Facebook Ad Library recently launched

Facebook has created an Ad Library which is a comprehensive and transparent surface which provides users with an overview of ads that feature on Facebook apps and services. It assists people by making advertising crystal clear and providing people with more information about the ads that they view.


Facebook Ad Library Recently Launched


The ad library encompasses all of the active ads that are featured on Facebook and even Instagram. Transparency is the key objective for the creators of this service, and the Ad Library offers more information on ads pertaining to politics and matters of importance. The ads are archived for up to seven years.

A little history

The Ad Library was previously known as the Ad Archive in the United States and will be a central place where users can view ads and other related information. With each ad, the Ad Library includes information on who previously viewed the ad, how much money the buyer spent to run it and the feedback it received.

More about Ad Library

Additional information that the Ad Library will store include:

  1. Whether the ad is active or inactive.
  2. Information on whether the ad had a disapproved notice. This is when an ad in the Ad Library was active but later got disapproved.
  3. Demographic information of the people who have viewed the ad.
  4. It will include the date that the ad was created as well as the previous merges and name changes.
  5. It will also include information about the location of the person/s who created the page if the followers are great in number, also includes ads related to political matters in that country.
  6. If the ad is political, it will include an overview of the amount spent on the ad.

Security of the Ad Library

Previously, the API was in beta. To get access to the Ad Library, researchers will be required to go through the Facebook Identity Confirmation process and create an account as a Facebook Developer. They will also be required to agree to the terms and conditions of the service and the identity confirmation process may take a few weeks to be authorized.

The future of Ad Library

Facebook plans on updating the Ad Library in May, on politics and all matters pertaining to ads on a daily basis instead of weekly or monthly.

The Ad Library is:

  1. Available to anyone. Anyone can view and search for ads on the Ad Library. However, if the ad contains content that may not be suitable for younger users, it will not be shown. Where possible, Facebook will rely on people’s information to set the relevant restrictions.
  2. Easy to search – Users are able to search for any term, word or name in the Ad Library. The most common searches include names of political leaders, organizations, or specific pages.
  3. Valuable when user would like to see ads details of their competition.

Over the past two years, real strides have been made regarding finding and addressing threats to election truthfulness. These measures include expanding their teams that are focused on safety and security to more than 30 000 people across the world.

Start using it now: Facebook Ad Library


Activate Google Signals in Google Analytics account for Cross Device Insights

We strongly recommend to Activate Google Signals in Google Analytics account for Cross Device Insights. Who doesn’t want more data ?:) Get more insights for better optimization marketing campaigns!


Read more here: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/7532985


Member Interest Targeting on LinkedIn Ads – PPC

Today we’ve got an option to use LinkedIn Member Interest Targeting on LinkedIn Ads! Interface on this PPC provider is for now very similar to Facebook Ads. This step can bring more advertisers to the Ad may become more expensive.

What to track as Conversions in Google Ads

Conversion tracking in Google Ads is very important to keep your campaigns goal oriented. Here, couple of ideas what can you track in eCommerce:

  1. Newsletter Sign-Up.
  2. Contact by form.
  3. Click on eMail or Phone number.
  4. Register Account.
  5. Recommend product to a friend.
  6. Compare product.
  7. Add product to whishlist.
  8. Add review.
  9. Add product to Cart
  10. Purchase.
  11. Call from Ads.
  12. Message from Ads.

The best way to implement them is use Google Tag Manager with proper Triggers.


Video in Responsive Display Ad – Google Ads

It is now possible to add Video into Responsive Display Ad on Google Ads. Video content is for sure more interesting for users so we’ve seen better CTR on this kind of Ads.

Ad sequence now available on Google Ads – YouTube

On our Manager Google Ads Account (MCC) we’ve just seen new subtype of campaign – Ad Sequence. We highly recommend to use this function in telling stories.