YouTube Ads, an effective strategy to target your audience

If you have plans to incorporate video ads in your latest marketing strategy, YouTube should top your list of feasible options because this video platform is known in recent times as an unparalleled channel for maximised marketing benefits.

You Tube ads that interest your audience

When you decide to invest on a marketing strategy such as YouTube ads, in the first place you will need to create videos which are catchy and relatable. Your target audience may not find interest in something that they can hardly refer to in their daily life. Now, this may put you in a fix as till now, you have only thought of strategies that will benefits your business. In order to truly keep your audience engaged your approach should be subtle yet direct in the form of innovative and personal ads.

The different types of YouTube Ads marketers prefer

In Stream Ads: These display ads are shown on YouTube before a video. The ads are shown when a user searches for a video. They appear same like that of a television advert. After running for around 5 seconds, the user is given the choice of skipping the ad. However, if you create an ad which seems interesting to a particular user base or target audience, they make take time out of their schedule to watch the advert till its end.

In Display & In Search Ads: The In Display Add is especially designed for advertisements which are shown on YouTube and Google’s Display Network. These adverts are mostly displayed on pages showing search results. Sometimes they are shown on watch pages. This form of advertising resembles the traditional display ad. Firstly the advert will appear on the screen along with textual illustration. Once the user clicks into it he is directed to a YouTube channel page.

Why YouTube marketing is beneficial

Marketers rely on this video streaming platform because of reasons mentioned below:

Easy reach: Believe it or not a research has shown that each month YouTube’s unique visit reaches up to 1 billion. In addition to this, the average viewing rises up to 6 billion hours. It is therefore one of the strongest and easiest channels to rely upon to catch attention of your target base.

Target: This incredible platform is highly functional when it comes to reaching out to your target base, which is primary, especially when you are trying to gain attention of particular audience base. When you use YouTube advertising you are able to ascertain the target with the help of the following:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Viewing devices
  • Time of viewing

Now, these are useful metrics to understand the audience, especially when your sole intention is to gain attention of the mass and drive them towards your services or products.

Besides, it said and proven that video ads have a stronger potential to connect with users. Do you know why? This is because video ads are meaningful and authentic. With the help of these adverts it becomes easier for people to select your services and products over others.

Let your target be more specific

Since video and display campaigns are considered extremely effective to connect with a target base, most marketers are delving deep into the aspect. For a more relevant or specific reach-out you can definitely count on target layering. As a marketer and a businessman you must have always wondered what it takes to reach out to the core audience. Well! YouTube Marketing pretty much focuses on the same; they help you pin down your target. Some effective targeting choices have been mentioned below for campaign effectiveness:

Targeting competitor channels: Your competitor in the market may not be your well wisher, but at the same time you can learn from a contender, how to make your way to the market and gain foothold in a challenging scenario. If you are completely interested in Placement Targeting, the first thing for you to do is keep tab on a competitor channel on Youtube. With this you will also get your hands on other competitor channels that can be targeted in different ad groups.

Most importantly your focus should be on a specific channel target which can be further teamed up as Partner Channel. If you want to carve a niche in the industry, it’s possibly best to bring your brand in front of your competitor’s audience base. Do a little research on particular videos and channels with ads.

Affinity Audience: Google is certainly doing its best for advertisers to identify their audience better. In recent times marketers or advertisers are trying to target users or customers who seem to have shown keenness in choosing similar types of products or services that the former have been selling. A constant affinity to pick products of same type, make these customers the affinity audience. In YouTube, marketers can look for Affinity Targets. Advertisers however, have the choice of customising the affinity audience if they want to reach out to a potential base.

Custom Match, the new tool for advertisers: The introduction of ‘Custom Match’ added a new dimension in the marketing arena. Considered a new ad targeting tool, Custom Match entails uploading of CSV files containing categorised email ids. With this tool marketers can now identify their customer base through YouTube, Gmail and Google Search. When you have set a customer list, attach it with the ad group target on Youtube.

