Facebook Ads, offer a promising transformation for businesses

Over the years, we have seen Facebook grow from just a social media platform to connect with people to an entire powerhouse for businesses to reach unprecedented growth. The rise has been palpable. Several businesses across the world are using Facebook as a ticket to watch their ROI’s grow. A lot of businesses that started with Facebook ads are not the same anymore. The “sure-fire” marketing strategy is helping make a huge difference in terms of profit and investments.

Be it small or large, each and every business unit witnesses a difference major or minor, in the ROI, which is completely dependent on the investment, quality of ad, the industry and various other aspects.

The constant and quick strategy to meet your business goals

Though, it is true that Facebook has the potential to expand your business, emphasis should still be given into planning and execution of strategies. Every effective campaign demands proper execution and a well-planned strategy. Considering the fact, that business owners are frequently seen over/underestimating their ad platforms resulting in increased expenditure and lower ROI’s, it is important for the trader to understand Facebook’s ad campaigns, at first. These ads demand proper implementation to move forward.

Ad that adds value by allowing you to keep track on all of it

If you are still not familiar with Facebook Pixel, its time about you learn about this brief snippet containing codes that can be applied on every page of your website to understand the target audience. It is typically built to get an idea of the visitor’s engagement with your website/product/services. The small snippet helps you get a quick glimpse on people visiting different pages like the pricing page or gallery. Facebook Pixel is a sophisticated tracking tool which requires proper execution.

The ads that serve your purpose

Facebook ad is a massive platform where marketers can create and invest on advertisements which mainly centre around 12 fundamental objectives. Every Facebook ad emphasises on the three aspects:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Facebook marketing is all about accurate implementation of strategies and gauging the ROI.

Learn your audience

Facebook is a great platform to expand your business. The social medium gives an insight into the target base and does the job with quite precision. Facebook marketing gives every business owner the opportunity to gauge their target audience. To achieve custom results, the large advertising medium helps segregate audiences in terms of the following:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Interest
  • Occupation
  • Income

The efficiency of the marketing strategy is unmatched. It can help you target your audience based on their individual behaviour. Can you beat that?


Facebook has become the biggest marketing powerhouse flooding users with advertisements. At the same time, you can also show your creative side with the help of Facebook. In order to stand out from a crowd of marketers, you will require showing your creative side through advertisements that will engage your target audience. A genuinely appealing Facebook ad will work it out for you. All you will need is striking content enriched with visuals and videos.

Give your website a face-lift with recording tools

Businesses today need e-commerce to stay ahead of their game, and this is why recording tools sites are so important for trade. As a businessowner, you may think that you run a successful business because your website attracts traffic, but how many of these viewers are actually placing orders with you? It is important to understand your clients’ needs as this can help you meet with them efficiently.

The term session recording refers to tools that can be used to record the sessions of website traffic. Marketers utilize session recording tools to analyze the behavior of their site’s visitors and deliver on the best user experience. Below is a brief analysis of two session recording tools: HotJar and FullStory.


How does Hotjar work?

This powerful tool features Heatmaps and reports what the visitors clicked on, as well as their online behavior. It combines both analysis and behavior tools. Hot areas are defined as those pages which are frequented and are depicted with warm colors while cold areas which are the pages not visited often are depicted in cool colors. Hotjar also features a recordings function which allows you to monitor and track the visitor’s mouse movement and time spent on each page. This will let you know which content on your site was more engaging to your site visitors. This data is important for SEO (search engine optimization). Recordings also show you whether your visitors navigate through your website with ease and recommends which areas need to be improved. Hotjar allows you to communicate with your site visitors in numerous ways: users can give their opinions on the site’s effectiveness via feedback features and companies can respond using dialogue/chat boxes. It provides excellent tools for viewing lead conversion rates and to set goals to improve them. It is simple to use with many great features.


How does FullStory work?

