We Build Your Corporate Identity Through Branding and Visual Identification


Why are some brands recognizable while others still struggle to catch attention of consumers? In this case, the key to success is proper visual identification. What does “proper” denote in this context? There is no explanation to this. Here the word proper implies to anything that is ideal or suitable for a company, the industry in which it operates and various other factors pertaining to business operations. SPACE ADS comprises a group of experts, who have immense knowledge on creation of visual identification that will add to the strength of your brand and make it well-associated.


We support both companies that are just starting up and those that need re-branding. We create logo-types, choose colors, typeface, website appearance, ads and everything that is necessary to be able to speak of a coherent visual identity. If you want, we will comprehensively take care of your brand’s image on the Web. While we take care of your brand, you can focus more on various other aspects of company operations to accomplish business goals.


Many people confuse between concepts of “branding” and “visual identification”. It is important for a business owner to distinguish between the two.  Branding is everything related to building brand awareness, which is a very broad concept. Visual identity is a part of branding. At SPACE ADS – eCommerce Marketing Agency, we deal with both. It all depends on what you expect from us. However, creating a consistent visual identity will certainly contribute to the success of your brand. Learn more about our branding services in the following lines:


  • creation of logo / logotype,
  • matching the right colors,
  • recommending a typeface,
  • creating templates for Website,
  • taking care of graphic designing of a website …


These are just some of the steps we seek to create a consistent visual identity. However, we always start with talking to you about your expectations and feelings about the brand. We ensure to provide you everything that is 100% responsive to your needs.


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