The impact of Google Analytics in enriching adverts

Google Analytics offers you key metrics for determining the reason behind driving more traffic to your website. Google Analytics has answers to almost everything that relates to adverts and what causes them to attract more visitors. Seeing your Youtube ad run quite well, is inspiring. Google Analytics offers free tools for gaining valuable insight into what visitors generally search for and why they have particularly chosen to visit your site. The tool has been rolled out by Google as a measure to understand if all key metrics related to driving visitors to your YouTube ad, are being set straight. Google Analytics help you understand the following:

  • Whether the video ad is functional to create brand awareness
  • Creating customer demand for your products and services

Google Analytics is a highly functional tool in convincing customers for you. It paves way to a more strategic approach helpful in strengthening your brand to a point where your products and services are the first things that come to their mind.

How Ecommerce is benefiting with the help of Google Analytics

Ecommerce tracking is the biggest advantage that businesses can derive from Google Analytics. The tracking technology helps determine the transactions that have taken place and the revenue generated from them. At the end every businessman wants to know how well his website has been doing, the number of potential footfall and the rate of conversions.

An insight  

When a customer visits a typical ecommerce website and clicks ‘purchase’ his purchase details automatically flows out to a web server, which is generally responsible for carrying out a transaction. If the purchaser buys a products or service, he is reciprocated with a ‘Thank You’ message. The buyer is redirected to a receipt page with the various details pertaining to the purchase. A website owner can further make use of the analytics.js library to transfer the ecommerce data directly to the Analytics support by Google.

The different aspects involved in Data acquisition

There are some of the most elementary aspects involved in data acquisition. They have been mentioned below:

Transaction data: every transaction that happens with your website contains information with regards to ID, revenue, affiliation, shipping and tax.

Item data: The item represents individual products in a shopping cart containing various details with regards to ID, name, sku, category, price and quantity.

Implementation: the ecommerce tracking is executed once the checkout process completes. It happens on ‘Receipt or Thank You’ page. After acquiring the ecommerce data, you can send them to Google Analytics for further analysis. However this will demand you to follow certain steps, which may include loading an ecommerce plugin, adding transaction, adding the items, sending the data and clearing the same.

Specifying the local currencies

As a website owner you are given the benefit of configuring a global currency for different transactions on items. This is possible through “Google Analytics management web interface”. This global currency is made functional for all types of items which are purchased. This specific feature of Google Analytics allows a website conducting transactions in various currencies to specify a local currency for each transaction. However, the currency is specified under ISO 4217. In case of a transaction, the website owner has to specify a particular local currency for the purchase process taking place.

The All-in-one track support

You can make use of an ecommerce plug-in if there are already numerous trackers implemented on the page.

The benefits of implementing Google Analytics in ecommerce

Do you know how much traffic your website can drive or the number of visitors stepping on to your site? Google Analytics helps you determine this. Find out the various benefits of using Google Analytics for ecommerce, which have been mentioned below:

  • Determining optimised content for site search
  • Determining touch points from where clients refrain from further engagement with the website
  • Knowing more about customer interests
  • Measuring duration in lead conversion
  • Implementing improved SEO practice
  • Finding out result based site engagement
  • Finding out the customer value
  • Decoding unclear statistics for better analysis of data
  • Finding out the time-span for which visitors remain engaged to your site

These are some of the most valid reasons why Google Analytics is most sought after by ecommerce site owners.

Google Display Network, the new age tool to keep your target base growing and intact

Are you worried if you have access to the right target base? If this seems to be a problem for you, Google has an answer. It has come up with a highly functional platform otherwise known as the Google Display Network. With the GDN you can reach out to the people you want to and get an idea of what they may be looking for. Every time a person visits a website or watches a video over some social media platform you will be notified. That’s not just it. The Google Display Network will help you get their Gmail id.

Why Google Display Network has been set up

Among the many roll outs over the past decade, the Google Display Network seems like a bonus for marketers. It is designed so that businesses have the access to the right kind of people. Also, the GDN is empowered with features that particularly show your advertising intent or message to people who might be interested in such ads. So, if you are really thinking of whom to show your products, Google will give you an edge over others with its Display Network. Now, your products will come to the limelight. Also, it’s the best tool to take over a prospective base. You may still want this to be elaborated.

