise referred to as an “attraction-based” marketing practice and is especially implemented for capturing attention and turning every prospective customer into a buyer.

Magnetic marketing strategy involves the use of following:

  • Writing high traffic generating articles
  • Developing informative and content-rich videos
  • Conducting targeted events

The 3 elementary components involved in magnetic marketing

Want to know what all magnetic marketing includes? It includes SEO, email marketing, influencer outreach, content creation and lead nurturing. Digital marketers are increasingly resorting to magnetic marketing with an aim to convert as much as possible. However amidst their efforts to implement such fast growing tactics and trying to achieve desired results, most marketers are failing on their targets. Marketers are losing their focus because of this complex and hurried marketplace scenario.

In order to make your marketing strategies work there are 3 elementary aspects that will help you attain the following:

  • Pleasing customers
  • Identifying prospects
  • Achieving goals through a realistic practice

Defining your persona:

Tricks and tactics that will annoy your customers are a big no. Your first step should be to understand the vital aspects that will convince customers into clicking links, ticking or encouraging them to buy something. Understand your customers’ behavior and thoughts before planning for this marketing strategy. Magnetic marketing is a lot about your skill to analyse customer behavior and needs. Develop your core persona; this will help get an idea of what customers actually want from your business. The personas are developed based on various user research and user needs. They help gain a behavioral pattern for the business’s target audience. Your planning process may include creation of blogs, planning email campaigns and executing keyword research. When you develop a core persona it becomes easier to determine your business goals. It provides real insight into which is important when it comes to implementing magnetic marketing strategy.

Understand the trigger factors of your customer base: Try to identify where and how customers respond to your business messages. Identify problems customers face in their daily life while trying to search for your line of products or services. Such powerful insight will help you address customer pain point in a smoother way. It takes both reasoning and emotion to understand what customers go through while choosing and buying a product. This is a real solution which can be conceptualised with the help of a business persona.

Setting your marketing goals and defining your content strategy:

There are different objectives of magnetic marketing and it is important for you to decide the particular goal which you want to accomplish with the help of such marketing practice. Under majority of instances magnetic marketing is used to achieve both DM (digital marketing objectives) as well as business goals. When your aim is to generate leads, you can use inbound digital marketing plan which solely revolves around lead generation; furthermore this will support overall lead generation and increase ROIs for your business. Since content marketing is today’s core strategy to drive users to a website and then lead them to buy products under your company label, it is important for you to create content marketing strategy that will boost magnetic marketing practice.

Landing Page: a powerful instrument to drive conversions

It’s not that easy to lure visitors to your website unless you have some really effective strategies up your sleeves. Driving traffic is basically about convincing people into dropping by while also keeping them engaged at the same time with attractive content. Initially this task can be accomplished with a really attractive landing page. As you have always known the fact that a good presentation drives interest, in the same way a well designed landing page makes way for traffic.

In order for your website’s landing page to stand out it’s important for you to work on the different elements that are necessary for creating an appealing outlook. Firstly set your goals straight. It’s better if you still name them as landing page objectives. Like for example form length is essential in designing the landing page and there can be both long and short forms. The form length you choose will determine whether you want lower rate of high-end form submissions or larger number of low quality submissions.

Varying combination to suit different designs

Of course, there are different combinations to work on and the statistics may vary from one landing page to the other. What fits best for a particular business website may not find place on landing page of a different site. There are some permutations and combinations involved which need to be handled with care. On the contrary, seeing the success of a certain landing page you may get too inspired and might as well think of laying your hands on it, since you are too eager to create a smash-hit for your own website.

Let the landing page do the job for your business

The more leads your website generates, the greater is the revenue. You must be wondering how an appealing landing page works. So, here are ways how a landing page may boost business for you.

Grabbing leads for you: well! That’s what you have been waiting to hear for a while, isn’t it so? When you have a landing page that’s as attractive as a dame, visitors will automatically try to get onto your site and if you are lucky, these visits may turn into potential leads. To add an edge to your online presence include images, downloadable content and allow users to get pop up messages when they start to scroll. You can also simply add a sign-up form for higher conversions. Built-in forms too will help capture leads.

Mobility: The desktop view is great and it will be even better when you get a design for mobile views. The more you optimize the page the greater will you gain from mobile conversions.

Set a countdown timer: If you want to boost the conversion rates include the countdown timer. It triggers excitement and urgency prompting visitors to seek action.

Analytics: What are your page insights? Do you know where to improve upon? Use Analytics to make your landing page attractive enough to drive traffic. Allow it to reach out to the correct target base and there you will be shining amidst a crowd of contenders.