eCommerce consulting


As a team of experts with many years of experience in the eCommerce industry, we are happy to share knowledge about online stores.

How to set prices? How to make the user experience at the highest level possible? What actions should be taken to increase sales?

We know perfectly well that you have neither time nor money to run inefficient activities. That is why we provide business consulting in the area of ​​eCommerce. Looking at your store a bit “from the outside”, with a fresh look, we can see much more. Remember that there are not too simple or difficult questions. For all your doubts we will find the right “prescription”. An idea that will help your online store reach a higher level.

However, we do not close only what is “visible” on the Internet. We often start consultations from … the very beginning, i.e. what is happening in the company. We take a close look at processes, functioning technological solutions as well as advertising activities. We also look and analyze the work of people who handle individual activities. All this to get a full picture of the activities carried out and come back to you with a complete answer.

Very often it is thanks to the consulting service that we win the customer for longer. After a short time, it turns out that our tips and recommendations are very effective and we also need support in other activities. Fortunately, we are an eCommerce Marketing Agency that helps companies comprehensively and consulting is only one of the pillars of our business. If it turns out that you also need support in Performance Marketing, Lead Generation or eMail Marketing – we are at your disposal.

You don’t have to worry about the costs of cooperation, as we “earn” our services. How? We simply reduce the cost of running an online store, while increasing the shopping cart and margin on products sold. Thanks to this, the sum of your savings is so large that you can afford to delegate tasks to external companies. However, at this time you deal with everything that is your business clue.