Here is how:

  • Finding new customers and engaging them while also keeping existing customers glued to your brand. Well! Doesn’t that sound interesting? Having idea about people who will be interested to purchase your products will require you to know your, in-market audience. If you want to re-engage the people who used to previously visit your website or used to purchase your products earlier then Google Display Network is the perfect platform to bet on.
  • Then, there is about driving traffic and conversions. These tasks are done alone by GDN on automation. The automated system helps you achieve greater conversion rates. How? Well! GDN is a highly optimised tool which will actually lead you towards audiences who are actual buyers. The high performing audience can be tracked based on the existing customer base you have achieved and the landing page of your website. This automated optimising impact can help Google Ads derive the actual facts and figures that look promising for your business.

The benevolent Google Display Network

Do you want to keep your users or visitors engaged? Google Display Network will help you with it by using various attractive ad formats. Few types of ads which can be run on GDN are as follows:

  • Responsive Display ads
  • Uploaded Image ads
  • Gmail ads
  • Engagement ads

Do you want to engage your visitors to a level where they are convinced to enter the buying cycle, GDN will help you. It keeps a visitor glued to your website and products where they are actually driven towards a buy. It works somewhat like this, where you put your ad in front of a customer, even before he/she has put the keyword on the search bar. This makes everything easier.

Workshop about WordPress and WooCommerce on SKN e-commerce PUEB

Recently, we had a great pleasure to lead a practical workshop on the installation and maintenance of the WordPress and WooCommerce system at the meeting of the Students’ e-commerce Scientific Circle at the Poznan University of Economics and Business.
The following issues were raised:
  • technical requirements,
  • WordPress installation,
  • system configuration,
  • WooCommerce installation,
  • store configuration,
  • creation of products, subpages, delivery forms and payments.
We would like to thank those present for coming and for an opinion straight from the Scientific Circle:
“Rafał Chojnacki, a graduate of Poznan University of Economics and Business, currently working as CEO & Founder at SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency, Rafał proved himself in the leading role perfectly – each participant learned many practical skills, such as store configuration or creating products, subpages or forms of payment and delivery. “

Google Shopping adds new dimension to e-marketing strategies for merchants

Google has another indispensable product under its flagship, it’s called Google Shopping. It was formerly known as “Google Products, Google Product Search and Froggle”. So, here is something merchants would like to know, the platform is empowered to help retailers connect with shoppers and attain conversions. It is a podium from, where customers can find products under a desired category compare prices and finally purchase. When you are thinking of buying a product, wouldn’t you want to see the best options to pop-up? Also, you would surely want to invest in a desirable product; Google Shopping will connect you to hundreds or thousands of choices and in doing so would allow you to evaluate on what would be the best.

How Google shopping helps vendors

Vendors who would like to avail the service need to first subscribe it and get enlisted. In 2012, the service was transformed under a paid-structure, demanding merchants to pay a certain amount for companies offering the service. Today, the platform is empowered by two other powerful and popular platforms, Google Merchant Centre and Google Ads. A merchant willing to obtain a foothold in the market, would have to first get his products enlisted with Google Shopping. Later on Google will decide on a format suitable to showcase the product details.

Campaigns for products

Before you have thought about selling your products online, have you really thought about people who may be interested in buying them? Ascertaining your target base is most important. Google Shopping helps a vendor sell his products to buyers for whom such items would matter the most. No matter if the shoppers are based at home, travelling or visiting any shop, the shopping campaigns are so compelling that they will attract a potential base towards going through or purchasing your products. As a vendor you will pay for every click.

Google Shopping ads

Unlike normal text ads where customers may only view some plain text or at the most an image of a product or service, Google Shopping ads appear smarter. They show buyers a host of details, which may include the image of a product, title, store name and price. There are also various other details which are shown.