FullStory produces video recordings which offer the business owner a detailed account of the website’s activity and the customer’s experience online. The report is comprehensive and contains details about rapid clicking, which may suggest that site visitors were confused or upset. This will include indications as to whether the design is user-friendly or not. FullStory allows you to get information about how your viewers relate to your website in real time. Data that is collected can assist in enhancing the viewer’s experience of that particular site. The information is presented using graphs and pie charts to help the owner better understand what is being presented. You may also use the commenting feature which enables you to share your findings with the rest of the team. FullStory offers a range of administrative features such as multiple integrations and multiple accounts.


Making the choice

Amongst others, Hotjar and FullStory are very useful session recording tools which assist the business or organization to optimize and enhance their website. This allows for better and more satisfying visitor experience. In the end, it is important to decide on the session recording tool that is the best fit for your business, which meets all of your company’s needs.


GALAXY – Session Recording Tool from SPACE ADS

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Digital Marketing Ways

Digital marketers today, are careful to keep up with relevant methods of the trade. The marketers of today are expected to be present in a million places at once. Relying on digital marketing  enables marketers to save time and energy, while still achieving great results. Below is a list of methods that marketers, both small and large, find valuable.


Digital Marketing Ways


Ways that you can utilize digital marketing:

Organic Social Media – Studies conducted showed that as of September 2017, Facebook had over 2 billion monthly active users, Twitter had 320 million and Instagram had well over 700 million. Many people spend so much time on these social platforms, and these days it is becoming one of the most important channels for brands to influence. It is for this reason that social media management tools have become vital for companies, both small and large.

Paid Social Media – Paid social media sites go far beyond organic reach. Paid platforms can get your brand seen by large groups of active users that you would not ordinarily be able to reach. Social networks have so much information stored on their users that reaching them can become extremely effective, making social an ideal place to pay for advertising.

SEM & Display – for example very popular advertisement in search engines (paid links) and in display networks (remarketing and audience reach).

Email Marketing – the first email sent dates to 1971, and today it still plays a major role in digital marketing at large. Email may be old-fashioned, but it is one of the most effective marketing tools in terms of ROI. Email usage grows approximately 4% year-on-year and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Video Hosting – Video content is estimated to take over 80% of all web traffic by 2021. It is important to make sure you get as many views as possible with videos and generally, much effort is needed to create and publish them. An effective way to do that is to host them on popular video platforms which draw in greater traffic beyond YouTube.

Website Analytics – Most digital marketing tools have built-in analytics. An example of this is Sprout Social which has social media analytics that shows how your content performs on a variety of social platforms. It is important to keep an eye on the data about events that actually take place on your website from clicks to conversions and beyond.

Customer Service – Since we live in a call-out culture, customers are turning to online channels to reach out to brands with their questions and complaints. If you don’t engage with these customers, it reflects badly on your brand or your company. You could also lose customers by failing to provide feedback when needed.  Most people today find it easier to contact you via online channels, and it is important to reach out to them using the same channels.

Search Engine Optimization – SEO is one of the digital marketing tools that most of us need much assistance with. These days, so many tools are available, so finding the right fit may be easier said than done. There are so many tools that will help you simplify the complexities that come with SEO.

Affiliate Marketing – The concept is simply to allow others to sell products on behalf of your brand by becoming affiliates. With this method, you will have to pay a small percentage of the sales generated to the affiliate marketers. The method is effective as people tend to trust the opinions of those that they know or brand representatives, rather than the company placing their own ad.

Facebook Ad Library recently launched

Facebook has created an Ad Library which is a comprehensive and transparent surface which provides users with an overview of ads that feature on Facebook apps and services. It assists people by making advertising crystal clear and providing people with more information about the ads that they view.


Facebook Ad Library Recently Launched


The ad library encompasses all of the active ads that are featured on Facebook and even Instagram. Transparency is the key objective for the creators of this service, and the Ad Library offers more information on ads pertaining to politics and matters of importance. The ads are archived for up to seven years.

A little history

The Ad Library was previously known as the Ad Archive in the United States and will be a central place where users can view ads and other related information. With each ad, the Ad Library includes information on who previously viewed the ad, how much money the buyer spent to run it and the feedback it received.