The shopping campaigns are indeed effective in performing the following for vendors or merchants:

  • Promoting the business online
  • Promoting local inventory
  • Boosting traffic towards vendor site
  • Driving conversions

Check out what’s working

Google shopping campaigns offer a host of benefits and most of them are engineered to leverage merchants to a wide extent. With Google as a platform to sell your products or services you rarely need to worry. The shopping campaigns are not just ads to promote products. They offer complete services, for example, reports are generated through which merchants can identify strategies that are working to promote the product, and strategies which aren’t reaping expected result. Such evaluation tools and reports make it easier for vendors to seek strategies which can help attain improved results.

Also, Google Shopping helps merchants to obtain maximum reach through multiple devices. People can now shop for your products over the internet or while on the go.

Advertising, an elementary strategy in e-Commerce Marketing

After you launch your own ecommerce store, the first thing you pray for is its success. The reality is however, a far cry from whatever picture is there on your mind. To get a foothold of the much contending marketplace, you will need some result-based strategies. Advertising is indeed the strongest podiums to come to your rescue. Most marketers are struggling to make a mark in the industry. Even a solid website design can’t lead to faster progress. In order to see your store at a flourishing state, you will need to invest in proper ecommerce advertising. To get started you may need to follow these speedy techniques:

Spot the mistake

Sometimes even the biggest mistake remains hidden, no matter the endless number of times you have got your website tested for any imperfection. However, these hard to find mistakes can turn out to be fatal, taking toll on the traffic and thereby reducing the number of real visitors to the website. Few such errors include missing product image or missing product description, broken link and imprecise instructions. Through advertising you can get a clear picture of what is happening to your website. Optimize is a tool used to straighten the wrinkles that may be posing threat to your website. The recordings and heat maps created by the tool gives you a clear idea on areas of improvements, or things that need to be fixed. If users aren’t interested into buying your products, learn what is causing the hindrance.


Taking down the numbers

setting up a business may majorly demand you to face following questions:

  • What is the optimum number of sales my business requires
  • How many visitors can turn out to be potential buyers
  • What is the exact amount I need to pay for a pay per click strategy

These probable questions will crowd your mind. Also another primary question which you will want to calculate is the average order worth. When you face challenges, trying to get a round off calculation on all of these, advertising will help you clarify on such probable numbers. It is hard to get the actual sales numbers unless you have sought the right advertising technique. Advertising gives you the actual numbers, allowing you to get a clear picture of the roll-over.


Boosting sales

The biggest thing to motivate an ecommerce marketer is actual sales. End of the day, you will only be bothered by the actual sales. Advertising helps turn visitors into potential buyers, which is the bottom line working behind all strategies. A powerful advertising strategy will get you potential buyers and not just visitors.

Facebook Ads, offer a promising transformation for businesses

Over the years, we have seen Facebook grow from just a social media platform to connect with people to an entire powerhouse for businesses to reach unprecedented growth. The rise has been palpable. Several businesses across the world are using Facebook as a ticket to watch their ROI’s grow. A lot of businesses that started with Facebook ads are not the same anymore. The “sure-fire” marketing strategy is helping make a huge difference in terms of profit and investments.

Be it small or large, each and every business unit witnesses a difference major or minor, in the ROI, which is completely dependent on the investment, quality of ad, the industry and various other aspects.

The constant and quick strategy to meet your business goals

Though, it is true that Facebook has the potential to expand your business, emphasis should still be given into planning and execution of strategies. Every effective campaign demands proper execution and a well-planned strategy. Considering the fact, that business owners are frequently seen over/underestimating their ad platforms resulting in increased expenditure and lower ROI’s, it is important for the trader to understand Facebook’s ad campaigns, at first. These ads demand proper implementation to move forward.

Ad that adds value by allowing you to keep track on all of it

If you are still not familiar with Facebook Pixel, its time about you learn about this brief snippet containing codes that can be applied on every page of your website to understand the target audience. It is typically built to get an idea of the visitor’s engagement with your website/product/services. The small snippet helps you get a quick glimpse on people visiting different pages like the pricing page or gallery. Facebook Pixel is a sophisticated tracking tool which requires proper execution.

The ads that serve your purpose

Facebook ad is a massive platform where marketers can create and invest on advertisements which mainly centre around 12 fundamental objectives. Every Facebook ad emphasises on the three aspects:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Facebook marketing is all about accurate implementation of strategies and gauging the ROI.

Learn your audience

Facebook is a great platform to expand your business. The social medium gives an insight into the target base and does the job with quite precision. Facebook marketing gives every business owner the opportunity to gauge their target audience. To achieve custom results, the large advertising medium helps segregate audiences in terms of the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Occupation
  • Income

The efficiency of the marketing strategy is unmatched. It can help you target your audience based on their individual behaviour. Can you beat that?


Facebook has become the biggest marketing powerhouse flooding users with advertisements. At the same time, you can also show your creative side with the help of Facebook. In order to stand out from a crowd of marketers, you will require showing your creative side through advertisements that will engage your target audience. A genuinely appealing Facebook ad will work it out for you. All you will need is striking content enriched with visuals and videos.

Give your website a face-lift with recording tools

Businesses today need e-commerce to stay ahead of their game, and this is why recording tools sites are so important for trade. As a businessowner, you may think that you run a successful business because your website attracts traffic, but how many of these viewers are actually placing orders with you? It is important to understand your clients’ needs as this can help you meet with them efficiently.

The term session recording refers to tools that can be used to record the sessions of website traffic. Marketers utilize session recording tools to analyze the behavior of their site’s visitors and deliver on the best user experience. Below is a brief analysis of two session recording tools: HotJar and FullStory.


How does Hotjar work?

This powerful tool features Heatmaps and reports what the visitors clicked on, as well as their online behavior. It combines both analysis and behavior tools. Hot areas are defined as those pages which are frequented and are depicted with warm colors while cold areas which are the pages not visited often are depicted in cool colors. Hotjar also features a recordings function which allows you to monitor and track the visitor’s mouse movement and time spent on each page. This will let you know which content on your site was more engaging to your site visitors. This data is important for SEO (search engine optimization). Recordings also show you whether your visitors navigate through your website with ease and recommends which areas need to be improved. Hotjar allows you to communicate with your site visitors in numerous ways: users can give their opinions on the site’s effectiveness via feedback features and companies can respond using dialogue/chat boxes. It provides excellent tools for viewing lead conversion rates and to set goals to improve them. It is simple to use with many great features.


How does FullStory work?

FullStory produces video recordings which offer the business owner a detailed account of the website’s activity and the customer’s experience online. The report is comprehensive and contains details about rapid clicking, which may suggest that site visitors were confused or upset. This will include indications as to whether the design is user-friendly or not. FullStory allows you to get information about how your viewers relate to your website in real time. Data that is collected can assist in enhancing the viewer’s experience of that particular site. The information is presented using graphs and pie charts to help the owner better understand what is being presented. You may also use the commenting feature which enables you to share your findings with the rest of the team. FullStory offers a range of administrative features such as multiple integrations and multiple accounts.


Making the choice

Amongst others, Hotjar and FullStory are very useful session recording tools which assist the business or organization to optimize and enhance their website. This allows for better and more satisfying visitor experience. In the end, it is important to decide on the session recording tool that is the best fit for your business, which meets all of your company’s needs.


GALAXY – Session Recording Tool from SPACE ADS

We have started our own BETA tests of Session Recording Tool. Feel free to sign up and test it on your own website for free!

Contact us now for early-stage BETA Access.

Digital Marketing Ways

Digital marketers today, are careful to keep up with relevant methods of the trade. The marketers of today are expected to be present in a million places at once. Relying on digital marketing  enables marketers to save time and energy, while still achieving great results. Below is a list of methods that marketers, both small and large, find valuable.


Digital Marketing Ways


Ways that you can utilize digital marketing:

Organic Social Media – Studies conducted showed that as of September 2017, Facebook had over 2 billion monthly active users, Twitter had 320 million and Instagram had well over 700 million. Many people spend so much time on these social platforms, and these days it is becoming one of the most important channels for brands to influence. It is for this reason that social media management tools have become vital for companies, both small and large.