More about Ad Library

Additional information that the Ad Library will store include:

  1. Whether the ad is active or inactive.
  2. Information on whether the ad had a disapproved notice. This is when an ad in the Ad Library was active but later got disapproved.
  3. Demographic information of the people who have viewed the ad.
  4. It will include the date that the ad was created as well as the previous merges and name changes.
  5. It will also include information about the location of the person/s who created the page if the followers are great in number, also includes ads related to political matters in that country.
  6. If the ad is political, it will include an overview of the amount spent on the ad.

Security of the Ad Library

Previously, the API was in beta. To get access to the Ad Library, researchers will be required to go through the Facebook Identity Confirmation process and create an account as a Facebook Developer. They will also be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the service and the identity confirmation process may take a few weeks to be authorized.

The future of Ad Library

Facebook plans on updating the Ad Library in May, on politics and all matters pertaining to ads on a daily basis instead of weekly or monthly.

The Ad Library is:

  1. Available to anyone. Anyone can view and search for ads on the Ad Library. However, if the ad contains content that may not be suitable for younger users, it will not be shown. Where possible, Facebook will rely on people’s information to set the relevant restrictions.
  2. Easy to search – Users are able to search for any term, word or name in the Ad Library. The most common searches include names of political leaders, organizations, or specific pages.
  3. Valuable when user would like to see ads details of their competition.

Over the past two years, real strides have been made regarding finding and addressing threats to election truthfulness. These measures include expanding their teams that are focused on safety and security to more than 30 000 people across the world.

Start using it now: Facebook Ad Library


Reasons to have a digital marketing strategy

A digital marketing strategy is imperative for any business that wishes to market itself online. Many companies that have an online presence do not necessarily have a strategy for their digital marketing. Digital and mobile platforms are vital in acquiring and maintaining customers. Business owners have now realized that old ways of marketing are no longer appropriate, as the world is changing fast. It is important for business owners to adapt to the changing times to remain relevant. Digital marketing utilizes various digital channels to interact with its customers. There is a vast array of mediums that fall under the umbrella term of digital marketing. Below are a few reasons why you should develop a marketing strategy for your business.


Reasons to have a Digital Marketing Strategy


Six reasons to have a marketing strategy

  1. It gives you some direction – Companies that have a digital marketing strategy in place have a clear strategic goal for what they hope to achieve for their brand. They are aware of who they want to reach and what their goals are regarding clients and sales.
  2. You will get to know your online audience – there is a huge demand for online services and without an online strategy you will not truly understand the online marketplace.
  3. You can manage your online reputation – It is important to have an idea of what others are saying about you and without a strategy in place, it will be impossible. A strategy is needed to place some level of control on social media mentions and to ensure that your audience is not misguided. There is a huge number of consumers that make decisions based on what they hear others say about the product.
  4. Success is measured – Digital marketing allows you to measure your company’s success. You will be able to put measures in place that will help you make relevant changes. Everything that you do online can be monitored, such as rankings, bounce rate, and search engine landing.
  5. Remain on top of your game – online marketing allows businesses to remain competitive and create new ways of retaining customers. Businesses can evaluate emerging trends and apply the necessary measures when they need to.
  6. Companies that have websites also have web analytics (Google analytics, HotJar, Matomo, Heatmaps, performance marketing audits) although the managers fail to make use of this feature. With digital marketing strategies in place, you will get the basic applications correct which will allow you to progressively continue and thrive in other aspects such as SEO and social media marketing.

Types of digital marketing available

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  2. Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Content Marketing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Influencer marketing
  7. Email marketing
  8. Viral marketing
  9. Mobile phone advertising

Marketing is all about connecting with your audience at the right time and in the right way. With digital marketing, you get to meet them where they already are spending their time – the internet.


Digital marketing strategies enable for faster and more affordable methods which are versatile and structured. It is no wonder that people quickly adapted to technology when it became available. Digital marketing offers as many benefits to companies as it does to its customers.