Paid Social Media – Paid social media sites go far beyond organic reach. Paid platforms can get your brand seen by large groups of active users that you would not ordinarily be able to reach. Social networks have so much information stored on their users that reaching them can become extremely effective, making social an ideal place to pay for advertising.

SEM & Display – for example very popular advertisement in search engines (paid links) and in display networks (remarketing and audience reach).

Email Marketing – the first email sent dates to 1971, and today it still plays a major role in digital marketing at large. Email may be old-fashioned, but it is one of the most effective marketing tools in terms of ROI. Email usage grows approximately 4% year-on-year and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Video Hosting – Video content is estimated to take over 80% of all web traffic by 2021. It is important to make sure you get as many views as possible with videos and generally, much effort is needed to create and publish them. An effective way to do that is to host them on popular video platforms which draw in greater traffic beyond YouTube.

Website Analytics – Most digital marketing tools have built-in analytics. An example of this is Sprout Social which has social media analytics that shows how your content performs on a variety of social platforms. It is important to keep an eye on the data about events that actually take place on your website from clicks to conversions and beyond.

Customer Service – Since we live in a call-out culture, customers are turning to online channels to reach out to brands with their questions and complaints. If you don’t engage with these customers, it reflects badly on your brand or your company. You could also lose customers by failing to provide feedback when needed.  Most people today find it easier to contact you via online channels, and it is important to reach out to them using the same channels.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is one of the digital marketing tools that most of us need much assistance with. These days, so many tools are available, so finding the right fit may be easier said than done. There are so many tools that will help you simplify the complexities that come with SEO.

Affiliate Marketing – The concept is simply to allow others to sell products on behalf of your brand by becoming affiliates. With this method, you will have to pay a small percentage of the sales generated to the affiliate marketers. The method is effective as people tend to trust the opinions of those that they know or brand representatives, rather than the company placing their own ad.

Facebook Ad Library recently launched

Facebook has created an Ad Library which is a comprehensive and transparent surface which provides users with an overview of ads that feature on Facebook apps and services. It assists people by making advertising crystal clear and providing people with more information about the ads that they view.


Facebook Ad Library Recently Launched


The ad library encompasses all of the active ads that are featured on Facebook and even Instagram. Transparency is the key objective for the creators of this service, and the Ad Library offers more information on ads pertaining to politics and matters of importance. The ads are archived for up to seven years.

A little history

The Ad Library was previously known as the Ad Archive in the United States and will be a central place where users can view ads and other related information. With each ad, the Ad Library includes information on who previously viewed the ad, how much money the buyer spent to run it and the feedback it received.

More about Ad Library

Additional information that the Ad Library will store include:

  1. Whether the ad is active or inactive.
  2. Information on whether the ad had a disapproved notice. This is when an ad in the Ad Library was active but later got disapproved.
  3. Demographic information of the people who have viewed the ad.
  4. It will include the date that the ad was created as well as the previous merges and name changes.
  5. It will also include information about the location of the person/s who created the page if the followers are great in number, also includes ads related to political matters in that country.
  6. If the ad is political, it will include an overview of the amount spent on the ad.

Security of the Ad Library

Previously, the API was in beta. To get access to the Ad Library, researchers will be required to go through the Facebook Identity Confirmation process and create an account as a Facebook Developer. They will also be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the service and the identity confirmation process may take a few weeks to be authorized.

The future of Ad Library

Facebook plans on updating the Ad Library in May, on politics and all matters pertaining to ads on a daily basis instead of weekly or monthly.

The Ad Library is:

  1. Available to anyone. Anyone can view and search for ads on the Ad Library. However, if the ad contains content that may not be suitable for younger users, it will not be shown. Where possible, Facebook will rely on people’s information to set the relevant restrictions.
  2. Easy to search – Users are able to search for any term, word or name in the Ad Library. The most common searches include names of political leaders, organizations, or specific pages.
  3. Valuable when user would like to see ads details of their competition.

Over the past two years, real strides have been made regarding finding and addressing threats to election truthfulness. These measures include expanding their teams that are focused on safety and security to more than 30 000 people across the world.

Start using it now: Facebook Ad Library